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Captain Rohit Sharma came to bat with an injured thumb. R E S P E C T 💗 📸: Sony Sports @Cricketracker's photo on Sony
07 Dec, 01:47 PM UTC
Brad Smith
Our acquisition will bring Call of Duty to more gamers and more platforms than ever before. That's good for competition and good for consumers. Thank you @Nintendo. Any day @Sony wants to sit down and talk, we'll be happy to hammer out a 10-year deal for PlayStation as well. https://t.co/m1IQxdeo6n
07 Dec, 04:29 AM UTC
Indian fans, send a 💙 to captain Rohit Sharma. 📸: Sony Sports #BANvIND | @ImRo45 @Cricketracker's photo on Sony
07 Dec, 02:28 PM UTC
#CONCOURS JOUR 7 🎄 Gagnez un Casque Sony WH-1000XM5 ❄️ et profitez d'une réduction de bruit incomparable ! Pour participer : 1️⃣ Tweet #FrandroidOffreMoi + Casque Sony WH-1000XM5 2️⃣ RT + Like 3️⃣ Follow @Frandroid + @SonyFrance @Frandroid's photo on Sony
07 Dec, 04:04 PM UTC
Naughty Dog Central
According to The Leak, Sony is reportedly planning to reboot Uncharted for its fifth installment. The outlet has heard from two independent sources that Naughty Dog will not be involved in the development of the game and it will instead be created by a different studio. https://t.co/D4WFzSxfJy
07 Dec, 03:02 PM UTC
Víctor Trujillo
“Es un principio fundamental de nuestra política exterior la no intervención y la autodeterminación de los pueblos.” Cíñete pues a ese principio y plasma tus consideraciones en el libro “Yo tengo otras memorias”, que podrías presentar sin duda en la FIL 2025. 🙄 @lopezobrador_ https://t.co/6w1tdrtsWD
07 Dec, 11:27 PM UTC
Sky 星を紡ぐ子どもたち
旅ビトのかつての思いをつなぎ、砂を越え響き渡る懐かしきあの声に耳を傾け。 Sony PlayStation版『Sky 星を紡ぐ子どもたち』の配信を祝して、風ノ旅ビトパックをご用意しました🤩!#thatskygame 🔹風ノ旅ビトパックは、PlayStation™と PlayStation Store™限定パックです @thatskygameJP's photo on Sony
08 Dec, 12:00 AM UTC
Street Fighter 6 is releasing on June 2nd, 2023 according to PSN, with Standard/Deluxe/Ultimate Editions https://t.co/Zc1p3ZhwX6 @Wario64's photo on Sony
08 Dec, 01:41 AM UTC
音楽配信サイト【mora】冬のBIG SALE開催中!
\ ❄️ \\ 🎧 // ❄️ / この投稿をリツイートすると 人気イヤホンが届くかも🎅 / ❄️ // 🎄 \\ ❄️ \ プレゼント第1弾は #Sony LinkBuds Sを5名様に🎁 ⛄️応募方法⛄️ ①@mora_info をフォロー ②本投稿を12/18(日)までにリツイート #mora #moraありがとう2022
07 Dec, 10:36 AM UTC
Dra. Stefy
El COVID está volviendo. Ya van varios en Terapia Intermedia Hospitalizados.
07 Dec, 09:43 PM UTC
Brambz For Speed: Vingador Unbound
- Phil Spencer oferece contrato de 10 anos de COD com a Steam - Gabe Newel agradece e educadamente recusa pois acredita que a parceria com a Microsoft é de alta confiabilidade, não sendo necessário um contrato longevo Viu Sony, é assim que líderes negociam
07 Dec, 12:42 PM UTC
Evan Filarca
I’m currently not expecting Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 to appear during #TheGameAwards as I feel like, at this point, Sony would want to save showing it for their next PlayStation Showcase. But, if it does show up, I’d expect a story trailer. No gameplay, just cinematics. Thoughts? 🕷 https://t.co/wZ7bShoNfM
08 Dec, 12:11 AM UTC
JayRock ☻
There's really only been one major opposer to the deal and it's Sony and Sony's trying to protect their dominance on console. And the way they grow is by making Xbox smaller. - Phil Spencer Full interview - https://t.co/EvOuQZ8DQU https://t.co/OdPxWtdtmN
08 Dec, 12:26 AM UTC
American Economic Liberties Project says FTC Must Stop Microsoft's Aggressive Push to Monopolize Gaming - Calls it Unlawful & will undermine entire game industry - released today #Xbox #Microsoft #Sony #Playstation #PS5 https://t.co/ZCny15e5Mu https://t.co/qlRKTo2eUb
07 Dec, 08:56 PM UTC
