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Bob Casey Jr.
PENNSYLVANIA UPDATE 40/40: The votes are in. The count is certified. @JoeBiden has won the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (again). And that's a wrap on the 2020 election here in the Keystone State. @Bob_Casey's photo on Soroka
24 Nov, 04:11 PM UTC
Ken Rosenthal
Braves’ potential rotation: Max Fried Mike Soroka Charlie Morton Ian Anderson Drew Smyly
24 Nov, 02:27 PM UTC
Jared Carrabis
Seeing Mike Soroka throwing again makes me very happy. @Jared_Carrabis's photo on Soroka
23 Nov, 10:23 PM UTC
Grant McAuley
A little over three months after suffering a season-ending injury, #Braves righty Mike Soroka is throwing off flat ground. This is exactly the kind of content I needed, @FOXSportsBraves.
23 Nov, 06:46 PM UTC
Buster Olney
Braves' 2021 rotation: 1. Max Fried 2. Mike Soroka 3. Charlie Morton 4. Drew Smyly 5. Ian Anderson Depth: Kyle Wright, Bryse Wilson. Atlanta will be in a formidable position, in defending its NL East titles.
24 Nov, 02:25 PM UTC
Paul Byrd
WOW!!! Once Soroka comes back, this @Braves rotation will be STACKED!!! What’s it gonna take Marcell Ozuna?
24 Nov, 03:22 PM UTC
NEKO WORKs@Official
ネコぱらvol.4 ネコとパティシェのノエル 発売まであと2日!! #NEKOPARA
24 Nov, 03:00 PM UTC
David O'Brien
Adding Morton, after signing Drew Smyly to one-year, $11M deal last week, gives aggressive #Braves an impressive rotation with Max Fried, Ian Anderson and Mike Soroka expected back by first month of season and perhaps Opening Day. Kyle Wright, Bryse Wilson are other options.
24 Nov, 02:26 PM UTC
Grant McAuley
2021 #Braves' projected rotation: Max Fried MIke Soroka Charlie Morton Ian Anderson Drew Smyly Other candidates: Kyle Wright Bryse Wilson Huascar Ynoa Tucker Davidson
24 Nov, 03:46 PM UTC
Grant McAuley
This is exactly the kind of arm the #Braves needed to strengthen the rotation. With Morton joining Max Fried and Mike Soroka, and with Drew Smyly on board to go along with Ian Anderson, Kyle Wright and Bryse Wilson, Atlanta has talent, depth and experience in the starting five.
24 Nov, 02:29 PM UTC
Georgia Sports Now
Braves Projected 2021 Pitching Rotation: • Mike Soroka • Max Fried • Charlie Morton • Drew Smyly • Ian Anderson • Kyle Wright • Bryse Wilson Atlanta’s loading up for another World Series run 🔥🔥
24 Nov, 03:02 PM UTC
The fanbase wont be thrilled unless Ozuna & at LEAST one of Greene or Melancon is back, but it’s encouraging to see Atlanta spending to improve early in what is sure to be a slow offseason. I love the additions of Smyly & Morton, especially since Soroka doesn’t have to rush back.
24 Nov, 03:14 PM UTC
The @braves add 37 yr old Charlie Morton to starting rotation. Reported 1 yr $15M deal. Liberty Media continues to make Alex Anthopoulos ball on a budget. At least we'll have vets to eat innings & compliment Fried, Soroka, Anderson and the other youngins.
24 Nov, 02:44 PM UTC
Jim Bowden
The #Braves signing of Charlie Morton to 1yr $15m contract significant. Rotation now of Soroka, Fried, Anderson, Morton, Smyly, Wright potentially as good as any in NL. Next for #Braves a bat whether it’s Ozuna will depend on implementation of Universal DH. #NLEast
24 Nov, 03:10 PM UTC
Taylor Bryan
Soroka, Morton, Fried, Anderson.... Who is your 5th starter in 2021 Braves Country?
24 Nov, 04:43 PM UTC
Roberth Pérez
Charlie Morton llegó a un acuerdo de $15 millones por un año con los Bravos de Atlanta. Esta rotación luce bastante bien con Soroka, Fried, Anderson y ahora Morton.
24 Nov, 02:20 PM UTC
Doc Herbert
Of the five members of the #Braves 2021 rotation, Mike Soroka had the highest FIP (3.78) in 2020. He also had the highest walk rate and lowest strikeout rate. When your rotation has MIKE SOROKA as its worst performer, you might be in good shape Yeah yeah sample sizes whatever
24 Nov, 04:53 PM UTC
Aurelio Ortiz
Luego de quedarse a un solo triunfo de volver a la Serie Mundial, los Bravos siguen armándose para dar el siguiente paso. Hace unos días firmaron al zurdo Drew Smyly y ahora al derecho Charlie Morton. Ellos se unirán a Mike Soroka, Max Fried e Ian Anderson en una sólida rotación.
24 Nov, 04:31 PM UTC
Culleñ Smith
Soroka, Freid, Morton, Anderson Acuna Freddie (Springer/ozuna) D’araund Ozzie Dansby Austin Riley Pache 😳
24 Nov, 04:44 PM UTC
Riley Edwards
Great signing for the @Braves. They get a vet while Soroka goes through recovery. They made it to G7 of the NLCS, and I think this isn’t it, they’re making a strong push for the Fall Classic.
24 Nov, 04:42 PM UTC
Josh Caray
Morton Fried Soroka Smyly Anderson That’s pretty darn good.
24 Nov, 04:39 PM UTC
Julian Christensen
@donmoyn @MartinBaekgaard @AdamBerinsky @serritzlew @ArthurLupia @BrendanNyhan @PTetlock @s_soroka @SamaraKlar @Stephangrim @ThomasSchillem2 The paper is much better now than before you joined as a co-author, Don, so thank you so much for your important contributions :)
24 Nov, 04:38 PM UTC
Overly Positive Braves Fan
@RYANFOW11400249 @bakeddozen @DOBrienATL @Feinsand I'm guessing they won't rush Soroka back & Wright will start the year in the rotation. I also think they'll move Ian to the pen midyear for 6 weeks to limit his workload.
24 Nov, 04:35 PM UTC
@realjustrinity @Buster_ESPN Can't really make that comparison yet knowing what we know about 3 HOF pitchers, comparing with three guys at the beginning of their careers. Fried/Soroka/Anderson are tracking quite well so far, we'll see.
24 Nov, 04:27 PM UTC
Scott Fjelstad
Fried, Soroka, Morton, Anderson, Smyly 🔥🔥🔥
24 Nov, 04:21 PM UTC
@thebigcastletn I completely agree that it’s not what he needs. Aside from a hybrid role(that Tomlin occupies) I’m not sure what his options are. He’ll likely be in rotation some until soroka returns. I could see Wilson in the bullpen. IMO Wright needs to be in the majors all year in some sort
24 Nov, 04:59 PM UTC
24 Nov, 04:58 PM UTC
97.1 The Ticket:
Watch: Mike Soroka begins pitching again for return to potential scary Braves rotation 📻: 📰:
24 Nov, 04:58 PM UTC
Daniel Wexler
@MeekPhill_ @BrianC_Chandler In fairness, it's likely Morton/Smyly AND Soroka added to their rotation. But yeah if they lose Ozuna they will need to replace him. Hopefully, not Nelson Cruz as 1) I don't want to root about him 2. He'd likely be a Met killer.
24 Nov, 04:57 PM UTC
24 Nov, 04:57 PM UTC

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