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Dr Rangan Chatterjee
A lot of my patients don’t need a pill, they need a lifestyle prescription & there is growing evidence that taking part in exercise, arts & community groups can often help treat the causes of many illnesses more effectively than traditional medication. #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 03:06 PM UTC
National Trust
Take a moment to pause in a place you love. #SocialPrescribingDay National Trust's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 01:09 PM UTC
The King's Fund
It's #SocialPrescribingDay - check out our explainer outlining what social prescribing is, how it works and how it fits in with wider health and care policy. https://t.co/46cJqjBKeR
14 Mar, 12:45 PM UTC
The Wildlife Trusts
Being lonely creates feelings of anxiety, which can often lead to more serious mental health problems. One of the most effective ways of combatting this is to get together with other people in the great outdoors 🌳😊 #SocialPrescribingDay https://t.co/9AlZ2ePmbT The Wildlife Trusts's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 02:43 PM UTC
Royal College of Occupational Therapists
It's #SocialPrescribingDay - have you read our latest report on #PersonalisedCare? https://t.co/cGyH21zgyJ Royal College of Occupational Therapists's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 07:00 AM UTC
We're back and feeling social!! To celebrate we are giving you 10% off full price items until midnight tonight with code SOCIAL10. Follow & Retweet for a chance to win a £50 Tilletts Voucher! ❤️ #SocialPrescribingDay #ThursdayMotivation #ThursdayThoughts #socialcrash #Mayhem #win Tilletts's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 11:02 AM UTC
parkrun 🌳
“I left with a prescription for five parkruns!” Steve Connelly had a pacemaker inserted in 2018. His doctor, a regular at parkrun, prescribed him parkrun to help rebuild his strength and confidence #socialprescribingday 👉🏾https://t.co/3DJxBoylfY 🌳 #loveparkrun parkrun 🌳's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 05:50 PM UTC
Paths for All
On #SocialPrescribingDay, we're taking a look back at last year's Expert Lecture with @drwilliambird “Social prescribing makes it more formal for a GP to recommend a walking group or activity because it puts the person at the centre.” https://t.co/e8WKgnGBn3
14 Mar, 07:15 AM UTC
Arts Council England
It's #SocialPrescribingDay 🎉 Creativity in all its forms is an essential part of being human and vital for well being.😊 Check out our blog from our CEO @HENLEYDARREN to find out more on what culture can do for healthcare 👉 https://t.co/WsaGqGUyPJ Arts Council England's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 02:53 PM UTC
Bogdan Chiva Giurca 👨‍⚕️
Trending 5th in the UK #SocialPrescribingDay 🎉 Absolutely inspired by all the amazing work done within the community. @SP_champScheme @CollegeofMed @craiglistertcv @Its_Elemental @JEN_Elemental @daisy_kty @MariePolley1 @SianB71 @bevtayloryork @marieannedoc @SocialPrescrib2 https://t.co/3R7lAmxNqh
14 Mar, 10:31 AM UTC
Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
It's the first #SocialPrescribingDay - take a look at the Social Prescribing Network's resources and follow them @SocialPrescrib2 https://t.co/cWbxrOlP5M Chartered Society of Physiotherapy's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 09:21 AM UTC
Royal College of Occupational Therapists
It's #SocialPrescribingDay and we have a brand new blog post from @RCOT_Paul on #occupationaltherapy and #personalisedcare. https://t.co/o1zCibhw8Y Royal College of Occupational Therapists's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 12:00 PM UTC
NHS in Leeds
#SocialPrescribingDay is day to celebrate the importance of social prescribing in Healthcare and the potential benefits for wellbeing. Don't just take our word for it, @drgdubya from Oakwood Lane Medical Practice has seen the benefits it has had within the community. NHS in Leeds's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 02:15 PM UTC
Social prescribing offers great potential to improve life for people through activities like gardening. Check out our guide to mark Social Prescribing Day: https://t.co/rElRa8cjvx #socialprescribingday #socialprescribingday #gardening #health #wellbeing Thrive's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 05:00 PM UTC
Social Prescribing Merton
Thank you all for attending our #SocialPrescribingDay #Merton https://t.co/FNWgRfs7NB
14 Mar, 05:01 PM UTC
Kenny Butler
