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Futon Couch
Missy Higgins
Pray For Me
The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar
Lindiwe Mazibuko
Very smart decision by @EFFSouthAfrica to keep their no-confidence motion. This means @Julius_S_Malema will be the opening and closing speaker - effectively leading the debate. #ANCCaucus
14 Feb, 10:55 AM UTC
HTC_Lauren Ch
Searching for my Valentine @HTC_Speaker like...😍😍 Happy Valentines Day, hope Cupid hits you with one of his arrows! 😘❤️ @TexansCheer HTC_Lauren Ch's photo on Speaker
14 Feb, 04:20 PM UTC
HTC_Mallory M
Roses 🌹 are {battle} red Violets are {deep steel} blue To ALLLL my 32,000 followers... I LOOOOOVE YOU 🌹💋🌹 Happy Valentine's Day y'all! Be kind and spread love ❤️ @HTC_Speaker @TexansCheer https://t.co/qGA0LqoIUw
14 Feb, 08:03 PM UTC
Happy Valentines Day to the best fans in the world! Spread the love today! ❌⭕️💋 #BabesOnParade @TexansCheer @HTC_Speaker HTC_Hannah's photo on Speaker
14 Feb, 09:05 PM UTC
Sending Love to all of my amazing followers! 💕❤️💕💋Thanks for making me feel so special! Love you all! @TexansCheer @HTC_Speaker HTC_Brittini's photo on Speaker
14 Feb, 07:53 PM UTC
Happy Valentine’s Day to the best valentines in the world aka : YOU guys!! Thank you for all the love & support y’all give @TexansCheer 💞 y’all ROCKKKKKKK!!!!! @TexansCheer @HTC_Speaker HTC_Anakaren's photo on Speaker
14 Feb, 11:06 PM UTC
Ajit Ranade
you are an MLA. police file charge of corruption. but can't prosecute. since permission required. from Speaker of Assembly. court dismisses. case closed. perks of MP/MLAs. Ajit Ranade's photo on Speaker
15 Feb, 02:53 AM UTC
My 3yo said she wanted to be an astronaut, and I said she had to study hard, go to college, learn a lot of science, and take a physical fitness test, and she shrugged and said, "That's just 4 things." So she's basically a nonchalant motivational speaker.
15 Feb, 03:29 AM UTC
Haikal Hassan Baras
Emang ada partai yg usul untuk : Awasi khutbah? Stop speaker adzan? Menentang RUUP agama? Legalkan LGBT? Izinkan Miras? Ah gak bakal ada partai begitu disini. Mau mati apa?
15 Feb, 04:14 AM UTC
WA Democrats
Speaker @PRyan is so devoted to @cathymcmorris that he sent his Super PAC to Spokane to set up an office and funnel millions of dollars to defend her seat. No commitment issues here! Happy #ValentinesDay, Cathy! WA Democrats's photo on Speaker
14 Feb, 07:56 PM UTC
#Auspol #QT #LNP & IPA speaker Smith may think they are very smart running protection for Barny what they don't realise is that they're making it blatently obvious that there is so much to hide. Keep digging that hole #LNP.
15 Feb, 03:48 AM UTC
"It is the defining moment for this speaker," said Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C. https://t.co/V1rJT8c8oK
15 Feb, 12:05 AM UTC
Bang & Olufsen
The @GardensbytheBay “Dahlia Dreams” floral display at Flower Dome in Singapore showcasing BeoSound Shape (and the new Auspicious Red fabric cover). Featuring unique speaker installations amongst the colourful flower and dragons of the exhibition → https://t.co/rVb08LU7oo https://t.co/SHfxy288bP
14 Feb, 11:46 AM UTC
Philips Sound
We bring the best out of music to you. #PhilipsWirefreeGifts Buy now : https://t.co/IcPLkdbfOV Philips Sound's photo on Speaker
14 Feb, 09:43 AM UTC
JBL's voice-enabled Link 20 is the anti-Alexa speaker you should hear https://t.co/PCaMNSLZlC CNET's photo on Speaker
15 Feb, 05:15 AM UTC
Can't wait for #SONA2018 on Friday "Point of order Madam Speaker we can't be addressed by a murderer" 😂😂 #RememberMarikana #ZumaResigns #ZumaHasFallen Bokang's photo on Speaker
15 Feb, 05:44 AM UTC
Our first speaker @JakkieCilliers sharing insights relating to his futures forecasts, unpacking tools used @theCFCR #KAS @SPLStellenbosch #BreakfastDiscussion2018 CFCR's photo on Speaker
15 Feb, 05:57 AM UTC
Diaa Hadid ضياء حديد
At the Karachi Literature Festival, people tuck sensitive issues into humour and plays as it becomes harder to speak freely in Pakistan, like this: "In a country which is infamous for missing persons...we have a missing speaker" Have a listen or a read: https://t.co/QWGqiQikzy
15 Feb, 05:45 AM UTC
Can robots, microwaves & spot-spraying be used with confidence to combat weeds? @QUT Dr Chris McCool is our guest speaker at #SPAAexpo18 to tell us all about this exciting tech 4 ag See him next Fri (23rd Feb) in Narrabri at our FREE #PA w/s RSVP now @NorthWestLLS @CottonInfoAust https://t.co/6VKcPeb71e
15 Feb, 03:08 AM UTC
University of Mobile
Mobile County Assistant District Attorney and University of Mobile Alumni Jessica Catlin will be the featured speaker at RamLegacy, a new initiative to support and encourage first-generation-to-college students. #BeKnown https://t.co/yAiFC77brx
15 Feb, 12:49 AM UTC
#AMLive 104-107fm 📻
Election of new President is now expected to take place during the Special Sitting this afternoon. Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng has told the National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete that he will not be available tomorrow to preside over the election of the president. #AMLive
15 Feb, 05:53 AM UTC
Gwen Ngwenya
@Couch_Krit Court didn't rule on a secret ballot and left it to the speaker. It affirmed the caucus's right to vote with their conscious. The DA has constantly reassured the caucus there would be no reprisal. So as between the DA and the court there was as they say 'a meeting of the minds'.
