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Simone Tisci 😍 @FUCCl's photo on Simone
13 Jun, 04:55 PM UTC
Giles Paley-Phillips
Weighing penguins looks like the best gig ever @eliistender10's photo on Simone
14 Jun, 06:26 AM UTC
Alex Berenson
THREAD 19-year-old Simone Scott was excited to get her second dose of @moderna_tx’s #Covid vaccine on May 1. Now her mother Valerie Kraimer is arranging her funeral.
14 Jun, 12:02 PM UTC
Alex Berenson
In the meantime, they are left to mourn the loss of their only child. On May 12, four days before Simone collapsed, Northwestern required all its students – with very limited exceptions – to be vaccinated for the fall 2021 term. END
14 Jun, 12:32 PM UTC
Alex Berenson
Now her parents are struggling to understand what happened to Simone – and why they had no idea the Covid vaccines might cause myocarditis. “I lost my only daughter,” Kraimer said Sunday night. “I never thought I’d have to give up my daughter for the greater good of society.”
14 Jun, 12:05 PM UTC
Alex Berenson
Simone, a first-year Northwestern University student, suffered a case of apparent myocarditis-induced heart failure on Sunday, May 16. Despite extraordinary measures to save her, including a heart transplant, she died Friday morning at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.
14 Jun, 12:04 PM UTC
Alex Berenson
Doctors appear to have repeatedly missed signals as Simone’s condition worsened in the two weeks following her second shot – before she abruptly crashed. In mid-May, Israel was reporting high rates of cases of mRNA vaccine-related myocarditis in young people.
14 Jun, 12:06 PM UTC
Alex Berenson
But in the United States, vaccinations had just been opened for 12-15 year-olds - and @cdcgov played down the myocarditis risk in young people. In a statement May 17, the day after Simone died, the CDC reported that it had found “relatively few reports of myocarditis to date...”
14 Jun, 12:07 PM UTC
Laure Gonlézamarres
Simone, 19 ans, morte d'une myocardite suite au vaccin Moderna, malgré une transplantation pour tenter de la sauver. Et demain, 15 juin, ils commencent la vaccination dès 12 ans en France. Parce que c'est LEUR projet.
14 Jun, 12:13 PM UTC
URGENTE - BOLSONARO LIDERA EM SÃO PAULO O Instituto Paraná Pesquisas fez um levantamento em São Paulo e vejam os mais votados; Bolsonaro 34% Lula 29.3% Datena 9% Ciro Gomes 5,9% João Doria 5,2% Amoêdo 4,1% Mandetta 1,5% Simone Tebet 0,3% DATENA SURGINDO COMO TERCEIRA VIA?
14 Jun, 12:57 PM UTC
Mason City Schools
Our entire Comet Family is grieving the loss of MHS Class of 2020’s Simone Scott. Please keep Simone’s family & friends in your hearts and prayers.
14 Jun, 01:01 AM UTC
"I hope [to] encourage women and young girls to just pursue that destiny, no matter the challenges they face along the way, do what feels right, and follow your own path," @Simone_Biles shares as she looks forwards to the Olympics.
13 Jun, 08:00 PM UTC
France Culture
Le bac de philo, c'est déjà cette semaine ! Cette année, la liste des auteurs s'est un peu féminisée, avec l'ajout de Simone de Beauvoir, Simone Weil, Jeanne Hersch, Elizabeth Anscombe et Iris Murdoch. Qui sont-elles ? Que pensent-elles ? @franceculture's photo on Simone
14 Jun, 04:01 PM UTC
Ana Damasceno® Fora de 🏠
Simone eu perdi 5049 Seguidores atualizou aqui
14 Jun, 04:09 PM UTC
mim&may conta de roomies 🐝 BAGI’s BDAY 💗
💗 simone ashley, why so perfect? 💗
14 Jun, 04:16 PM UTC
Informasi Kegiatanku Sehari-hari
Kamu udah pernah baca buku Simone de Beauvoir yang judulnya The Second Sex, dek? Kalo belum nanti malam mas anterin ke kosan kamu ya bukunya sambil diskusi ringan sebentar.
14 Jun, 04:21 PM UTC
Rita ,la donna che ha sposato Stefania Orlando con Simone #lavitaindiretta
14 Jun, 04:28 PM UTC
Carla Muys
@siepsaysitagain Heftig. Ken het, van dichtbij met mijn vader meegemaakt, onze band was heel close. Ik heb hem thuis verzorgd met wat hulp van de thuiszorg. Mijn moeder was er niet toe in staat. Hele nare tijd maar door onze band ook heel mooi. Sterkte Simone. 😘
14 Jun, 04:26 PM UTC
Rita che ha ribattezzati Simone Lorenzo come raccontato da Stefania Orlando #LaVitaInDiretta
14 Jun, 04:30 PM UTC
christian666 ✊Matricule 2252
En voiture Simone!
14 Jun, 04:30 PM UTC
condessa só brega
pedindo aos céus que essa semana seja emocionalmente suave pra mim ✨ (pfvr erica simone seje menas 😪)
14 Jun, 04:29 PM UTC
Jurgen Duiveman
@siepsaysitagain Leef met je mee simone Wel 20 jaar gelee maar mijn vader is ook overleden aan longkanker En een maand daarvoor was er ook een bebesteging dattie alzheimer had
14 Jun, 04:29 PM UTC
Better Call Mad Max
@SlayerEowyn Simone tá só deitada na cozinha, coitada
14 Jun, 04:27 PM UTC
@Caitlin_Simone Look in the mirror and say “what’s up you useless fuck?” Why’d I rock so hard to it?
14 Jun, 04:30 PM UTC
Nichell Latimore
@LydiaCornell So Im sure you meant well, and the tone here is a bit problematic. 1. We don’t know the abuse history of every gymnast nor is it our business 2. Simone is not defined by her trauma 3. Her parents are her parents. Just a few suggestions 😊
14 Jun, 04:30 PM UTC
Simone Peter 🌍 #ClimateActionNow
Ich würde ja im Sinne der Verkehrssicherheit und des Umweltschutzes das eine tun, ohne das andere zu lassen. Volle Unterstützung bei der Forderung nach Grünem Strom. Die Technologien sind da, aber Politik steht auf der Bremse. Wir müssen Grüne Innovation & Produktion entfesseln!
14 Jun, 04:30 PM UTC
ahmed m ohamed
Casa Azzurri: intervista a Simone Perrotta sulla Nazionale di Mancini | ... عبر @YouTube
14 Jun, 04:30 PM UTC
certifiedlovrgurl 💕🦋✨
mista… mista man… relaxxxx
14 Jun, 04:30 PM UTC
Simone is a pretty giiiirrll 💓
14 Jun, 04:30 PM UTC
TV Prato
Nasce Acqua Toscana, Simone Faggi nominato amministratore unico
14 Jun, 04:29 PM UTC