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Brian Jordan, Jr.
People gone deflect when they don’t want to deal with their own problems. #SistasOnBET
04 Mar, 02:03 AM UTC
Devale Ellis
THEY FREED MEEEE!!! #SistasOnBET https://t.co/bBD03mzj9e
04 Mar, 02:55 AM UTC
Ebony Obsidian
It’s Wednesday again. You know what that means, right? #SistasOnBET 9/8c @EObsidian's photo on #SistasOnBET
03 Mar, 07:17 PM UTC
Somebody’s Auntie
Fatima is definitely the fan favorite. Hands down!!! #SistasOnBET https://t.co/ccHnxPIUFh
04 Mar, 02:33 AM UTC
Tiger Ray
Fatima read that man for filth. Somebody come get me and Hayden’s face off of the floor 🤣 #SistasOnBET https://t.co/a7Sn5rSqTT
04 Mar, 02:34 AM UTC
Ebony Obsidian
Is stopping your friend from making the biggest mistake of their life worth losing the friendship? #SistasOnBET
04 Mar, 02:13 AM UTC
Losing your friends over a man who has been lying to you?! #SistasonBET
04 Mar, 02:06 AM UTC
#SistasOnBET Dani gets on my nerves when it comes to Preston. You secured a good man and you still wanna act immature. https://t.co/1wJ1L83ytI
04 Mar, 02:24 AM UTC
I said so.
At this point she deserves every bit of damage he gives her for being stupid! #SistasOnBET https://t.co/HDDvRCpJFS
04 Mar, 02:07 AM UTC
Fevina, Fevina Gual Asmara 🖤
Jacobi was that boy in high school that would always ask you for a hug 💀💀💀💀 #SistasOnBET
04 Mar, 02:46 AM UTC
Is it me, or is Aaron always “coming over”?! Where he stay at? What does he REALLY do?! #SistasOnBET @SistasOnBET https://t.co/m7iCoN4LrT
04 Mar, 02:14 AM UTC
Daisy ∞
#SistasOnBET Fatima is definitely my favorite sista 🥰 👸🏾 https://t.co/T9MNSpLqL2
04 Mar, 02:34 AM UTC
Cookie Karma 🔥
Fatima on Hayden like!!#SistasOnBET https://t.co/MTrViwghyw
04 Mar, 02:29 AM UTC
Tiffy Jiffy
Aaron and Karen... Andi and Gary... I am over both of them.. I am here for Fatima and Zac...lol #SistasOnBET https://t.co/o7wdCr2SZ4
04 Mar, 02:43 AM UTC
Fatima to Hayden: "Take that cheap ass wine with you" 😂🤣 #SistasOnBET https://t.co/MSlu1mcZof
04 Mar, 02:33 AM UTC
Tyler Perry's Sistas
Zac is free! #SistasOnBET @SistasOnBET's photo on #SistasOnBET
04 Mar, 02:52 AM UTC
Who gone tell Karen that her receptionist (with so much access to her purse) ran up those charges on her credit card? #SistasOnBET #sistas https://t.co/5qjhpmvRJT
04 Mar, 02:40 AM UTC
BlackWomenViews Media
Who is watching #SistasOnBET, #FirstWivesClub & #BiggerOnBet tonight? I wanna chat with my fellow watchers. https://t.co/IP23wmEX2k
04 Mar, 01:54 AM UTC
The real King Hardy 👑 👑
Damn Fatima just destroyed him!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣 #SistasOnBET
04 Mar, 02:33 AM UTC
Katherine Morrison
Dang! She called him a B.I.T.C.H and told him to take his cheap wine🍷🍷with him. #SistasOnBET https://t.co/6iWsWifvr8
04 Mar, 02:35 AM UTC
stiletto cleats
When I tell you I LOOOOOVVVVEEEE Fatima! 🤣🙌🏾🤣🙌🏾 She dragged Hayden!!! 😩 #SistasOnBET https://t.co/FjOneEGK27
04 Mar, 02:32 AM UTC
Raisinless potato salad
Even though he was in her house Fatima walked away like #SistasOnBET https://t.co/zYN455XwSG
04 Mar, 02:35 AM UTC
“It’s a little too much girth to be my cellphone” 👀 #SistasOnBET https://t.co/88oV8MJgak
04 Mar, 02:48 AM UTC
Devale Ellis double booked tonight. #SistasOnBET x #BiggerOnBet https://t.co/nIpDllhb6H
04 Mar, 03:36 AM UTC
Thank you for watching ! #SistasonBET
04 Mar, 03:43 AM UTC
♡♥ Melanin Mami ♥♡
I mean, Preston.. honestly, we don’t trust any of your family, right now. It was just too soon. #SistasOnBET
04 Mar, 02:56 AM UTC
The way Fatima read Hayden and sis is smart so I wouldn’t be surprised if she recorded her whole conversation with him basically admitting to setting Zac up...she’s nobody fool @SistasOnBET #SistasOnBET #Sistas #SistasBET
04 Mar, 03:28 AM UTC
AB Coles
He is forcing Dani to be a better communicator cuz she got comfortable and use to toxic relationships #SistasOnBET
04 Mar, 03:37 AM UTC
Okay Zac, i see you in your bag #BIGGERonBET #SistasOnBET https://t.co/ta7wI8yZTR
04 Mar, 03:36 AM UTC

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