15 Feb, 05:39 AM UTC
the common man feels cheated when he sees ministers with disproportionate assets. Speaker does not grant... https://t.co/wC0GG0QHMs
15 Feb, 05:50 AM UTC
My mom just paid 200 for Rosetta Stone and i accidentally chose the English speaker learning Spanish...
15 Feb, 06:02 AM UTC
Aarohi Khanna
#Apple keeps slim profit margin on #HomePad #speaker, which cost $216 to build #AppleMusic #speakers #SteveJobs #TimCook https://t.co/Xuw2thKmez
15 Feb, 05:58 AM UTC
RogueWolf: [TARGETED] $20 off $80 Spend (Google Home Smart Speaker $107+ Shipping) @ Catch https://t.co/H4RurlUeV9
15 Feb, 06:03 AM UTC
Engineering Report
In recognition of Black History Month, Prairie State College (PSC) is hosting a special guest speaker, Dr. David Stovall of the University of Illinois at Chicago. #BlackHistory https://t.co/Dh2WGJ0Kra
15 Feb, 06:03 AM UTC
Uma just synced her phone to our downstairs neighbors bluetooh speaker and started playing music SO LOUD
15 Feb, 06:03 AM UTC
Amy C. Waninger
New job? Download my complimentary workbook to move from panic to purpose! https://t.co/NvSW1JpI2m Amy C. Waninger's photo on Speaker
15 Feb, 06:03 AM UTC
Ian "Chiang 2018" Monroe 🏙 🚈
@pausetheprocess Attacking the guy who is likely the Assembly speaker for the next 6 years is a long game that I don't understand.
15 Feb, 06:02 AM UTC
DT Next
The first and immediate challenge is the verdict in the appeal by 18 MLAs supporting #RKNagar legislator #TTVDinakaran against their disqualification by Speaker P Dhanapal. https://t.co/5YuQz6NHzN #AIADMK #EdappadiPalaniswami #OPanneerselvam
15 Feb, 06:02 AM UTC
Dee SuSu
It can only get better with our awesome collections for you. Portable Bluetoot... Hurry up before with run out. https://t.co/Dmppxfocxm
15 Feb, 06:02 AM UTC
15 Feb, 06:02 AM UTC
SSOW Exclusive speaker's presentation from 2017. Click to view: https://t.co/Hzs3OFzcv3 #SSOWMalaysia
15 Feb, 06:02 AM UTC
Galaxy S9は「アニ文字」っぽいことができる? しかも本家を超えるらしい: Galaxy S9/S9+にステレオスピーカーと「3D絵文字」なるものが搭載されるそうです。Animojiより進化してるとか。 https://t.co/wiqfVMY9sK #news
15 Feb, 06:02 AM UTC
The HomePod does seem to have one thing going for it, though. I haven’t heard it myself, but the HomePod supposedly has the best sound out of any other smart speaker. I’m happy with my GoogleHome. It reminds me of my daily schedule and occasionally some interesting news update.
15 Feb, 06:02 AM UTC
Jeff Yalden
Teen Mental Health Speaker Jeff Yalden helps schools & communities on Mental Health Awareness. https://t.co/5YiOdyC5rk Jeff Yalden's photo on Speaker
15 Feb, 06:01 AM UTC
#ZumaHasFallen "SONA2018 "point of order madam speaker we can't be addressed by a murder " SkatanaSaVaal🇿🇦's photo on Speaker
15 Feb, 06:01 AM UTC
Nattinee B.
@DarrylDaugherty As a native speaker, I don't​ think the word Farang Thai used to call foreigners is in itself derogative. A plain word.
