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Scott Dworkin
Jim Cramer said “Crazy Nancy,” while interviewing Speaker Pelosi. Cramer should be fired for spreading Trump propaganda.
15 Sep, 03:46 PM UTC
Tony Schwartz
Trump has decimated civility and dragged all of us down with him. Example: CNBC's awful Jim Cramer calls Speaker Pelosi "Crazy Nancy" to her face, as if that's ok to say to the Speaker of the House.
15 Sep, 03:44 PM UTC
Congresswoman Debbie Lesko
While @realDonaldTrump has taken historic steps to bring peace & stabilization in the Middle East, Speaker Pelosi writes them off as a “distraction” while her party holds up relief bills to help Americans. It’s incredible just how far House Dems will go to attack the President.
14 Sep, 11:49 PM UTC
Jim Cramer
Did anyone bother to listen to the whole interview? It was about how horrendous it is that the president calls Speaker Pelosi Crazy Nancy. It is so unfortunate and ill-advised. The people criticizing me must not have realized the point! NEVER should she be called that
15 Sep, 04:29 PM UTC
Lindy Li
I’m sorry but this is so f’ing disrespectful Jim Cramer just called Speaker Pelosi “Crazy Nancy” Trump’s misogyny is infecting all of America. Pass it on. #PedoTrump @lindyli's photo on Speaker Pelosi
15 Sep, 05:09 PM UTC
WTFGOP? #BidenHarris2020
Jim Cramer is a damned disgrace but just got his ass handed to him by Speaker Pelosi. That clown should be drug tested & fired.
15 Sep, 03:44 PM UTC
Jim Hoft
"Crazy Nancy": Jim Cramer Goes There, Insults Speaker Pelosi to Her Face During CNBC Interview @KristinnFR via @gatewaypundit @gatewaypundit on Speaker Pelosi">https://t.co/7EgqEjYYC4
15 Sep, 04:25 PM UTC
Woke Ugandan Knuckles
@funder Jim Cramer said “Crazy Nancy,” while interviewing Speaker Pelosi. Cramer should be fired for spreading Trump propaganda.
15 Sep, 03:47 PM UTC
Rob Melrose
@jimcramer I am surprised that you have not been fired by @CNBC Yes, I watched. I watched Speaker Pelosi say "you just did"
15 Sep, 04:54 PM UTC
Howard ✡
Isn't @JimCramer the guy who'd go on TV, scream and break toys and pretend it was financial advice? The guy so stark raving mad they literally lampooned him in the Iron Man movie? That's the guy who called Speaker Pelosi "crazy"? Okay then.....
15 Sep, 05:32 PM UTC
Fire Jim Cramer ASAP. A rabid lunatic has no place in civil discourse. CNBC needs to clean up that filthy mess called jim cramer so we are not subjected to disrespectful partisan buffoonery towards an intelligent, esteemed leader like Madam Speaker Pelosi. #firejimcramer https://t.co/vXhf2xWc2K
15 Sep, 05:15 PM UTC
@joanwalsh Cramer intentionally insulted Speaker Pelosi and Cramer intentionally withheld an apology Cancel misogynistic culture @cnbc
15 Sep, 05:05 PM UTC
Ben Owen
"Crazy Nancy": Jim Cramer Goes There, Insults Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Her Face During a CNBC Interview https://t.co/vGYSlT6WY3
15 Sep, 05:20 PM UTC
Purnell E. Johnson, Sr., JD
@GovMikeHuckabee @realDonaldTrump While peace agreement signings are underway at the Whitehouse, House Speaker Pelosi is at the same time trying her best to scuttle the deal. She is a disgrace to that office and the United States.
15 Sep, 04:53 PM UTC
Pat Fuller #NastyWoman #WearAMask #BLM
Speaker Pelosi calls for investigation of DHS! Yes! https://t.co/Pgl51iYkeq
15 Sep, 05:44 PM UTC
Robyn: I am an Independent for @JoeBiden.
@jimcramer Speaker Pelosi and I understood you Mr. Cramer. I call you "Yelling Man"😁. You are the best in business news, and I can hear you🤗
15 Sep, 05:45 PM UTC
🖤 Beyond Defiant 🖤
@funder Enough of this Fake Financial TV Guru who obviously does not care about OUR Democracy. Disrespecting Speaker Pelosi using trump tactics should be grounds for dismissal at @CNBC I am sure Fox will welcome him with open arms. #FireCramer
15 Sep, 05:44 PM UTC
@joanwalsh @SpeakerPelosi @CNBC Let’s remember that this arrogant know it all dude never predicted the 2008 economic crash. Speaker Pelosi has class. Cramer doesn’t!
15 Sep, 05:44 PM UTC
@jimcramer I watched it. And you are a jerk. Speaker Pelosi deserves a real apology.
15 Sep, 05:43 PM UTC

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