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Ebony Obsidian
Cats out the bag. We’re getting married and all you hating *ss Sistas are invited. No +1 though 🤣 #SistasOnBET @EObsidian's photo on #SistasOnBET
03 Dec, 02:48 AM UTC
So we are collectively trying to find a Preston right? #SistasOnBET https://t.co/GOcKiz5fee
03 Dec, 02:39 AM UTC
I don’t know who’s my favorite unofficial couple 😅🤣 ; Fatima and Zac or Dani and Preston. 🥺 I mean I’m rooting for the both of them doe. 🥰🤞🏾💯✨ #SistasOnBET
03 Dec, 02:38 AM UTC
Come find me on IG! I got a surprise for y’all tonight!!!! #SistasOnBET @iamnovibrown's photo on #SistasOnBET
02 Dec, 07:39 PM UTC
Sometimes we’re all we’ve got, and we need to start looking out for ourselves! Watch an all new #SistasOnBET tonight 9/8c! 🧡 @BET's photo on #SistasOnBET
03 Dec, 01:04 AM UTC
Bruh....when is Zac pulling up with Fatima? That’s the juice we’re waiting on now! #SistasOnBET
03 Dec, 02:44 AM UTC
Ebony Obsidian
When you trust your friends more than the police - that’s who you call for emergencies #SistasOnBET
03 Dec, 02:11 AM UTC
Neva Meee😂
me seeing dani happy awwwww #SistasOnBET https://t.co/dcnRUU3cAV
03 Dec, 02:37 AM UTC
Coco Dani
Thank god! Danni and Preston made up. I was rooting for these two. Preston is the only one who made Danni feel good about herself. #SistasOnBET
03 Dec, 02:38 AM UTC
Trinity Whiteside
Much needed! #SistasOnBET https://t.co/sDXt9Mbi4N
03 Dec, 03:10 AM UTC
Im proud of danni expressing her feelings #SistasOnBET https://t.co/2R9TYBoyCG
03 Dec, 02:34 AM UTC
Tyler Perry's Sistas
We're so glad that Danni and Preston are having this convo. #SistasOnBET @SistasOnBET's photo on #SistasOnBET
03 Dec, 02:34 AM UTC
Sage 🇯🇲🇭🇹 🇪🇺
Fatima is a str8 BOSS and doesn’t spare nobody’s ass! I am so here for it! #SistasOnBET https://t.co/1uW4E7BYY7
03 Dec, 02:30 AM UTC
Your New Step Maw
Karen when he asked if she needed $$ to hang out. Broke ass Zack could nevaaa #SistasOnBET https://t.co/VlGqpQG2cl
03 Dec, 02:46 AM UTC
Sage 🇯🇲🇭🇹 🇪🇺
We still have yet to see Aaron hold a Bible, pray or preach yet! #SistasOnBET https://t.co/ruPMWRJQcY
03 Dec, 02:45 AM UTC
Sheryle Lyn 🇵🇭❤
❤ Danni & Preston❤ I love their chemistry. Danni is hilarious. @SistasOnBET #SistasOnBET https://t.co/NKOn4pli4N
03 Dec, 02:37 AM UTC
Wait, he wants to marry Fatima after being with her one time?! #SistasOnBET https://t.co/LI82dr8jCr
03 Dec, 02:28 AM UTC
Tyler Perry's Sistas
"Make it rain Calvin, make it rain." -Maurice #SistasOnBET @SistasOnBET's photo on #SistasOnBET
03 Dec, 02:55 AM UTC
I’m waiting on this dinner table scene like I’m watching why did I get married #SistasOnbet https://t.co/GpQC8TiFe6
03 Dec, 02:53 AM UTC
Everybody waiting on the dinner scene like #SistasOnBET https://t.co/mJSSHvbGJ0
03 Dec, 02:43 AM UTC
I just KNOW Zac ain’t questioning nobody #SistasOnBET https://t.co/Z0SXlerPLl
03 Dec, 02:57 AM UTC
I love prestonnnnn🥰🥰🥰🥰 #SistasOnBET https://t.co/Pda756mS6M
03 Dec, 02:49 AM UTC
Zack next week when he fucks this up #SistasOnBET https://t.co/sZWnn6VzsS
03 Dec, 03:03 AM UTC
Blair Carrington
“Do you need money?” SHITTTTTTT!!! #SistasOnBET https://t.co/29ylB7uAsA
03 Dec, 02:46 AM UTC
Gary has definitely lost his mind. #SistasOnBET https://t.co/KPfW1c6p1P
03 Dec, 02:03 AM UTC
#sistasonbet Maurice Who is it? Calvin It's a glass door, you can see me https://t.co/jrrNPY18Ru
03 Dec, 02:56 AM UTC
Damn we been waiting like 4 episodes to see the dinner😩 #SistasOnBET https://t.co/kBzvMe5kO1
03 Dec, 03:02 AM UTC
Love it!!! 🤣🤣🤣 #SistasOnBET https://t.co/cwwJRwA5a6
03 Dec, 03:12 AM UTC
Can Fatima mentor the other ladies cause I can’t, especially Andi. She stuck on stupid for Gary. #SistasOnBET https://t.co/JyHB1n6uye
03 Dec, 03:44 AM UTC
The fact that Gary is stalking Andi should knock all the love out of her heart. #SistasOnBET https://t.co/I8H58MKfOW
03 Dec, 03:56 AM UTC

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