Social prescribing: The leisure sector can be the frontline of the NHS #SocialPrescribingDay ⁦@_ukactivehttps://t.co/AMYrbpup7K
14 Mar, 02:24 PM UTC
South Yorkshire Housing Association
We've seen amazing improvements in our customers’ health and well-being across Doncaster and Barnsley as a result of social prescribing - 81% of customers feel more confident in managing their health and 68% of customers have reduced their GP visits. 🙌 #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 05:35 PM UTC
Ruth Spellman
Signposting patients to community services such as adult education courses helps stretched public services and improves health and wellbeing #socialprescribingday Ruth Spellman's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 10:02 AM UTC
The Big Draw®
Its #SocialPrescribingDay ✏️ and increasingly the health benefits of a more creative life are being recognised! So this year we are dedicating #TheBigDraw Festival to the theme #DrawnToLife: Creativity & Wellbeing! Read more: https://t.co/4i08wz91Fe The Big Draw®'s photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 01:01 PM UTC
#socialprescribing is about helping people improve their health, #wellbeing & social welfare by connecting them to #local #community services. The #ACRENetwork have introduced multiple initiatives in #rural areas, making this possible. #SocialPrescribingDay @SocialPrescrib2 ACRE's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 12:13 PM UTC
John, Chair of SCHW talking passionately about #socialprescribing & how @SPRINGSocialPre will improve people's health & wellbeing 🙌🏻🏃‍♀️🚴‍♀️🍎🍌🏊🏻 Please RT #SocialPrescribingDay 🤗 @SPRINGSocialPre @BBHealthForum @Its_Elemental ScotComm's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 10:31 AM UTC
parkrun UK
Whiteley parkrun regular Stephen Doherty explains how he overcame suffering a stroke to run his first ever race! 🏁 He also explains the role walking and volunteering at parkrun played in his recovery 🚶🏻 #socialprescribingday 👉🏾https://t.co/qckNUz7Gtl 🌳 #loveparkrun parkrun UK's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 07:55 PM UTC
Social Farms & Gardens: Care Farming
It's #SocialPrescribingDay #CareFarms across UK can offer the perfect option for social prescriptions - structured programmes with benefits to health & WB from the perfect combination of nature, meaningful farm-related activity & social interaction #SocialFarming #GreenCare
14 Mar, 08:26 AM UTC
Clair Powell
Speaking at today’s #ConnectWales2019 confetence on #SocialPrescribingDay bringing together nearly 100 people to talk #connections Clair Powell's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 07:34 PM UTC
Ash Routen
Today is #SocialPrescribingDay I highly reccomend GP's prescribe a trip to the great outdoors. But first, make sure your patients are colour coordinated. That's the most important thing. Ash Routen's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 08:44 AM UTC
Social prescribing meant that when Eileen went to her doctor experiencing loneliness and mobility challenges, she was able to be referred to the Wellbeing Lifeline service and engage with a range of services to enhance her wellbeing #SocialPrescribingDay https://t.co/ijEMFqY6zQ ForHousing's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 03:55 PM UTC
Matthew Bell
Happy #socialprescribingday @WellbeingExeter @volcornwall @TorbayCDT @GemmaGowan @RuralSomerset @RichmondGroup14 @mjd1968 @albion38 @sw_ahsn. What would you say needs to happen in 2019 to fully realise the potential of #socialprescribing?
14 Mar, 07:21 AM UTC
We are getting ready for Social Prescribing by working towards #QualityForHealth approved provider status....are you? #SocialPrescribingDay #QualityForHealth #NHSGHCCG #KirkleesCouncil talkthru's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 10:31 AM UTC
We ❤️ #socialprescribingday we work with GPs & Nature owners 2 improve health & wellbeing of 100s: 'I found my smile in the forest.' ⬆️ mood, ⬇️ BP #SocialPrescribingDayDevon @Devon_LNP @NEWDevonCCG @DevonCC @UnLtd @WestbankDevon @WoodlandTrust short film: https://t.co/60XnEiCUQR
14 Mar, 08:53 AM UTC
Addison's Disease
Today is #SocialPrescribingDay. If you're looking for a local support group to share experiences about Addison's Disease or wanting to talk... 🗣️Chat on our forum https://t.co/KG7HWAzFuP 🗓️ For meetings visit https://t.co/f8QZnxNPlE ☕️ To arrange a social: socials@addisons.org.uk
14 Mar, 01:50 PM UTC
