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Sky Sports F1
"I arrived today and I got this great message from this young kid called Harry and he just became my spirit, that was my inspiration" Lewis Hamilton dedicates #SpanishGP win to young cancer sufferer @HarrysPledge5 https://t.co/R9pKKkR7i1 #SkyF1 #F1 Sky Sports F1's photo on #SkyF1
12 May, 04:45 PM UTC
Jonty Beard
Crofty getting names wrong frequently......again..... #F1 #SkyF1 #WTF1 #SpanishGP @pitlane_girl Jonty Beard's photo on #SkyF1
12 May, 01:49 PM UTC
Sky Sports F1
Lewis Hamilton strikes back against Valtteri Bottas to win #SpanishGP - and regain F1's title lead Max Verstappen impresses in third, but what happened to Ferrari again? REPORT AND VIDEO: https://t.co/dgBfRM5Rnl #SkyF1 #F1 Sky Sports F1's photo on #SkyF1
12 May, 03:01 PM UTC
Sky Sports F1
Watch a touching tribute from Lewis Hamilton to @HarrysPledge5 after he receieved a special pre-race message at the #SpanishGP Full story: https://t.co/R9pKKkR7i1 @NataliePinkham #SkyF1 #F1 Sky Sports F1's photo on #SkyF1
12 May, 06:03 PM UTC
Sky Sports F1
Red Bull hail "phenomenal" Driver of the Day Max Verstappen as he beats Ferraris at the #SpanishGP - and is back ahead of them in the championship https://t.co/DLPblAIP5y #SkyF1 #F1 Sky Sports F1's photo on #SkyF1
12 May, 05:14 PM UTC
Jonty Beard
How in gods name are Crofty and Brundle blaming Norris for that? He was halfway alongside and is therefore entitled to space and Stroll chopped his nose off. #SkyF1 #F1 #SpanishGP
12 May, 02:19 PM UTC
Sky Sport News HD
*FORMEL 1* Michael Schumacher: Eine Formel-1-Legende kommt in die Kinos ➡ https://t.co/rSUFeFQlyh #SkyF1 Sky Sport News HD's photo on #SkyF1
12 May, 08:13 AM UTC
Rob Myers
Not sure how the SC played into Hamilton's hands at all. He lost an 8 second lead. What are Brundle and #SkyF1 talking about?! #F1 #SpanishGP 🇪🇸
12 May, 02:45 PM UTC
Sky Sport News HD
*FORMEL 1* Hülkenberg verplappert sich - und muss Strafe fürchten ➡ https://t.co/Ks0W0y7FAI #SkyF1 Sky Sport News HD's photo on #SkyF1
12 May, 10:29 AM UTC
Sky Sport News HD
*FORMEL 1* Schnurrbart-Alarm zum Abschied: Beste Laune bei Mercedes ➡ https://t.co/96obbpJJIy #SkyF1 Sky Sport News HD's photo on #SkyF1
12 May, 03:25 PM UTC
Sky Sport News HD
*FORMEL 1* Übermotivierter Vettel-Start & Mercedes Dominanz : Die Highlights aus Spanien im VIDEO ➡ https://t.co/KR6DZlRzpn #SkyF1 Sky Sport News HD's photo on #SkyF1
12 May, 04:57 PM UTC
Sky Sport News HD
*FORMEL 1* Wolff garantiert: Mercedes auch in Zukunft in der Formel 1 ➡ https://t.co/RLceikOljM #SkyF1 Sky Sport News HD's photo on #SkyF1
12 May, 07:43 AM UTC
Josh Stocks
Formula 1 2019, a Season that promised so much but has delivered very little..... #SpanishGP #SkyF1
12 May, 02:59 PM UTC
Sky Sport News HD
*MOTORSPORT* IndyCar: Feuer am Auto – Pilot fährt einfach weiter ➡ https://t.co/jbHD65Vqhr #SkyF1 Sky Sport News HD's photo on #SkyF1
12 May, 11:00 AM UTC
@tutorsol @LewisHamilton @SkySportsF1 so glad its just not me seeing this anyone but lewis attitide #SkyF1 has had for the last 4 yrs and beyond
12 May, 05:06 PM UTC
Vasim Khan
After #SpanishGP do you think @ScuderiaFerrari have any chance to salvage any victory this year? #SkyF1 #Ferrari #F1 #F12019
12 May, 03:01 PM UTC
Mostly Racing
Points by season in the turbo-hybrid era. With Merc's 5th straight 1-2 I thought it would be interesting (and depressing) to see a graphical representation of their dominance since 2014. It seemed as if they were being caught but perhaps not #SkyF1 #F1 #SpanishGrandPrix Mostly Racing's photo on #SkyF1
12 May, 06:00 PM UTC
David Talbot
This has to be the most boring & least ‘sport’ there is. Even the snooker had more excitement than this! F1 hasn’t been a “sport” for about 25 years! It’s a business, pure & simple & who drives what is irrelevant. The cars will finish in the same spots whoever drives them. #SkyF1
12 May, 05:10 PM UTC
@ismangil I have to say, @SkySportsF1 coverage is great. I can’t fault it or the work of the #SkyF1 team. There’s only so much they can do though, and if it wasn’t for the coverage and technical info they provide, I probably would have lost interest long ago. 2021 can’t come soon enough!
12 May, 05:09 PM UTC
David-Ian Dawson
@rafalution44 @Jontys_Corner @MattyWTF1 @pitlane_girl I know. I reckon 99% of t viewers at home would do a better job identifying t correct driver. C'mon #skyf1 sort this out. There has to be better commentators out there!
12 May, 06:31 PM UTC
Debbie Haden 🎤🎮
Couldn't comment on here about the @Wolves match, because I recorded the #F1 to watch later and didn't want any spoilers @TheDJohnsonR3AL #SkyF1
12 May, 06:26 PM UTC
Fuzzy Agent of Shield
There is something serious daft about Channel 4 showing an advert for #SkyF1 during the #C4F1 highlights! #SpanishGP
12 May, 06:18 PM UTC
Déji Fadahunsi
A great win for @MercedesAMGF1 in The Spanish GP, Mercedes one, two finish - #SpanishGP Highlights #F1 #SkyF1 @SkySportsF1
12 May, 05:29 PM UTC
Er kann es nicht .... RT @SkySportDE: "Schuss in den Ofen" statt Trendwende für #Vettel & #Ferrari. #skyf1 #SpanishGP Hell's photo on #SkyF1
12 May, 04:54 PM UTC
Andy Doyle
@SkySportsF1 Where’s Ted’s Notebook?! We want @tedkravitz back. #TedsNotebook #tedgate #SkyF1
12 May, 04:38 PM UTC
Déji Fadahunsi
#NowWatching The Spanish GP Highlights on @SkyOne - #SpanishGP #F1 #SkyF1 @SkySportsF1 - a really great start for @MercedesAMGF1
12 May, 04:36 PM UTC