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Amazing Polly is FREE and will act like it
Remember the smoking gun document from the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board which said they required at least TWO system wide pandemic events by Sept 2020? Guess what? Pig Flu is coming (from China). FAUCI is on the board of the GPMB, by the way.
29 Jun, 10:11 PM UTC
Elvis is a patch of code. The Smoking Gun. It has 2 Prime Numbers that cannot be hacked. Buckle the Hell Up. Inbound Heavy ...
30 Jun, 02:27 AM UTC
Amazing Polly is FREE and will act like it
Here is the smoking gun Pandemic PLAN document - it calls for at least 2 'system wide training & simulation exercises' by Sept 2020. IS THIS A SIMULATION? Sure seems like it, but they are torturing us by pretending it's real.
29 Jun, 10:20 PM UTC
Chad Pergram
Rubio on Russia bounty info: I’ve seen this done over & over..You pull out one little piece. You put it in the public domain & you act like it was some smoking gun situation so that's one of the reasons why I just don't comment on reports..You’ve got to see the whole field on it
29 Jun, 11:05 PM UTC
BBC Radio 4 Today
Ivan Browne, Director of Public Health for Leicester, says the spike in new cases is "in the younger working age population towards the east of the city" but there is not " a single smoking gun" & he needs more detailed information on new cases #R4Today
29 Jun, 06:28 AM UTC
Mark Ake
@ProjectLincoln Smoking gun. Remove this piece of shit from office now #25thAmendmentBeforeWeAllDie #TrumpIsUnwell
30 Jun, 02:33 AM UTC
Erica Lynn🦋
The smoking gun... #TrumpTraitor Trump Got Written Briefing in February on Possible Russian Bounties, Officials Say - The New York Times
30 Jun, 02:38 AM UTC
@nytimes That my friends is the smoking gun. #ResignNowTrump
30 Jun, 02:15 AM UTC
I Smoked Trump's Park Police
Even Maggie knows a smoking gun when she sees one.
30 Jun, 03:24 AM UTC
johnny baxter
How is chief justice John Roberts name showing up on Jeffrey Epsteins plane flight logs? I believe we now have the smoking gun as to his decisions
30 Jun, 02:45 AM UTC
Max Rockatansky
NOW can we arrest trump. I mean how much more smoking gun evidence of a criminal do you need!
30 Jun, 02:48 AM UTC
Quad Laser DJs
@liber8tor @JbissellF @AP *4 individuals were killed at the Benghazi consulate *None were active duty military *Sen Clinton wasn't responsible Do you have any more alternative facts?
30 Jun, 02:52 AM UTC
No Name Please
@hilaryluros Anyone who believes Mark Meadows isn't paying attention. Meadows is a Trump loyalist who lives in Trumpistan. He would deny Trump shot someone on 5th Ave with the smoking gun still in Trump's hand. Meadows is corrupt, criminal, and unfit. The reason why Trump appointed him.
30 Jun, 02:48 AM UTC
Here it is, Bolton got the smoking gun!!!
30 Jun, 03:05 AM UTC
Good Hands.
Smoking Gun was THE ONE!
30 Jun, 01:55 AM UTC
The Philosophy of Penguins
@tedlieu @CIA @realDonaldTrump @RichardGrenell @POTUS That's your smoking gun? The whole statement is a word salad that says nothing. It may as as well be a soup recipe. No wonder you're a career politician! You have to be the stupidest House member! Go ahead and proceed with an impeachment over this and embarrass yourself again.
30 Jun, 03:20 AM UTC
Meanwhile, tabloid TV Fox "News" is focusing on a tif between Catholics and Muslims, with the ticker below giving a one-sentence blurb on Russian bounties saying "Trump was not briefed." #MattGaetzIsATool smoking gun Ben Shapiro #JulysBigSurprise Carl Bernstein
30 Jun, 02:46 AM UTC
Wild Bill
Let's not forget about the Illegal Slush Fund Redirection scandal
30 Jun, 01:21 AM UTC
Debbie Unfiltered (@ 🏘)
I have one word for Rubio. BENGHAZI! “You pull out one little piece and you put it in the public domain and you act like it was some smoking gun situation. So that’s one of the reasons I just don’t comment on reports such as these.” #TraitorTrump
30 Jun, 03:04 AM UTC
"Smoking Gun" You do mean SMOCKING gun RIGHT??
30 Jun, 03:34 AM UTC
Guru Blessington
@realDonaldTrump @OutsiderSkyNews @nytimes @FoxNews Hello POTUS from Melbourne,Australia,where we love you I thought you’d want to read this It’s from a 30 year ClimateActivist and scientist,exposing ClimateFraud,it’s purpose,who’s behind it and its weaponising against WesternDemocracy It’s the smoking gun
30 Jun, 03:11 AM UTC
Jason Rivkin
@claytoncomic @misterashmoney @Gags30poker @sny5339 @partypokerUS @WPTlive @BorgataPoker @AriEngelPoker @KatieStonePoker Smoking gun of suspect-ness for me was the 6-7 min per hand spent when you were the only table left in action. Hard to explain with any sort of common poker sense; I'd assume most regs/recs could spot the logical fallacy there
30 Jun, 03:44 AM UTC
Smoking Gun.
30 Jun, 03:40 AM UTC
Jamie B
Smoking gun #ResignTrumpandPence
30 Jun, 03:37 AM UTC
Patrick Lally
@GregPitsch @FuckKwame @neil_anderson @AOC Well, THERE is the smoking gun. Its like WaterGate all over again.ARREST that TRAITOR AOCortez........Descendant of Slave Owner and Genocidal Maniac......JUAN CORTEZ!!!!!!!
30 Jun, 03:15 AM UTC

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