“I feel so much more positive in myself now and have more strength to face my demons and get my life back on track”. A man from Ilfracombe with depression and anxiety talks about how a local walking group has improved his life #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 10:44 AM UTC
Sam Hodkinson
Thanks to North Ayrshire Alzheimer Scotland team @jgarneralzscot1 @LindaMcGuire1 for coming down to see us and supporting the #NACommunityLinkWorkers @NAHSCP #socialprescribingday #peoplesupportingpeople Sam Hodkinson's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 10:55 AM UTC
Seisdon Wellbeing
It’s #SocialPrescribingDay, highlighting ways of improving wellbeing and health through community activities, such as walking or crafting groups, group courses, etc. These activities can help you socialise, improve emotional support, build coping skills & improve your lifestyle. Seisdon Wellbeing's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 01:06 PM UTC
Pippa Cossens
Evening #EBHour today is #socialprescribingday encouraging prescribing of courses, activities, exercise to improve people's health and well being. As well as #osteopathy we always advise how people can help themselves between appointments. #functionalmedicine #Osteopathyworks Pippa Cossens's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 07:50 PM UTC
Red Zebra Social Prescribing
She doesn’t mention it herself but Sarah is an encouraging & fun dance teacher @EmmaWoodwardWT @Its_Elemental @whitsparkles #SocialPrescribingDay @EkhuftTeam @canterburycc https://t.co/y0K76nDG9x
14 Mar, 01:17 PM UTC
Red Zebra Social Prescribing
Sometimes simply having someone to talk to can make all the difference. This is why befriending is one of the most in demand services. This is what Valda, one of our telephone befrienders at @RedZebraCommSol on our pilot telephone befriending scheme said... #SocialPrescribingDay Red Zebra Social Prescribing's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 01:30 PM UTC
Where can you look for money advice for GPs - Locums, partners and practices? Try this post from @egplearning with tips on how to set up as a locum, claiming tax, pensions, tech tips and more. Blog: https://t.co/ZEeUKqOFI4 #ThursdayMotivation #savings #socialprescribingday DrGandalf's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 08:19 AM UTC
“It is a safe place where you can be you, it is a place to laugh, a place to cry and to be yourself with people often with similar issues.” Judith explains how the HOPE programme in #Torbay has helped to build her confidence https://t.co/lUKlOYCE45 #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 01:15 PM UTC
An interview with our Social Prescribers...find out what the team have to say about their roles in the local community. #socialprescribingday #socialprescribing @NHSValeRoyalCCG @WestCheshireCCG @TheKingsFund @DIALWCheshire @NMCentre @ChesterVol Brightlife's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 10:03 AM UTC
Red Zebra Social Prescribing
With @horsebridge and @umbrellacentre, we are running a new event called Whitstable Wellness Week (23rd-29th Mar). Lots of creative activities are planned all designed to show how creativity can help you feel better. Find out more - https://t.co/14WZxhmI9w #SocialPrescribingDay Red Zebra Social Prescribing's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 04:00 PM UTC
Catherine Bates
“#SocialPrescribing is not a substitute to medical treatment but an add-on”, says @timkendall1 in video about the importance of #linkworkers and #SocialPrescribingDay @JamesCSanderson https://t.co/vFpieX6gpT
14 Mar, 03:05 PM UTC
Dr James Woodall
Happy #SocialPrescribingDay Here's a paper we published lat year on this topic https://t.co/lQCiL9Dz3F #OA
14 Mar, 12:33 PM UTC
College of Medicine
Michael Dooley, Gynaecologist thinks Social Prescribing is important for everyone. #SocialPrescribingDay #socialprescribing College of Medicine's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 09:53 PM UTC
BMJ Patient Editor
Social prescribing offers huge potential but requires a nuanced evidence base @kerrynhusk https://t.co/JVPhbpSno5 #socialprescribing #socialprescribingday
14 Mar, 09:15 AM UTC
Thomas Morton
Today is #SocialPrescribingDay #socialprescribing refers to the increasing recognition of the benefits of social and community activity to health and wellbeing (& the harm a lack of this can do). Our SCI-Dem project is relevant to this: https://t.co/ayOYnj2WgF #dementia #research
14 Mar, 12:09 PM UTC
ABILITY Community Transport
