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Piyush Goyal
The much awaited Vande Bharat Express is all set for its maiden journey on 15th Feb. All are welcome to witness its speed and record its inaugural run between New Delhi and Varanasi. Piyush Goyal's photo on SPEED
11 Feb, 04:25 AM UTC
taran adarsh
#Manikarnika picked up speed on [third] Sat and Sun... Steady trending... [Week 3] Fri 1.25 cr, Sat 2.65 cr, Sun 3.25 cr. Total: ₹ 91.70 cr. India biz. #Manikarnika biz at a glance... Week 1: ₹ 61.15 cr Week 2: ₹ 23.40 cr Weekend 3: ₹ 7.15 cr Total: ₹ 91.70 cr India biz.
11 Feb, 06:19 AM UTC
DK McDonald
RECRUITS: If you are trying to decide between running track or not: RUN TRACK!!! #Speed
10 Feb, 06:43 PM UTC
DAILY SONIC FACT #41 Yuji Naka stated in an interview that sonic needs 8 hours of sleep or otherwise, it would affect his speed. Kidder's photo on SPEED
10 Feb, 03:02 PM UTC
Trae Young
❄️Gods Speed... #Patience🔑
11 Feb, 03:22 AM UTC
desativa sururu
o único defeito da rihanna foi ter feito drake acontecer
11 Feb, 02:51 AM UTC
Like it or not, but elections are around the corner & Piyush Goyal's train video in 2x speed is a timely reminder that the #GujaratModel of development still exists.
11 Feb, 05:14 AM UTC
The Nobel Prize
Tu Youyou (pictured right) discovered a substance called artemisinin, which can be used to treat malaria. Tu not only found a way to extract artemisinin from a traditional Chinese medicine, she also tested the new drug on herself to speed up development. #WomenInScience The Nobel Prize's photo on SPEED
11 Feb, 12:04 AM UTC
World Surf League
"Some say Backdoor is a glorified close out, which makes it so damn exciting 😛. This clip shows how you can pump in the barrel to really gain momentum and speed." - @ShaneBeschen Video by @LieberFilms World Surf League's photo on SPEED
10 Feb, 11:13 PM UTC
Save The Soil
Finally... Driver of @PiyushGoyal 's 5x High Speed Train Spotted... 😁😁😁 Save The Soil's photo on SPEED
11 Feb, 05:25 AM UTC
Speed of the train increased by increasing speed of the video by 2x. Photoshop se Final Cut Pro tak... Bolo bhaiyon vikaas hua ki nahi 😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/qfKBEuIo5S
10 Feb, 03:40 PM UTC
Dr. Guendouzi
The FG under Buhari has also approved the purchase of scanners to speed up inspection and reduce congestion.. What did PDP do in 16 years with the billions they made from the port? Dr. Guendouzi's photo on SPEED
10 Feb, 06:33 PM UTC
Jeremy Vine On 5
Is it time to scrap HS2? With costs spiralling, ministers are reportedly planning to pull the plug on the multi-billion pound high speed railway line that would link London, the Midlands and the north-west of England. Would scrapping it now be sensible or just more of a waste?
10 Feb, 05:05 PM UTC
Rishabh Baranwal
@VishalDadlani This is what he did:- ☭ Comrade Dostam ☭ (@dostam_comrade) Tweeted: Thanks to @PiyushGoyal jee , Even bullock cart speed risen up under Modi Government 😍🙏 https://t.co/NbpPn2Bhb1Rishabh Baranwal's photo on SPEED
10 Feb, 04:17 PM UTC
Anja | YuzuJavi❤️bot
@hopeIegacy Data man measured that his Sochi 4T length was 3.72m,,, I can't wait to see Ice scope on that 3A tbh... and I'm sure he's also geeking out about it himself tbh! I wish someone could measure his LGC axels, I feel like those were especially insane bc of the crazy speed T___T Anja | YuzuJavi❤️bot's photo on SPEED
11 Feb, 10:31 AM UTC
The semi-high speed train is scheduled to be flagged off by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on February 15. https://t.co/R1MJaNJcpu
11 Feb, 02:06 PM UTC
Mamta Sharma
This tym everyone is doing well no one using emoji pic videos gif Only thing we need is to get increase our speed #CastJenShadTogether
11 Feb, 12:52 PM UTC
Wow....we r trending at 13 ....but we have to increase the speed to be at no.1 #CastJenShadTogether 🅗🅐🅡🅢🅗🅐🅓🅒🅗🅞🅟🅓🅐⭐🅚🅐🅘🅝🅐🅣's photo on SPEED
11 Feb, 02:03 PM UTC
Fair gaming to the world with PeerPlays coin (PPY)! Today PPY is listed on Exrates. Peerplays brings speed, transparency, and security to the global gaming industry. To support fair play, buy PPY for BTC, ETH and USD. @Peerplays #cryptocurrency #exchange $PPY #exratesme Exrates.me's photo on SPEED
11 Feb, 12:57 PM UTC
Vinit Mathur
@khushsundar Ma'am, it's not the speed that matters, it's the associated technology and features. This is at par with international standards. We should be proud of it, that India has demonstrated technical crediblity in passenger rail transport.
