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Paul Bongiorno
The Solicitor General’s advice should be tested in the High Court after the Bill is passed. He got it seriously wrong on section 44 just ask Barnaby Joyce.
12 Feb, 05:26 AM UTC
Bevan Shields
The advice from the Solicitor General is dated Feb 7 (last Thursday) and the Attorney-General's letter to the Speaker is dated Feb 10 (Sunday). Why did the government not tell the public it had this advice? #auspol
12 Feb, 05:16 AM UTC
Paul Bongiorno
The solicitor general’s advice always a try on. The parliament not answerable to the High Court on this matter as The A-G Christian Porter admitted. Labor’s Tony Burke quickly amended the contested clause. Times up. Election now.
12 Feb, 07:48 AM UTC
Eddy Jokovich
The Solicitor-General has warned the amendments to the #MediVac bill may be unconstitutional. The same person who said Barnaby Joyce was eligible to sit in Parliament. The S-G is partisan, and will always do the dirty work for the Government. Can't be trusted. #AUSPOL
12 Feb, 05:57 AM UTC
Denise Allen
So seems to me...Labor and Greens do a deal to pass #MediVacBill ....and suddenly LNP produce solicitor- general's advice that Senate amendments were unconstitutional? Did I get that correct? #auspol #MSM
12 Feb, 05:33 AM UTC
Noely ⚡️⚡️
Reminder: Solicitor General does not exactly have a good track record when it comes to 'advice', or so the High Court has held 😉
12 Feb, 05:16 AM UTC
𝕤𝕒𝕞𝕒𝕟𝕥𝕙𝕒 𝕞𝕒𝕚𝕕𝕖𝕟
Scott Morrison said last week if Parliament votes for asylum bill he will just "ignore it" If his legal advice from Solicitor General is correct and its a money bill - it could blow up the government
12 Feb, 06:06 AM UTC
Emperor God Whit Goughlam
I’d rather take Constitutional advice from H&R Block than the Solicitor General given his recent S44 decisions. #MedivacBill #HoR #auspol
12 Feb, 05:52 AM UTC
Matthew Doran
So last week, Scott Morrison said he'd ignore the outcome of a vote. This week, Christian Porter lobs advice from the Solicitor-General in at the last minute to scuttle the bill, and says a vote in favour would be "in contempt of the constitution". Which is it? #auspol
12 Feb, 06:34 AM UTC
Melissa Clarke
Well, well. Speaker just tabled correspondence from the Attorney-General (and via him from the Solicitor-General) about the medivac amendments. A-G wanted the Speaker to keep it confidential - Tony Smith says what he sees, the parliament should see. #auspol @politicsabc
12 Feb, 04:57 AM UTC
Lol! Christian Porter begged the Speaker, Tony Smith to keep the advice from the Solicitor General secret and and the Speaker told him NO! Then tabled it!!! This Government is shot!! They’re at war!!!! Call an election!! MSM keep barking the crap that Labor is divided! Bullshit!
12 Feb, 05:16 AM UTC
Teresa Randal
Can anyone put a cost on the wasted time and effort the parliament has put into this bill while the Prime Minister sat like a toad waiting to strike with his advice from the solicitor general? All confidence in the Government gone now! #auspol
12 Feb, 05:56 AM UTC
David Marler
Speaker Tony Smith tables correspondence from the Attorney-General dated 10 Feb and advice from the Solicitor-General on 7 Feb relating to the senate amendments to the medivac bill. A-G did not want the S-G's advice circulated. #auspol David Marler's photo on Solicitor General
12 Feb, 05:45 AM UTC
“Solicitor client privilege (SCP)” 🇺🇸FBI went into Lawyer office seized privileged files -no evidence of @realDonaldTrump wrongdoing (No one cared about SCP) 🇨🇦 PM Trudeau HUGE allegation personal obstruction of justice - fires Attorney General!! —NO @rcmpgrcpolice (but SCP)
12 Feb, 03:24 AM UTC
Cheryl Kernot
@TroyPSimpson I think it’s all a tactical ploy. Why didn’t Solicitor General say something back in Dec when newspapers reported copiously?? #auspol
12 Feb, 05:47 AM UTC
ABC Politics
The Speaker has just tabled advice from the Solicitor-General about the medical transfer bill. The advice suggests the amendments passed by the Senate last year are unconstitutional, because they involve the spending of money. Money bills must come from House, not Senate #auspol
12 Feb, 04:57 AM UTC
Bill ShortenThe Worst Opposition Leader In History
#Auspol #BillShorten #GetRidLabor DiNutter said the Solicitor-General has been wrong before this is just a distraction pass it anyway and we will fight it...
12 Feb, 08:00 AM UTC
Shareen Campbell
@SwindonCoS This is a terrible injustice to deport a #refugee without access to legal representation. It should be reported to the Solicitor General and local MP @RobertBuckland .
12 Feb, 07:57 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from Australia.

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