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Fiending For Followers ‼️
Ronda said Shayna used to be a killer and Liv called her a bootleg Ronda Rousey. Damn. https://t.co/Hz9onGgPYn
13 Aug, 01:04 AM UTC
Alex Lajas⚡️
Shayna coming out with the Triple H MSG return jacket #SmackDown https://t.co/Okmsur6zfF
13 Aug, 01:01 AM UTC
Fightful Wrestling
Planting seeds for Shayna Baszler vs Ronda Rousey. You love to see it. #SmackDown
13 Aug, 12:59 AM UTC
Roman Reigns SZN 💥
“You used to be a killer” we getting a Shayna & Ronda tease 👀#SmackDown
13 Aug, 12:59 AM UTC
Public Enemies Podcast
Liv Morgan in the ring after Shayna almost ripped her arm out the socket: #SmackDown https://t.co/uuiAinOGKZ
13 Aug, 01:06 AM UTC
Fightful Wrestling
Shayna being a badass again >>>> #SmackDown
13 Aug, 01:04 AM UTC
Can we have Shayna Baszler teach Ronda Rousey to address the audience and cut an actual promo? #SmackDown
13 Aug, 01:01 AM UTC
Humble Wrestling
Liv Morgan vs Shayna Baszler one on one don't scream like a stadium match to me. But they had Alexa Bliss vs Eva Marie in a stadium last year so this is 10x better than that one.
13 Aug, 01:07 AM UTC
SHE KILLED SHAYNA, KARMA’S A BITCH #SmackDown https://t.co/TrNrz7wMds
13 Aug, 01:10 AM UTC
𝕷𝖚𝖓𝖆 ♎︎
Liv Morgan calling Shayna Bazler a "Bootleg Ronda Rousey" and the audience reaction I'm- #SmackDown https://t.co/28yntoDBUr
13 Aug, 01:05 AM UTC
Everyone seems to of forgotten the time Shayna absolutely killed her in that Elimination Chamber match https://t.co/QYw0ioHNFV
13 Aug, 02:12 AM UTC
WCVB-TV Boston
STARSTRUCK! Singer and actress Jennifer Hudson's in Boston today to talk with Shayna and NewsCenter 5 about her new talk show! It premieres Sept.12 on WCVB-TV! @WCVB's photo on Shayna
12 Aug, 06:45 PM UTC
Underground_Temple 
"You used to be a KILLER!"- Ronda Rousey to Shayna Baszler #SmackDown https://t.co/pDz5W8AGs7
13 Aug, 01:02 AM UTC
Liv gang 4 life
I don't understand these mfs they cheer Liv then chanted "you tapped out" then booed Shayna for attacking Liv then when Liv did the bulldog through the table they cheered her again MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MIND YOU RETARDED MFS #SmackDown https://t.co/nwj9lbxfeD
13 Aug, 01:08 AM UTC
Sportskeeda Wrestling
Shayna Baszler rocking the Triple H MSG Jacket on #SmackDown 🔥 #WWE #ShaynaBaszler #TripleH @SKWrestling_'s photo on Shayna
13 Aug, 04:26 AM UTC
@conanedogawa316 @reigns_era Shayna totally elevated that division. Idk what you’re talking about lol
13 Aug, 02:52 AM UTC
We getting NXT Shayna back. #Smackdown https://t.co/rksuLym3yU
13 Aug, 01:03 AM UTC
@reigns_era I rather want Liv remains champ even if she turns heel, remember Shayna's title run in NXT suck the life out of women division, and Ronda should never be champ again
13 Aug, 01:56 AM UTC
trey soule
@reigns_era I hate to burst your bubble but shayna isn’t beating liv Morgan at clash of the castle because for it would make zero sense and two shayna needs better booking because she has lost every match besides last week and not to liv next opponent is at extreme rules is Sonya
13 Aug, 01:52 AM UTC
Shayna Baszler just cut a real genuine promo on Liv Morgan. Maybe Ronda Rousey can learn a thing or two from Shayna on how to cut a promo. Liv & Shayna signed the contract, Shayna viciously stomped Liv’s arm & Liv put Shayna through the table. Very good segment. #SmackDown
13 Aug, 01:10 AM UTC
El Virgolo del Wrestling
13 Aug, 01:03 AM UTC
᭙𝓲ꪶꪶ ☠︎︎
Shayna in the house! #SmackDown
13 Aug, 12:59 AM UTC
AB Normal 🐈🇨🇦🇺🇦🏳️‍🌈⚽️😈
Shayna & Ronda - you can bet I’m here for that feud. #Smackdown
13 Aug, 12:59 AM UTC
Ronda Rousey lets Shayna Baszler know that she use to be an animal. Ronda brought out something Dark in Baszer. She sneak attacked Liv Morgan. Further injuring her Arm. #SDLive #Smackdown https://t.co/OrtfoIGSG5
13 Aug, 01:05 AM UTC
Nathaniel ☝️
Look at Liv Morgan's footwear... Good lord... Shayna Baszler is my #SmackDown Women's Champion. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hope she wins the title "at Cardiff."
13 Aug, 01:04 AM UTC
Matt Aaron
@reigns_era After this build, she better be. It would take something absurd for Shayna not to win it and I hope they don't go that route.
13 Aug, 01:39 AM UTC
Tru Heel Heat Wrestling
Liv Morgan calls Shayna Baszler "a bootleg Ronda Rousey". Shayna attacks Liv's injured arm until Morgan hits a Stratusfaction on Baszler through the table. That ending didn't make a lot of sense. #SmackDown
13 Aug, 01:07 AM UTC
Shayna: play by the rules to get what you want Also Shayna *attacks Liv’s injured arm #SmackDown #wwesmackdown
13 Aug, 01:04 AM UTC
Dan Griffin
Ok Ronda Rousey walking out, dumping double her fine in cash on the table, saying ‘being the baddest gets expensive but I can afford it,’ mugging off a security guard then telling Shayna Baszler she used to be a killer was cool as all fuck. #SmackDown
13 Aug, 08:54 AM UTC