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Ash Sarkar
If Keir Starmer cared about racism *at all*, he would not accept a ‘Politician of the Year’ award from The Spectator.
24 Nov, 08:17 AM UTC
Tory Fibs
Sir Keir Starmer has just been awarded “politician of the year” at the Spectator Awards by the Spectator, the UK’s oldest Tory magazine. He received a huge round of applause by Tory MPs and others in attendance. https://t.co/PcE5wCS2TI
23 Nov, 11:58 PM UTC
Steven Swinford
Jeremy Hunt reveals that Boris Johnson’s gold wallpaper was painted over by Liz Truss after it started to peel off He tells Spectator awards: ‘I will be saying to my children scratch over there, there’s gold in them walls’
23 Nov, 10:17 PM UTC
in light of recent news, here are some spectator greatest hits: https://t.co/AFjUVhRoEg
24 Nov, 08:55 AM UTC
Owen Jones
In the Labour party, members are expelled if they've done interviews with a small left-wing magazine called @socialist_app. In fact, they're kicked out if they spoke to the magazine *before it was proscribed*. Yet it hasn't published anything like these Spectator obscenities.
24 Nov, 01:03 PM UTC
Damien Willey 🔴
Judge people by the company they keep: Keir Starmer, the lone 'Labour' figure in the middle of a load of Tory MP's, having been handed an award by the Spectator, one of the most right wing mainstream outlets going. Stop deluding yourselves if you think he represents change. https://t.co/kxu0ZQ6ipE
24 Nov, 08:56 AM UTC
John Stevens
Keir Starmer is Politician of the Year at Spectator awards
23 Nov, 10:50 PM UTC
Keir Starmer being awarded “politician of the year” by the Spectator shows you just how far to the right new labour have moved
24 Nov, 08:43 AM UTC
Damian from Brighton
The Spectator is a racist right wing publication. It has just made @Keir_Starmer its politician of the year.
24 Nov, 08:42 AM UTC
Buddy Hell 🥤
The Spectator names Keir Starmer as Politician of the Year. That's says everything about where the Labour Party is heading. Racist mag and racist party.
24 Nov, 08:19 AM UTC
Mannie Quinn
This week, Starmer has: Attended a bash hosted by The Sun Had policy approved by Nigel Farage Watched World Cup match in a hotel suite with BAE arms dealers Won "Politician Of The Year" award by The Spectator, a notoriously right wing conservative publication. He's not "our man".
24 Nov, 11:58 AM UTC
Douglas Murray
“Fifa has scored a spectacular own goal.” My column this week in The ⁦@spectatorhttps://t.co/CCC7abfQfV
23 Nov, 05:48 PM UTC
Andy Churnwell
Accepting the award for Best Politician at The Spectator Awards in person. https://t.co/IXbk2OQ7e4
24 Nov, 08:55 AM UTC
Teri 💙♿️ #RMT
Starmer stood in a sea of Tories wins Politician of the year from the historic right wing Spectator which includes Boris Johnson as an ex editor. Please stop stating Starmer is centre left. He is not. He’s not playing a ‘long game’, he’s showing you clearly what he is, right wing https://t.co/ZY3Vk6vgg9
24 Nov, 10:07 AM UTC
Saul Staniforth
The Spectator ran a story with the headline 'There is not nearly enough Islamophobia within the Tory Party'. Here is Keir Starmer accepting an award from them. https://t.co/koHJVGpDvQ
24 Nov, 10:04 AM UTC
Hate Detector 🔍
A #Muslim businessman attacked by mob in #Dhanbad, #Jharkhand, and police is just a mute spectator and protecting the criminals. https://t.co/woxz4Oqw3j
24 Nov, 06:25 AM UTC
Callum Cant is going on strike
Look, we all know that Starmer has done the establishment a favour by dismantling the democratic alternative to the capitalist consensus, but the Spectator giving him a shiny award for it is a bit on the nose https://t.co/KdVR3i8nwU
24 Nov, 08:15 AM UTC
Matt Thomas
Keir Starmer is the Murdoch-approved, Spectator-awarded candidate for PM. He's basically a much shorter version of Jacob Rees-Mogg. https://t.co/3uyBm7lAKO
24 Nov, 04:55 AM UTC
Helen the Zen 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 💙
In winning The Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year award Starmer follows in the footsteps of Johnson (2020) and Rees-Mogg (2021), so safe to say he’ll be a backbencher soon.
24 Nov, 12:57 PM UTC
OutsiderSue 💛🌤
Keir Starmer has received the Spectator magazine’s Politician of the Year award. He was cheered on by Tory MPs in attendance. The leader of the party founded to represent the workers. 🤔🤷‍♂️
24 Nov, 08:48 AM UTC
jingle 𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗔🎄
When you win politician of the year at the spectator awards https://t.co/kh9fGuusMW
24 Nov, 03:05 PM UTC
La línea roja: se revelan las conversaciones secretas de Biden y Xi sobre Ucrania Entonces, según The Spectator, Biden y Xi están negociando en secreto sobre el conflicto Rusia-Ucrania. https://t.co/2Nr0p0uggo
24 Nov, 10:17 AM UTC
Sam Ashworth-Hayes
As the Conservative backbenches revolt over the idea that young people might be able to afford homes at some point in their lives, why not read my latest cheerful piece on Old Britain's war on the new, and the Tories Faustian pact? https://t.co/Cz68DnHQ6Q https://t.co/cM6VA5lZpE
23 Nov, 06:04 PM UTC
Citizen M
@johnestevens @Keir_Starmer 'is leading a Lawless Party'. @OborneTweets The @spectator might want to look in to it. #LabourFiles 👁👁 https://t.co/j99SA2spdC
24 Nov, 09:45 AM UTC
When the @spectator offers a Labour politician an award, in this case Keir Starmer, it tells you everything you need to know about the establishment’s pleasure of having the party firmly back under their control & the shift to the right the party has taken. https://t.co/5f2qCXDJFl
24 Nov, 01:13 PM UTC
The Spectator
Rishi Sunak collected ‘Comeback of the Year’ and told the crowd ‘I must dedicate this award to my friends, my family and of course – the UK bond markets.’ ✍️ Steerpike https://t.co/EEqXovKbcE
24 Nov, 07:17 AM UTC
Beer & Sandwiches 4 All #PAL #Republic #Itwasascam
Clean sweep for Tories at the Spectator award ceremony. Sir Keir wins best Tory award. https://t.co/7UdzUc18hu
24 Nov, 09:26 AM UTC
@NixJPayne @MrHarryCole From the @spectator ! @FraserNelson who voted for him for Christ sake?!
23 Nov, 11:46 PM UTC
Toby Young
“I’m both a hypochondriac and blessed with super-human health, which is an odd combination. Or perhaps it isn’t. Hypochondriacs are, by definition, healthy, so only those who are never ill can ever hope to become world-class health neurotics.” https://t.co/dbRwI5ZM8K
24 Nov, 03:49 PM UTC
Area Man
Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott win Spectator awards: this is absolutely fine Keir Starmer wins a Spectator award: this man is literally a fascist
24 Nov, 03:32 PM UTC