Game Over Sony, oh well you tried 😂Gabe Newell responds to Kataku article. Sony next talking point "Steam is bad mkay" 🤣 https://t.co/UpHUNXWlDP
07 Dec, 08:27 PM UTC
Sony has leaked the release date for Street Fighter 6 on PSN as well as the different launch Editions Launching June 2nd, 2023 (image via Neoxon on ResetEra) https://t.co/WDbocYcG8q
08 Dec, 01:46 AM UTC
Tech Con Catalina
🔥TREMENDO🔥 💥#Sony, El GIGANTE Japonés de la Electrónica, entra al #Metaverso con MOCOPI, su nuevo dispositivo que capta movimientos.👏🏻 Será lanzado en Japón a principios de 2023.💥🔥 #Adopcion #News https://t.co/DOmIY1jyJH
07 Dec, 09:04 PM UTC
Como isso aqui é possível mesmo com o maior lançamento da Sony na data em questão e, com toda a ajuda do conteúdo (pago e orgânico) mainstream? 😂😂 #Xbox #PlayStation https://t.co/k2QQ9JULju
07 Dec, 05:31 PM UTC
JustMortal #GhaniSyaani
#ShehnaazGill and #VickyKaushal song posted by Sony music..pls like and comment.. #DesiVibesWithShehnaazGill https://t.co/NVkNXaD4lh
07 Dec, 05:37 AM UTC
【EXTASY RECORDS official】 代表取締役 林 光樹
“ロックスターの兄に言われた心に残る名言” SONY独立後の時期、家族3人でYOSHIKI宅へ向かう車中でYOSHIKIが唐突に「光樹、弁護士になったら?」と。「そんなの無理だよー」と軽く返すと「死ぬ気でやってみたら分からないじゃん!」と。死ぬ気で結果を出してる人の説得力!子供達にも同じ話をしてます! https://t.co/wiL6N3VcN2
08 Dec, 02:11 AM UTC
Jedaqui X|S
Ha quedado claro que tanto Nintendo , Microsoft, Steam y muchos más se preocupan de lo suyo y de mejorar constantemente. Es Sony la que basa su "mejora" en poner trabas a los demás y ofrece un servicio lamentable a sus consumidores.
07 Dec, 09:51 PM UTC
Hunter 🎮
Street Fighter 6 is releasing June 2, 2023, according to ReserEra 🔥 #PS5 #Xbox #PC See more: https://t.co/yLA65rBNJ9 https://t.co/7GGz1eU4EK
08 Dec, 02:04 AM UTC
Anthony Vaccaro
It shouldn't be surprising that people who make their personality traits as rabid gaming fanboys don't understand the business side of gaming at all and why Sony or Microsoft being able to acquire the most dominate IP is bad for gaming. Nintendo/Steam deal is in bath faith (1/)
08 Dec, 01:51 AM UTC
日本で報道されないNews 人気ゲームcall of dutyを発売しているActivision社をMS社が買収しようとしているそれに対しSONY社が独占につながる。と文句。MS社はSに対しCODを10年約束する。と、S社はそれじゃダメだ永久保証しろ。と。 MS社は独占はよくないよね。と、Nintendoと契約するという最高の一手
08 Dec, 12:17 AM UTC
カメラ機材を刷新します!SONYからFUJIFILMへマウント切り替え計画。 | Photo Fieldworks https://t.co/PDulKN711r
07 Dec, 11:56 PM UTC
@TWTHEREDDRAGON Why SHOULDN’T Sony talk to regulators instead of Microsoft? After all, IT’S AN ANTITRUST LAW ISSUE INVESTIGATING MICROSOFT. Since it involves possible violations of the law that’s what regulators - and courts - are for. 😂📜 https://t.co/FlDjiJV3e2
07 Dec, 08:56 PM UTC
How the hell did Sony end up with a more committed superhero universe?
08 Dec, 02:14 AM UTC
The comments section had some good points, that Sony would never allow a mediocre studio to work on one of their biggest franchises, but therein lies the problem: Almost every studio in comparison to ND is mediocre. Few can compete, most cannot hold a candle.
08 Dec, 02:14 AM UTC
@BenjiSales American Economic Liberties Project says FTC Must Stop Microsoft's Aggressive Push to Monopolize Gaming - Calls it Unlawful & will undermine entire game industry - released today #Xbox #Microsoft #Sony #Playstation    #PS5 https://t.co/fgMdmdWRajhttps://t.co/lHv08kijLi
07 Dec, 10:04 PM UTC
When I say they only acquired atz bcus of the existing kq + sony music KR partnership so rca can keep atz from becoming more successful elsewhere while doing bare minimum for them & still collect royalties like how they do to many of their other artists lol. Industry politics bs https://t.co/GcGLxCASi2
08 Dec, 02:14 AM UTC