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S.L. Stiles
@seanhannity @ChrisCuomo Sorry, Sean. I typically agree with you... BUT if Fredo wasn’t offended then, he shouldn’t be now. As he peddles & pushes fake news constantly. The guy called him Fredo—he THREATENED him with violence. You actually think that’s ok, cuz I don’t.
13 Aug, 02:36 AM UTC
Todd Cefaratti
@seanhannity @ChrisCuomo If Cuomo was "with his daughter and wife" and wanted to protect his family from verbal abuse, then what's with all of the F bombs he kept dropping? Sorry Sean, you lost most of us on this one. I get idiots bothering celebs in public is not cool, but Cuomo was unhinged here.
13 Aug, 03:57 AM UTC
Todd With Trump
@seanhannity @ChrisCuomo Sorry Sean, you’re on the wrong end of this battle. Cuomo kept egging him on after he apologized. So stop your “I’m gonna stick up for another journalist” BS. His mamma needs to wash his mouth out with soap after this tirade 😮
13 Aug, 11:52 AM UTC
Missy 🇺🇸🌞 Missymohum on Parler
@seanhannity @ChrisCuomo Sorry walk away. If you’re a high profile guy, you should be able to handle being called Fredo.
13 Aug, 11:34 AM UTC
@seanhannity @ChrisCuomo Sorry sean but he taught his daughter that returning jackass behavior is always ok. You pick your battles. And he should've had some class instead of showing his ass.
13 Aug, 02:33 AM UTC
True Reality ⭐️⭐️⭐️
@seanhannity @ChrisCuomo Sorry Sean, I totally disagree. I understand youre coming at this from a profession point of view but walk away. Taking everything into account, the pure fear and filthy language he subjected his own family to is an abomination, disgusting and completely inexcusable 👎
13 Aug, 09:55 AM UTC
Trump Effects 🗽🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈🇮🇱
@seanhannity @ChrisCuomo Sorry Sean, but @ChrisCuomo is always a Jackass. If he wanted respect, maybe he wouldn't (insert multiple jackass statements) on National TV all the time. He showed his true colors as usual.
13 Aug, 07:11 AM UTC
@seanhannity @ChrisCuomo Sorry Sean but your wrong on this one. You should sit this one out.
13 Aug, 11:00 AM UTC
Brett Thomas
@seanhannity @ChrisCuomo Sorry Sean, it would have taken a better man, out with his daughter, to just ignore the guy. Not to mention all the F bombs with his daughter there. Navarro called Trump Jr. this on his show, why didn't he blast her? Sit this one out Sean, bad move
13 Aug, 10:09 AM UTC
Larry Emory
@seanhannity @ChrisCuomo Sorry Sean, they have pushed us to far.
13 Aug, 11:29 AM UTC
@seanhannity @ChrisCuomo Sorry Sean. He’s an @ss.
13 Aug, 11:24 AM UTC
@seanhannity @ChrisCuomo I'm sorry Sean... If he was out with his 9 year old, his words and rage, imho, could and should have been more controlled in diffusing the situation.
13 Aug, 11:00 AM UTC
Mandy 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
@seanhannity @ChrisCuomo Sorry Sean. I have to respectfully disagree. He should have taken the high road and walked away. Instead he embarrassed himself and his family. If he hadn't reacted this way, no one would be talking about it.
13 Aug, 10:04 AM UTC
♻️nar GUNS 4🇺🇸 NOT 🔫#maga♻️
@seanhannity @ChrisCuomo Sorry Sean. the grownup thing to do was to walk away not stand, threaten, and curse somone in front of your wife and child. This from a "man" that supports doxing.
13 Aug, 09:25 AM UTC
@seanhannity @ChrisCuomo Sorry Sean, can’t agree with you here. He definitely wasn’t behaving like an adult. Looks like he had a Booker testosterone moment
13 Aug, 11:25 AM UTC
Whiz Kid
@seanhannity @ChrisCuomo Sorry Sean Hannity I disagree. Fredo Cuomo lost his mind and almost did something that he would regret. He should have walked away and controlled himself much better than losing his mind. Fredo Cuomo has said many nasty things about many people so karma arrived. Cuomo is Scum!
13 Aug, 11:09 AM UTC
@seanhannity @ChrisCuomo Sorry Sean, Cuomo would have no qualms calling for this against us.
13 Aug, 10:47 AM UTC
Peter Fleming
@seanhannity @ChrisCuomo Sorry Sean, but when this happens to Conservatives and they get run out of restaurants, protested outside their house, the Left doesn't care. But God forbid they have to catch some flak, they can't handle it. Will Cuomo get the same treatment @MichaelGrimmNY did? Doubt it.
13 Aug, 10:33 AM UTC
I have a guy
@seanhannity @ChrisCuomo So that’s the way a man talks in front of his nine year old daughter, like a foul-mouthed Fredo? Sorry Sean, you missed the mark in this one.
13 Aug, 08:57 AM UTC
@seanhannity @ChrisCuomo Using that language with his 9 year old daughter there.....sorry Sean, not a hero in my book. My buddy gets much more upset when I call him meatball versus Fredo. Of course he calls me Kraut...we survive.
13 Aug, 08:51 AM UTC
Jeff Ward
@seanhannity @ChrisCuomo Cuomo is a douchebag and proved it by using fbombs in front of his family trying to be a tough guy. Sorry Sean, you got this one wrong
13 Aug, 11:56 AM UTC
sally obrien
@seanhannity @ChrisCuomo Sorry Sean disagree. This is how you talk in front of your child. Cuomo escalated this. He should have walked away and ignore just as Trump supporters have to do everyday
13 Aug, 11:55 AM UTC
Adapt4Survival 🇺🇸
@seanhannity @ChrisCuomo Sorry Sean, @ChrisCuomo is Red Flag Law worthy!
13 Aug, 11:49 AM UTC
@seanhannity @MattWalshBlog @ChrisCuomo Sorry Sean. Communist cuomo was yet another disgusting display of liberslism. Tony Soprano hes not.
13 Aug, 11:49 AM UTC
@seanhannity @ChrisCuomo Sorry Sean. I am Italian and @ChrisCuomo is unhinged. Walk away brother. He sounds like a thug. Who gives a crap about a character from The Godfather. Smh.
13 Aug, 11:45 AM UTC
@seanhannity @ChrisCuomo Sorry Sean but you must be sleep tweeting! Cuomo of off his meds and out of control.
13 Aug, 11:33 AM UTC
Deplorable Chuck
@seanhannity boy did you get that wrong! Even remotely thinking that Any PART of CC rant is justified is just out of touch. Sorry Sean, but you really blew it this time
13 Aug, 11:31 AM UTC
Deb O'Hagan
@seanhannity @ChrisCuomo Sorry Sean. #FredoCuomo was a jacka$s. He got a taste of what Trump supporters deal with daily. You have no idea what us little people and our families deal with from crazed leftists 😡 verbal abuse, road rage, vandalism. And we turn the other cheek because we aren’t #FredoCuomo
13 Aug, 11:28 AM UTC
@seanhannity @ChrisCuomo FAKE NEWS FREDO FOR LIFE. sorry sean its here forever
13 Aug, 11:22 AM UTC
Tim Harris
@seanhannity Coumo acted like a vulgar idiot.... sorry Sean you’re wrong on this one.
13 Aug, 11:17 AM UTC