15 Feb, 06:01 AM UTC
Q2V Events
Fast Company HomePod’s Frequency Response Is “Flat,” And That’s Not a A Bad Thing - Apple’s new device isn’t as unbiased as some high-end audiophile gear, but it’s pretty damn good for a sub-$500 smart speaker. The last of a three-part series of revie... https://t.co/wYkQa4Vj8k
15 Feb, 06:01 AM UTC
Apple's new speaker making an unwelcome mark in some homes - https://t.co/SK7YRFOItq https://t.co/SjEu0W33Kd
15 Feb, 06:01 AM UTC
Lapaloop Web Radio
Listen I Give You Power - Broken Speaker Mix by Arcade Fire, Mavis Staples and much more on https://t.co/BAttQRtqEw
15 Feb, 06:01 AM UTC
De Lille says she won in court but the judge didn't outrightly say this.Speaker will decide using his discretion.Poloticians! *juju's voice*
15 Feb, 06:01 AM UTC
Breaking News - Amazon Alexa ad 'triggered cat food order' - Amazon has been cleared by the advertising watchdog after a television ad for its Echo Dot smart speaker activated a viewer’s device and placed an order for cat food. Read more at Sky News https://t.co/MiVnsntprt
15 Feb, 06:01 AM UTC
ORL Ιατρική Medicine
Jump Girl: The Initiation and Art of a Spirit Speaker--A Memoir https://t.co/bMZtVkCOnP
15 Feb, 06:00 AM UTC
Apple's new $350 'HomePod' smart speaker is available to buy right now — here are 7 things you should know before buying it https://t.co/bXNid9e4or
15 Feb, 06:00 AM UTC
Moving Ahead
‘A #mentor is a second pantry, full of fresh ingredients.’ What is our speaker @kirkvallis talking about? Find out: https://t.co/QqnXZt8abT Moving Ahead's photo on Speaker
15 Feb, 06:00 AM UTC
Women Ahead
‘A #mentor is a second pantry, full of fresh ingredients.’ What is our speaker @kirkvallis talking about? Find out: https://t.co/InuWkJYHoj Women Ahead's photo on Speaker
15 Feb, 06:00 AM UTC
SSOW Exclusive speaker's presentation from 2017. Click to view: https://t.co/rtpMhCJjCw #SSOWMalaysia
15 Feb, 06:00 AM UTC
Kevin Hemp
@CNNPolitics Then Mr. Speaker get off your dead ass and do something about it
15 Feb, 06:00 AM UTC
Shared Services Week
SSOW Exclusive speaker's presentation from 2017. Click to view: https://t.co/OJllGimQ2U #SSOWMalaysia
15 Feb, 06:00 AM UTC
House Speaker Paul Ryan confirms @GOP talking about earmark revival https://t.co/Y4ShCsCwh5 #congress #gop #politics
15 Feb, 06:00 AM UTC
Have you been to a #TurkishWINTalk? Streaming our speaker library is great but seeing them live is even better! https://t.co/FfNGuifc4n
15 Feb, 06:00 AM UTC
Loyalty Valued
Mitch Prinstein, Bestselling Author of "Popular" to be Keynote Speaker at Loyalty Expo - https://t.co/9HUoeyLO8X
15 Feb, 06:00 AM UTC
He añadido un vídeo a una lista de reproducción de @YouTube (https://t.co/LqkUagzq3a - El Speaker - Put Your Love (Azide Remix)
15 Feb, 06:00 AM UTC
GDPR Summit Series
Don't miss this! Join leading industry speaker @ardikolah with our FREE Webinar! 'Creepy or Cool? Should you use ‘legitimate interest’ rather than consent to process personal data?' Register free and join us at 2pm today: https://t.co/wuWj7nYDDE GDPR Summit Series's photo on Speaker
15 Feb, 06:00 AM UTC
Ang ganda nung speaker ng Access ih.💕
15 Feb, 05:59 AM UTC
Speaker Agency
Çin ekonomisi üzerine global bir otorite olan iktisatçı, televizyon programcısı ve yazar Konuşmacımız Linda Yueh'in ilham veren konuşmalarıyla dünyanın en büyük ikinci ekonomisinin sırlarını keşfetmeye ne dersiniz? https://t.co/gs5jbSaqUc Speaker Agency's photo on Speaker
15 Feb, 05:59 AM UTC
@rlthingy Speaker bluetooth woeeee
15 Feb, 05:59 AM UTC
dan ternyata nyetel lagu tuh beneran lebih enak dari speaker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15 Feb, 05:59 AM UTC
Mojo Guitar Player
See the #GreenParty and other #Homeless Advocates Powerful Testimony at the #Sacramento City Council. Thank You for speaking up. Be sure to watch the last speaker. https://t.co/eBk1nYMa0j
15 Feb, 05:58 AM UTC
Tolong review speaker bluetooth roker dong aa, pengen tau kualitas suaranya dibandingkan dengan… https://t.co/nVKSxZoZXI
15 Feb, 05:58 AM UTC
Kavya Seetala
UE Boom 2 Bluetooth Speaker Giveaway! @realsoundguys https://t.co/RXWa8Mgx5E
15 Feb, 05:58 AM UTC
Check out New iHome iP11BV Portable Speaker System for iPhone/iPod, Black #iHome https://t.co/eiBv16nxDt via @eBay
15 Feb, 05:58 AM UTC
Social Cryptocurrency Popularity Index - #bitcoin #litecoin #etherium #dogecoin #Reddcoin #dashcoin https://t.co/kzMVswiAh9 #cloudstorage
15 Feb, 05:57 AM UTC

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