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Un tal Fredo
Niñas me urge que vean estos tips por si se encuentran en peligro de secuestro por algún Uber/Didi/Taxi @UnTalFredo's photo on Humberto
09 Dec, 05:03 AM UTC


Lil Sasquatch
This has 220 thousand likes on Tik Tok. Like why I literally don’t understand one aspect of what I just watched @lilsasquatch66's photo on Rendon
09 Dec, 05:32 AM UTC


Literally everybody on this app had a problem with this! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
09 Dec, 04:12 PM UTC

political madness

Donald J. Trump
To Impeach a President who has proven through results, including producing perhaps the strongest economy in our country’s history, to have one of the most successful presidencies ever, and most importantly, who has done NOTHING wrong, is sheer Political Madness! #2020Election
10 Dec, 12:37 PM UTC


Rex Chapman🏇🏼
Sports...💪😍🏒😇😊🔥 @RexChapman's photo on Andrade
09 Dec, 02:52 PM UTC

The IG

Mark Meadows
I just got out of a nearly 2 hour briefing on the IG report. It is deeply disturbing. Some former FBI and DOJ officials are about to have some serious explaining to do. More details to come shortly.
09 Dec, 05:35 PM UTC


So Lizzo showed up to the Lakers game dressed like rakishi ?? For what reason @FuckNitty's photo on Lizzo
09 Dec, 05:46 AM UTC


Devin Nunes
Looks like DOJ IG Report is clear that Republican FISA abuse memo from February 2018 was accurate and actually understated the FISA abuse the dirty cops engaged in. Time for FISA court to take action!
09 Dec, 05:12 PM UTC


Reggie Wayne
You know what.... I'll make the Eagles receiving core right now. And I'm currently at a bar at this present moment. 🥃
10 Dec, 03:16 AM UTC


Charlie Kirk
Where is Adam Schiff today? Why is he having staff testify for him instead? He built this impeachment hoax from the ground up—now he refuses to defend his case What is he afraid might come out—that he met with the whistleblower & lied about it? RT if we should subpoena Schiff
09 Dec, 02:49 PM UTC

Abuse of Power

Ronna McDaniel
It’s official: Under Obama and Biden, Comey’s FBI used Dem-funded smears to spy on @realDonaldTrump’s campaign, then brazenly used that false information in renewal applications. A complete abuse of power.
09 Dec, 06:56 PM UTC


yo: h mi cuerpo: ahora tenés un moretón en la pierna
09 Dec, 12:18 AM UTC

Ivy Park

IVY PARK — January 18.
09 Dec, 12:08 PM UTC


茸本 朗(たけもとあきら) 「野食ハンターの七転八倒日記」好評発売中!
「ホーム上の酔っぱらいジジイをサブマシンガンで仕留めようとしている駅員さん」に見えて、さすがはおれたちの京急だ! と思ったけどよく見たら違ったわ
09 Dec, 11:16 AM UTC

FBI Director

Ali Velshi
Hey, conspiracy theorists, the (Trump appointed) FBI Director Chris Wray just said “We have no information that indicates that Ukraine interfered with the 2016 presidential election.” Who else do you need to hear this from (other than pretty much every intelligence expert?)
10 Dec, 12:49 AM UTC

Sticker Mule

Sticker Mule
We gave everyone at Sticker Mule a $1,000 bonus!
09 Dec, 05:46 PM UTC

John Durham

Charlie Kirk
BOOM: John Durham disagrees with the DOJ IG Report conclusions Durham is the one who can interrogate FORMER DOJ officials including Brennan, Clapper, & Comey Why would Durham feel compelled to contradict the IG Report if it weren't full of inaccuracies? This is huge RT!
09 Dec, 06:37 PM UTC


ANAS® Zahrin
09 Dec, 11:49 AM UTC

Pete Frates

Bleacher Report
Pete Frates, the former college baseball player with Lou Gehrig’s disease who helped make the ALS ice bucket challenge go viral, has died at 34. R.I.P. @BleacherReport's photo on Pete Frates
09 Dec, 07:49 PM UTC


Mimi Rocah
I am so proud of my friend & former colleague Dan Goldman right now. His testimony is modeled on closing arguments we gave in SDNY but this is the case of a lifetime & our democracy hangs in the balance & Dan has risen to the occasion. 👏⚖️
09 Dec, 04:05 PM UTC


指原 莉乃
#お迎えしたばかりの頃の自慢の一枚見せて @345__chan's photo on Giants
10 Dec, 04:35 AM UTC


Rep. Eric Swalwell
The impeachment evidence is in: @realDonaldTrump is abusing his office for personal gain and obstructing Congress’ investigation. In doing so, he jeopardizes our national security and the integrity of our democracy. #DefendOurDemocracy
10 Dec, 02:18 PM UTC

Tom Joyner

This is huge, The Tom Joyner Show was the soundtrack for plenty a ride to school. America will *not* be the same with this show off the air.
09 Dec, 08:07 PM UTC


Ryan Fournier
In case you didn’t know, Michael Horowitz is the same guy who exonerated Hillary Clinton. After she smashed her cell phones After she deleted 33,000 emails After she cleared her hard drive with BleachBit Of course his report says there was ‘no bias.’ RT
09 Dec, 10:03 PM UTC

Carter Page

Daily Caller
Nunes: FBI Withheld Exculpatory Information On Carter Page From FISA Court
08 Dec, 08:30 PM UTC

Paul Volcker

Barack Obama
Because of Paul Volcker, our financial system is stronger and safer for the American people. I’ll remember Paul for his consummate wisdom, untethered honesty, and a level of dignity that matched his towering stature. I’m proud to have called him not just an adviser, but a friend.
09 Dec, 06:21 PM UTC

Chris Wallace

Kyle Griffin
Chris Wallace on Fox News on the DOJ IG report: "The headline is that they didn't find the things that Bill Barr and Donald Trump alleged." @kylegriffin1's photo on Chris Wallace
09 Dec, 07:05 PM UTC


#SonicIsOverParty trending cause of a Twitter RP Account calling a Shadow the Hedgehog RP account the N word is the funniest thing I will hear about today.
09 Dec, 12:54 PM UTC

Golden Globes

the fact that regina king, zendaya, jharrel jerome, lupita and when they see us were all shut out of the golden globes ... hmm i wonder what they have in common 🧐🧐🧐
09 Dec, 01:37 PM UTC


#中村哲 さん 「憲法は我々の理想です。理想は守るものじゃない。実行すべきもの。この国は憲法を常にないがしろにしてきた。インド洋やイラクへの自衛隊派遣‥国益のために武力行使もやむなし、それが正常な国家と政治家は言う。私はこの国に言いたい。憲法を実行せよ、と」
09 Dec, 02:08 AM UTC

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