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John Collins
I’d still rather have a Post Office than a Space Force.
17 Oct, 12:15 AM UTC
Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
Now you know why Trump wanted the Space Force to be ready
16 Oct, 09:42 PM UTC
Joe Kent for WA-3
There was lots of mocking when Trump authorized the formation of Space Force by the same failed “natsec experts” who thought the pinnacle of strategy was nation building in the Middle East. Those who could think beyond the narrative knew Trump was right.
17 Oct, 12:20 AM UTC
Brigitte Gabriel
Thank God President Trump started the Space Force.
17 Oct, 01:50 AM UTC
Brigitte Gabriel
The left mocked us when we praised President Trump's decision to start the Space Force. They even created a Netflix show about it. Now the Chinese military is launching hypersonic nuclear-capable missiles into space that can circle the entire globe at low orbit Trump was right. @ACTBrigitte's photo on Space Force
17 Oct, 01:46 AM UTC
Stefan Antonino 🎸🎶 🇺🇲
Jen Psaki openly mocked Space Force & House Democrats have just introduced a bill to abolish it called the "No Militarization Of Space Act" (Whose side are they on again? 🤔 Oh wait...), but now that China has Space Nuke capabilities, it proves that (once again) #TrumpWasRight!
17 Oct, 01:33 AM UTC
Socialist Boomer
I’d rather have universal healthcare than a space force.
17 Oct, 12:06 PM UTC
Comix Division
Remember when everyone laughed at Trump for Space Force?
16 Oct, 10:06 PM UTC
Bleeding Heart Liberal Marine
Trump didn’t create new military power with Space Force. The Air Force already had space capabilities. He just gave it a juvenile name, stole the Star Trek logo, & made us the laughing stock of the world. Basically what a 5-year-old would do if you let them be commander-in-chief.
17 Oct, 12:38 PM UTC
christy morris 🧚‍♂️
There already was a space force, its called THE AIRFORCE and they've been doing. What the so called space force, is supposed to do for years and years now.
17 Oct, 07:15 AM UTC
James Nava
Trump hizo caso a quienes pedíamos una fuerza militar espacial y creó la Space Force. Algunos medios y supuestos “expertos” lo ridiculizaron y se rieron. Ayer se supo que China probó un misil hipersónico con capacidad nuclear que dio la vuelta al mundo antes de apuntar hacia su
17 Oct, 10:34 AM UTC
Matthew 🇺🇸
@Woj_Pawelczyk Space force make sense yet?
17 Oct, 12:39 PM UTC
United States Space Force
Congratulations to the first two #Guardians commissioned through the Senior Leadership Enlisted Commissioning Program. #SemperSupra
17 Oct, 02:00 PM UTC
Spooky Rose Movement 👻🌹
Reminder: The United States is spending $17.4 billion *per year* on the Space Force. That’s equivalent to giving 80% of US workers 12 weeks paid family and medical leave.
17 Oct, 02:04 PM UTC
See Clearly, I love America! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #Patriot
Trump was right about Space Force. And everything else that Biden either has or is trying to destroy.
17 Oct, 01:16 PM UTC
@TreySongz @Treyology101 #Succession #FinsUp #sundayvibes #AskFFT #SundayMorning #NFLUK Pecan Mack Hollins Austin Jackson Tennessee Football Sunday NFL Sunday Wilt Miami Space Force Another Sunday Fnatic Marvin Jones
17 Oct, 02:13 PM UTC
Elon Musk's SpaceX keeps winning US military contracts — here's why, according to an aerospace expert via @businessinsider
17 Oct, 01:40 PM UTC
@BubblegumOut How has nobody just yelled WE ARE NOT AT WAR. and questioned that budget Fuck space force. I hate politics because I want stuff to work, not be marketed at me *eye roll*
17 Oct, 02:09 PM UTC
Kushal Deotale
@JohnCollins_KP Well you can't rig elections using Mail in Ballots with Space Force, you will surely need post office for that!! @bennyjohnson @TheJordanRachel
17 Oct, 02:14 PM UTC
@kellyrae2723 What do you think Space Force is equipped to do about it?
17 Oct, 02:13 PM UTC
Amir Saeed Muslim
@StefanAntonino @shingo30424945 @KlineMobileWeb So basically you won't admit to the air force as being always the one who handles this capability but also won't tell us what space force actually does. 🤔
17 Oct, 02:12 PM UTC
@JackPosobiec So what’s space force doing
17 Oct, 02:12 PM UTC
They said the same shit about the Air Force a hundred years ago. In the long run, you'll be glad as hell Trump made a Space Force.
17 Oct, 02:12 PM UTC
Not that Steve.
@ACTBrigitte We don't need to show that kind of grandstanding distrust to the world. they are scared that they feel they need to built a massive threat. We shouldn't have to make any grandstand project. The Space Force doesn't need to rush their space weapon.
17 Oct, 02:12 PM UTC
Michael Grim
@JohnCollins_KP I'd rather have a federal traveling circus group than Space Force...
17 Oct, 02:11 PM UTC
Trumps joke called Space Force. We never needed that Space Farce.
17 Oct, 02:10 PM UTC
Its the Killer!🍀 (Not Horny on Main)
If you are observing the Space Force twitter discourse, its the usual American Political Hackery. Its also outdated because quite a few countries have been working on this for years and lacking a reason to start WW3 too. Fucking Warmongers.
17 Oct, 02:10 PM UTC
@LittleLocalLov1 @jennycohn1 Texas annexing the moon! Texas space force! Texas reigning Hell down on Earth! Texas gerrymandering Mars! The future of Mankind in the Solar System is Texas?Comforting thought. Would China dig it?
17 Oct, 02:08 PM UTC