10 Feb, 11:21 PM UTC
Adiya Pooja
Trending in Tweeplers wont do We need to Trend All india at No 1 spot The number of tweets increased plz increase the speed #CastJenShadTogether
11 Feb, 02:15 PM UTC
Tim James
#AlexFraser NB has been plowed, but still slick. 50km/h average speed. #DeltaBC Tim James's photo on SPEED
11 Feb, 01:50 PM UTC
Zone3 Triathlon
We created RX3 to speed up recovery & increase power output by increasing femoral vein blood flow up to 138% through a graduation of compression of 18mmHg at the ankle & 8mmHg at the thigh. Read our latest blog for the science behind RX3: https://t.co/sVFpRXIA4z 💪 #Zone3Facts Zone3 Triathlon's photo on SPEED
10 Feb, 04:27 PM UTC
Ravi Meena
#IMD_SA_JOINING_IN_FEB #IMD_SA_JOINING_IN_FEB @narendramodi @PMOIndia @moesgoi @drharshvardhan @rajeevan61 @Indiametdept @IMDWeather please sir Speed up the our joining Process.
11 Feb, 12:12 PM UTC
Meenakshi ❤
Guys please speed up #CastJenshadTogether
11 Feb, 02:14 PM UTC
Did you know that you can drive around in classic cars for FREE at our event each year? The @hagertyclassiccars ride and drive is a fan favourite 👍👍 #cde #cobblebeach #cobblebeachconours #concours #car #cars #carsandcoffee #supercar #supercars #speed… https://t.co/cPSVilLOiv CobbleBeachConcours's photo on SPEED
10 Feb, 06:35 PM UTC
Two Flames
@paulbullen @decolover61 @guardian 'that's an incorrect use of the word mansplaining' dude you just went warp speed into meta.. Two Flames's photo on SPEED
11 Feb, 01:08 PM UTC
Reynali Quimora
@marileshernand1 @zcellovemiho @kairamae_12 @LiscanoBinladan @realmihonishida Yes bhe @marileshernand1 ... Silently waiting for announcement regarding her business venture with "Frontrow".… And of course, will support her again. Love talagà eh. God speed.
11 Feb, 01:54 PM UTC
@ACTBroadbandIn Internet very slow. Getting speed in KBs. It should be 75 MBPS as promised. Also my mobile shows a speed of 915kb/s while website is showing 35 Mbps. Guess they made some tunning??? @UfterYou @ACTFibernet . Raja's photo on SPEED
11 Feb, 04:01 AM UTC
Willem Baartman
My podcast channel: Relevant podcasts. Listen to "Let's get up to speed with EV, Renewables and Disruptive tech coming our way." by Relevant podcasts ⚓ https://t.co/MsWEKU7rd5
11 Feb, 02:11 PM UTC
Sky News
Confused? Get up to speed on the issues dominating Brexit with Sky's #BrexitForensics https://t.co/iAiGhJV0jF
11 Feb, 02:15 PM UTC
The Real Brian Piercy
How to speed up @nodejs matrix math with Math.js 🌠 https://t.co/xXmbFc3Dhu #javascript #MachineLearning by @starnodejs https://t.co/hOQIxYuQR0
11 Feb, 02:09 PM UTC
DriveBC LM
⚠️ Please remember to fully clean the snow off your car before you start driving. ⚠️ ⚠️ In SNOW, dusk, fog, or rain turn on headlights and tail lights ⚠️ ⚠️ Please slow down and drive to conditions, posted speed limits are for ideal road conditions ⚠️ https://t.co/W5JBecZOd5
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
Michigan Engineering
"Instantaneous crowdsourcing" could push #driverless cars toward widespread adoption. https://t.co/uKpO0v6EjP Michigan Engineering's photo on SPEED
11 Feb, 02:02 PM UTC
Maitrayee Jana
Our HT is trending in mumbai. Please guys increases ur speed. #CastJenshadTogether Maitrayee Jana's photo on SPEED
11 Feb, 02:16 PM UTC
The Port Jefferson Branch is operating on or close to schedule. However, a broken crossing gate near New Hyde Park may cause delays of 5-10 minutes as trains proceed through the area at reduced speed.
