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According to an announcement from his family, professional commentator Michael “KiXSTaR” Stockley has passed away. Our deepest condolences to his family. Read: @Siege_GG's photo on Siege
13 Oct, 05:05 PM UTC
Macie Jay
Kix was one of my closest friends within the Siege community, I'm beyond heartbroken. Love you dude and thank you for all the years of encouragement, I'm going to miss you.
13 Oct, 07:24 PM UTC
Siege community lost a legend. Rest in peace Kixstar. 💔
13 Oct, 05:13 PM UTC
Getachew K Reda
On the 3rd day of #Abiy’s so-called Final Offensive, our forces have successfully pushed back the enemy and captured most of the commanding heights in all fronts. We will go as far as it takes to break the siege on the children and women of Tigray. #TigrayShallPrevail!
13 Oct, 06:45 AM UTC
One of the first clips I saw in siege. Rest in Peace. Legend @NoaUrz's photo on Siege
13 Oct, 05:23 PM UTC
Troy 🇨🇦
Kix was someone at the core of the comp Siege community from day one when we were playing challonge bracket tournaments for bragging rights. Thanks for putting your heart and soul into helping build our home Michael. RIP 💔
13 Oct, 05:58 PM UTC
I don't think we should throw a ton of memories/moments on various walls in Siege. But I 100% get behind this concept of memorial. Michaels "Fastest ace" clip is Siege history and he will always be with us. Today has been incredibly difficult since the news. RIP
13 Oct, 08:36 PM UTC
KiX was so loved by the siege community that there actually was someone cosplaying as him at the 2018 Invitational... that's how much he meant to that community.
13 Oct, 06:04 PM UTC
Heartbroken to learn the news of the passing of KiXSTAr. Every single time I bumped into him during Siege events and during the Twornaments, he was so incredibly nice to me and made me feel like I had been his friend for years. He will be sorely missed. Rest In Peace KiX. 💔
13 Oct, 07:50 PM UTC
Kix was the first person that made me want to get good at siege and make videos. He was always nice no matter who you were. ❤️ @YumiMain's photo on Siege
13 Oct, 08:59 PM UTC
Kindeya Gebrehiwot, PhD, Prof
We are acting in self-defence to remove the siege on the neck of our people by the #Nakedemperor #TigrayGenocide #TigrayShallPrevail
13 Oct, 09:19 AM UTC
My favorite clip in rainbow six siege history, thank u KIXSTAr. Rest In Peace.
13 Oct, 06:41 PM UTC
meiwei : 美薇 🍊🍃
I’m wondering how JC found Chenqing…did he just see it on the ground and picked it up after the siege or did he dig through the mountain of corpses which shredded Wei Wuxian’s body, wanting to see if anything remained and Chenqing was all that was left?🤔
13 Oct, 08:10 AM UTC
The Associated Press
BREAKING: A House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection has subpoenaed a former Justice Department lawyer who, documents show, aided former President Trump’s efforts to challenge results of the presidential election.
13 Oct, 09:13 PM UTC
sQ Yeti 🦦
Siege without Kix just doesn’t sit right with me at all 😞
13 Oct, 09:23 PM UTC
Garfield 🇨🇦
Siege just won't be the same without him :/ Rest easy Kix
13 Oct, 05:16 PM UTC
This was the first clip that I have ever seen in R6. Thinking back, clips like these were what really brought me to siege. I hope Ubisoft adds a tribute to KiX in-game.
13 Oct, 05:41 PM UTC
Mark Follman
5/ The defendant in that newly unsealed court filing admitted in a private Facebook message that he carried a pistol during the Capitol siege, according to prosecutors. (Link above.) Read @ryanjreilly’s broader reporting on that January 6 case—it’s a doozy
13 Oct, 02:45 PM UTC
L’Etat de siege peut être comparé à Kinshasa Bopeto: deux slogans creux, sans réel contenu, sinon une autre occasion de détourner des millions. Deux slogans pompeux sans réel diagnostic du problème et sans aucune volonté et aucun moyen d’en traiter les causes et les facteurs.
13 Oct, 06:19 AM UTC
The Associated Press
In a case involving a Jan. 6 Capitol riot defendant, a federal judge held the District of Columbia’s corrections director and jail warden in contempt of court and asked the Justice Department to investigate whether inmates' civil rights are being abused.
13 Oct, 05:31 PM UTC
.00223 I badjur
I've made a petition to add Kix into the game for his most iconic play. Please sign so we can make this happen. <3 Ubisoft: Add Michael 'KiXSTAr' Stockley Into Rainbow 6: Siege - Sign the Petition! via @CdnChange
13 Oct, 07:07 PM UTC
Goodluck 用心服務人類
Tigray is in a complete siege as medication & emergency food stocks run out. Families of patients are standing by helplessly, having to watch their loved ones die of starvation. @UN ACT NOW! @KenyaMissionUN @Niger_ONU @PmTunisia @SVG_UN #TigrayCantWait
13 Oct, 07:10 PM UTC
Adam Klasfeld
"After Proud Boy’s Complaints, Judge Calls Out Jail Warden and Asks AG Garland to Investigate 'Potential Civil Rights Violations' of Jan. 6 Defendants" @MarisaRSarnoff reports via @lawcrimenews
13 Oct, 07:38 PM UTC
dumb ela main
Sad day for siege today..
13 Oct, 05:13 PM UTC
Kyle "dro" 🔥
I might hate siege right now but will never take for granted what it did for me as a teenager & the blessings it brought to me and my friends. @KiXSTArTV you inspired a whole generation of content creators and pro players and will continue to do so. Thank you.
13 Oct, 06:30 PM UTC
LL not as cool J
Let’s show Kix siege never losses❤️❤️
13 Oct, 08:01 PM UTC
Today In History
13 Oct 1552: The #Siege of #Kazan ends as #Ivan IV, known as Ivan the Terrible, leads his troops in victory, leading to the fall of the #Khanate of Kazan. It was the final battle of the #Russo-Kazan Wars. #history #OnThisDay #ad
13 Oct, 08:03 PM UTC
Not really sure what to say beside RIP. Main reason that I got into siege and comp for that matter. Really heartbroken 💔
13 Oct, 05:24 PM UTC
Gual Gebremedhn
millions are dying due to the siege placed on the people of #Tigray. We need an urgent action that lift the siege so that civilian lives will be saved.@hrw @UN @POTUS @SecBlinken @antonioguterres @EmergencyRelief @WHO @MSF @WFP @ICRC #TigrayFamine #TigrayGenocide
13 Oct, 06:17 PM UTC
Niche Gamer
Rainbow Six Siege Halloween 2021 Event is Now Live
13 Oct, 09:51 PM UTC