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Tyler Perry's Sistas
🧡 this tweet if you love these two as much as we do! #SistasOnBET @SistasOnBET's photo on #Sistasonbet
02 Apr, 01:42 AM UTC
Trinity Whiteside
“Every day may not be good...but there’s something good in every day.”-Alice Morse Earle #SistasOnBET #Rodeo #InThisTogether https://t.co/Np7JwGNvul
01 Apr, 09:54 PM UTC
#SistasOnBET really hard looking at him drinking and losing his dad. But when he started talking about what his uncle did..... Calvin been holding alot in man https://t.co/v8DUwLnSFn
02 Apr, 01:33 AM UTC
Tanisha Renee
I know u in ur feelings right now Calvin but #SistasOnBET https://t.co/GTCE8rW7Xe
02 Apr, 01:26 AM UTC
truth is im tide
At this point Karen might as well sleep with him #SistasOnBET https://t.co/EV0VzeHKCh
02 Apr, 01:03 AM UTC
Ebony Obsidian
Is it possible to have two people in your heart at one time? Things get, more, complicated tonight. Don’t miss #SistasOnBET at 9/8c. Tweet ya later! @EObsidian's photo on #Sistasonbet
01 Apr, 05:48 PM UTC
Everyone jumping to conclusions thinking Karen and Aaron slept together. When that lady died, her and Aaron were divorced #SISTASONBET https://t.co/QSHXKLm3Ly
02 Apr, 01:02 AM UTC
Chido Nwokocha
Dani and zac 😂 always a good time with these two. Lol #SistasOnBET
02 Apr, 01:41 AM UTC
Nola Darling
WTF!! This bitch did not just put that mans mother’s ashes in his gas tank & set the car on fire!!!!! #SistasOnBET https://t.co/cZtroWgERZ
02 Apr, 02:01 AM UTC
WOW thoughts about tonight?? #SistasonBET @iamnovibrown's photo on #Sistasonbet
02 Apr, 03:17 AM UTC
Chido Nwokocha
Fatima loyal to the soil . Andi take it easy lol #SistasOnBET
02 Apr, 01:19 AM UTC
That ending, though... 😱 Do you think Jasmine's dead? #RealSistaTalk #SistasOnBET @BET's photo on #Sistasonbet
02 Apr, 06:59 AM UTC
Everyone has a story. #SistasonBET https://t.co/LfrkwfwQ4j
02 Apr, 03:18 AM UTC
#SistasOnBET is probably the best show Tyler Perry has made... besides House of Payne..
02 Apr, 03:15 AM UTC
#SistasOnBET #TwentiesOnBET #BoomerangOnBET I like 😍 all three of them on @BET ‼️
02 Apr, 03:34 AM UTC
Tyler Perry's Sistas
That ending, though... 😱 Do you think Jasmine's dead? #RealSistaTalk #SistasOnBET @SistasOnBET's photo on #Sistasonbet
02 Apr, 07:00 AM UTC
Dag.. #Calvin uncle do him like dat! Sexual exploitation! #SistasonBET
02 Apr, 03:31 AM UTC
Destiny Shantee
So Calvin gets to emotionally abuse Sabrina, damn near sexually assaults her, and berate her? And he tells this wack ass story of being molested? That’s not a fucking excuse! Then they have her tending to him afterwards? This is bullshit #sistasonbet #sistas
02 Apr, 05:14 AM UTC
Crisco Blu
Come on na Calvin!!! Show us these acting skills!! @anthony_dalton1 the mf ranges in this sceneeeee!!!!!! #sistasonbet https://t.co/qiElvGga9N
02 Apr, 05:15 AM UTC
#Calvin drunk drunk! #SistasonBET
02 Apr, 03:28 AM UTC
#Calvin in pain... #SistasonBET
02 Apr, 03:29 AM UTC
This is heartbreaking. #SistasOnBET #sistasbet #sistas
02 Apr, 03:32 AM UTC
My poor Calvin 😭😭😭😭😭😭#SistasonBET
02 Apr, 03:32 AM UTC
I agree. @BET finally got a real good Wednesday lineup!!! #SistasOnBET #TwentiesOnBET #BoomerangOnBET https://t.co/GhO8VGfVfQ
02 Apr, 03:47 AM UTC
Crisco Blu
Calvin showing us ranges in this scene!!! Okay!!! Last week Sabrina, this week Calvin! I see what you did there! #sistasonbet https://t.co/7uMH3IbRen
02 Apr, 05:11 AM UTC
Aaliyah Imani ❤️
😵 I knew it was something deep rooted about Calvin 😩💔😭 , Little boys get raped just as much as girls but it gets swept under the rug , just like Da Baby on lip service talking about he lost his virginity at 5 to older lady like no that’s fucking RAPE 💔 #SistasOnBET
02 Apr, 02:21 AM UTC
Calvin drunk behind is acting his entire ASS off! 💀 #SistasOnBET https://t.co/UjUp71zgs8
02 Apr, 03:12 AM UTC
Why he call her a BITCH like that!? Lol #SistasonBET
02 Apr, 03:27 AM UTC
Calvin just show why grieving and drinking don’t mix. #SistasonBET
02 Apr, 03:31 AM UTC
Me listening to Calvin #SistasOnBET https://t.co/tHaeYAuYiU
02 Apr, 03:31 AM UTC