This #SocialPrescribingDay we’d like to celebrate all of the incredible work done by #communitytransport organisations across the country to get people out and about, and #endloneliness. @BBCLookEast @NorthantsCF @a_sadygov @andrealeadsom @LukeGraystone @SNorthantsC *CALL US* https://t.co/RJDJ8kkCsS
14 Mar, 02:11 PM UTC
The new Four Greens Wellbeing Hub in #Plymouth is one of many services that support people through social prescribing with issues such as loneliness, debt and relationship difficulties. #SocialPrescribingDay https://t.co/hjYzwDfH0u
14 Mar, 05:55 PM UTC
West Suffolk Council
Health secretary and West Suffolk MP @MattHancock recognises the success of #socialprescribing in West Suffolk with #HaverhillLifeLink #Haverhill and the Council and @NHSWSCCG bringing schemes to #Brandon and #Mildenhall #SocialPrescribingDay West Suffolk Council's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 12:54 PM UTC
“I can now see a future. I see myself employed.” Thanks to @WellbeingExeter, Jim’s son was supported to join a football group, find employment and get help with his debt #SocialPrescribingDay https://t.co/dxinOAUfo5
14 Mar, 03:55 PM UTC
For #socialprescribingday here's a great wee film about how the Safe and Inclusive Living (SAIL) partnership works across Lewisham to keep people well @LewishamCouncil @cc_lewisham @DphDanny https://t.co/7v0XItsnli
14 Mar, 10:07 PM UTC
@Doncaster Social Prescribing
Thought we'd share Lisa's story to celebrate #socialprescribingday https://t.co/kPgUzk5Mpj via @YouTube
14 Mar, 11:16 AM UTC
Guy Pilkington
Thought provoking morning at social prescribing day for the North East @SocialPrescrib2. Craig Lister talking about quality assurance #socialprescribingday
14 Mar, 12:03 PM UTC
Anna Baker Cresswell
On #SocialPrescribingDay I need to thank Andy & Jane for everything they are doing @DNRCOfficial. #patients will get a 5* #HorticulturalTherapy service in the end, but for now, your #patience & #perseverance is truly appreciated. @DMS_MilMed @CU_STH Anna Baker Cresswell's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 03:11 PM UTC
Red Zebra Social Prescribing
The best feeling that we get as Social Prescribers is helping people to feel better. @RedZebraCommSol #SocialPrescribingDay Red Zebra Social Prescribing's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
14 Mar, 02:45 PM UTC
Ian Clarke
Exactly what Marrow House is all about. We need to be an ambassador for person centred care and build on this across our amazing city. @manda_70 @JaneHew45204854 @PEdmondsonJones @PeterTomlin4 @SoTCityCouncil @mnd50 @BaylissCraig @sarahtotten1 #SocialPrescribingDay #SeeThePerson https://t.co/pvzYmICIhW
15 Mar, 05:57 AM UTC
Inspire Women Oldham
Interesting comment from @CormacRussell given the hype this week for #SocialPrescribingDay ”Currently, many well intentioned health reformers r by-passing the process of facilitating citizen-led discovery, connecting, & mobilisation, what I refer to as Community Building. 1/2 Inspire Women Oldham's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
15 Mar, 06:40 AM UTC
NHS East Lancs CCG
Another great example of how one of our local community groups is using their pot of #socialprescribing money to help those suffering from alcohol or drug abuse, domestic violence and low self-esteem. #SocialPrescribingDay https://t.co/hGmvmE0e1j
14 Mar, 01:15 PM UTC
Jono Reeves
Exciting times as we trial a wetland-based ‘blue prescription’ between April and June this year at the ever-gorgeous @WWTSlimbridge #SocialPrescribingDay https://t.co/iQ5YgQJzSY
14 Mar, 10:22 PM UTC
Adrian Hayter
@geris_lucy @FrimleyHC @GerisMichelle @JonathanSly5 @HLuximon @ClaireNelson22 @FederationWAM @NHSEastBerksCCG @fslevinbrown @RBWM @timbenson and finally a link to Ryan and Katie talking about how they are working in @RMPGPsurgery to support patients we have linked to our carers work and ‘You Care We Care’ Programme @RMPCarers https://t.co/9J7kTkxf2t #SocialPrescribingDay
15 Mar, 06:01 AM UTC
Adrian Hayter
@geris_lucy @FrimleyHC @GerisMichelle @JonathanSly5 @HLuximon @ClaireNelson22 @FederationWAM @NHSEastBerksCCG @fslevinbrown @RBWM The outcomes @timbenson for residents across @rbwm @FederationWAM who are benefiting from #socialprescribing #SocialPrescribingDay Adrian Hayter's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
15 Mar, 05:55 AM UTC
Its wonderful day which make sense of well being among all of us.......happy social prescribing day to all ...... love ! Learn! Stay healthy!....... .#socialprescribingday dharani's photo on #SocialPrescribingDay
15 Mar, 05:05 AM UTC

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