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EA has abandoned the SKATE trademark again @Nibellion's photo on skate 4
08 Nov, 02:08 PM UTC
EA a déposé la marque Skate 4 en février dernier. Le 1er août, ils ont abandonné cette marque. Du coup baaaah les fans de skate, c'est mal barré. @JVCom's photo on skate 4
08 Nov, 02:10 PM UTC
do u know how much money EA would make if they dropped skate 4 rn lol
08 Nov, 05:13 PM UTC
Whos Chaos
will buy trademark. will make Skate 4 @WhosChaos's photo on skate 4
08 Nov, 06:18 PM UTC
EA has abandoned the Skate trademark, which means we probably won't see a Skate 4 anytime soon. @VG247's photo on skate 4
08 Nov, 02:02 PM UTC
Welcome to the True Man’s World
We really never getting Skate 4 man this game is so cold
08 Nov, 05:18 PM UTC
they canceled skate 4 </3
08 Nov, 04:40 PM UTC
skate 4, I dream of you
08 Nov, 05:16 PM UTC
niggas made NBA LIVE 14 but not SKATE 4?!
08 Nov, 05:25 PM UTC
Looks like EA didn't abandon the Skate trademark after all. Thank goodness. Now, get on with Skate 4 please. @VG247's photo on skate 4
08 Nov, 05:04 PM UTC
EAがSKATEの商標を再び放棄。少なくとも近い将来SKATE 4が登場する可能性はかなり低いと思われます。
08 Nov, 02:15 PM UTC
Ryan Brown 🎮❤️
EA has abandoned the trademark for 'Skate': @Toadsanime's photo on skate 4
08 Nov, 03:08 PM UTC
Miguel Lozada
So your saying there’s a chance EA?! 😱 Skate 4 confirmed!
08 Nov, 07:02 PM UTC
EA Crushes Skate 4 Dreams After Ditching Trademark
08 Nov, 06:44 PM UTC
PlayStation Universe
Uh-oh! EA has abandoned the Skate trademark, so don't get your hopes up for a Skate 4 #Skate #EA #News
08 Nov, 04:52 PM UTC
mangekyō sharingan
vai toma no cu eu to mt puto, eu to esperando skate 4 a muito tempo, vsf EA, vcs sao um lixo
08 Nov, 02:26 PM UTC
Sophia Messier
Skate 4 : le jeu ne risque pas d’être fait, EA vient d’abandonner la marque #Jeux #RT #anime #like #manga #dbz #onepiece
08 Nov, 06:39 PM UTC
@elonmusk May you please buy the trademark for skate and please hire people to make skate 4? The people need this.
08 Nov, 07:11 PM UTC
Oh well EA said fuck skate 4 😔
08 Nov, 07:50 PM UTC
Bepis man
I was waiting for Skate 4 for the longest fucking time and EA was like "lol we don't own it no more"
08 Nov, 07:51 PM UTC
@GoldGloveTV @IGN This was the article but they have gone to change that it was not abandoned. That is why they removed their original post. @SnipercatTV
08 Nov, 07:35 PM UTC
¿Llegó o no el momento de despedirse de Skate?
08 Nov, 07:33 PM UTC
@SMii7Y can we expect skate 4 footage whenever it’s out then ?
08 Nov, 06:58 PM UTC
Wholesome Robi 🇬🇧
@ThatBritTwit Skate 4 lives another day...
08 Nov, 07:23 PM UTC
🇫🇷 Benjou Hrn 🇫🇷
@Francoisdcb @HRN_Pierre @IGN En gros EA à abandonné la licence skzte, alors que tt le monde espérait un skate 4 PIERROT témoigner et que le 3 était une dinguerie
08 Nov, 07:11 PM UTC
@EA I will literally commit suicide if you don't make Skate 4
08 Nov, 08:01 PM UTC
Electronic Arts vuelve a perder la licencia de Skate.
08 Nov, 08:00 PM UTC
Seb Hawden
EA Drops Skate Trademark, Skate 4 Looking Unlikely
08 Nov, 07:51 PM UTC
Skate 4 dreams are ruined as EA abandons Skate trademark
08 Nov, 07:50 PM UTC
a mystery pirate
Imagine playing skate 4 and your board real life snaps after 3 weeks of gameplay, and now you have to spend 60 irl to get a new one in game
08 Nov, 07:49 PM UTC

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