11 Feb, 02:16 PM UTC
Communicate PLC
How we connect a #Business #Park to our high speed #Internet services. Like to know more, please get in touch enquiries@communicateplc.com #BuildingConnectivity https://t.co/DDbx5ONgGO
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
May 10
When I turn it on, the driver that I’m trying to cut infront always speed up so... I just surprise em https://t.co/CY4kQ8ylul
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
Sid Tam
Well, it's definitely fast... Indian minister posts speeded-up footage of new fast train https://t.co/lT3s9tsEcO
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
@iwashi_speed @cc33turkey ミサイルの燃料切れまで飛び回るとか…宇宙広いし… 誘導弾相手は普通にミサイルかレーザー迎撃しかないかもなあ
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
Christie Finn
@jonaa369 Men are born with DNA that causes males to develop greater speed and strength than women at the same age are provided through female DNA. Transgender males to females have no right to compete w/ females in events specifically for females. Males have a biological advantage.
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
Big Data Batman
6 ways to future-proof universities: Getting up to speed with Batman, roping in philosopher students into tech re… https://t.co/xFXiXHZFbX
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
Daytona Beach Mom
This is the speed every child wakes up on Monday. #DAYTONA500 #MondayMood https://t.co/vB7FWxNHQO
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
Faut que j'me speed en plus j'dois aller à l'école pour 16h30 j'me souviens même plus de la route....
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
@numaEunHye @Nyangeum @MikiMoMo0209 見てない( ゚艸゚;)
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
Truck & Plant Online
MERCEDES RECOVERY TRUCK https://t.co/4TVLTTbc5G 7.5 TON, 6 SPEED GEARBOX, TESTED UNTIL MAY 2019, Truck & Plant Online's photo on SPEED
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
Truck Plant Spares
MERCEDES RECOVERY TRUCK https://t.co/t8AmGo5XER 7.5 TON, 6 SPEED GEARBOX, TESTED UNTIL MAY 2019, Truck Plant Spares's photo on SPEED
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
Red River
Is2g Lightning's casting speed as a medic is so fucking slow
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
Truck Trailer Online
MERCEDES RECOVERY TRUCK https://t.co/dj4OVxEym9 7.5 TON, 6 SPEED GEARBOX, TESTED UNTIL MAY 2019, Truck Trailer Online's photo on SPEED
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
Municipal Vehicles
MERCEDES RECOVERY TRUCK https://t.co/oaHGtTV6yj 7.5 TON, 6 SPEED GEARBOX, TESTED UNTIL MAY 2019, Municipal Vehicles's photo on SPEED
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
Merc Trucks Online
MERCEDES RECOVERY TRUCK https://t.co/MU33WlL7ED 7.5 TON, 6 SPEED GEARBOX, TESTED UNTIL MAY 2019, Merc Trucks Online's photo on SPEED
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
John Bouldry
@jheath I was thinking about adding speed enforcement cameras to Lakeshore Drive--I'm pretty sure it's not the 75mph thoroughfare some folks think it is. What do you say?
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
Hillas Truck Sales
MERCEDES RECOVERY TRUCK https://t.co/P0DyG368ba 7.5 TON, 6 SPEED GEARBOX, TESTED UNTIL MAY 2019, Hillas Truck Sales's photo on SPEED
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
Top 🔟 Anime Shampoos
@ytp4life team red rocket jerk off at the speed of light
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
PW Predictions
Lolani will probably go buck wild with sonic speed
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
@mikldpe In the world of Kung Fu, speed defines the winner -Chou
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
sister olivia’s got no fake smile
@jmosdirector they really should speed up the delivery services sksks
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
M. Shahrear Shohag
Top 3 #Benefits of #On_page SEO 1.Increased Traffic 2.Increased site usability 3.Brand Awareness https://t.co/vSA36Y5WdK #WordPress #Technical #SEO #Optimization #SpeedUp #Taemin #mondaythoughts #AIPAC #InternationalDay #Cardi #Aladdin #Israel #China #njnbg #ValentinesDay M. Shahrear Shohag's photo on SPEED
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
@Sekin1981 @davepec88 @bstategames Has anyone seen the tarkov speed hacks? looool
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
@SandraKerr33 Hello again. We are going to contact the Subscriptions team on this matter, but you are welcome to use these contact details simultaneously to speed things along: sundaytimestravel@subscriptionhelpline.co.uk (01293 312214) Thanks
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
@02uey_haru 今は昔・・・かもですが 兄、水樹奈々様と同学年くらいっていう年の離れ方でで speed、藤本美貴、松浦亜弥、あたりがどストライクゾーン オタ気質はしっかり妹が受け継いでおります! デジモン(携帯ゲーム)を私に与えたのも兄です!
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
Wish someone would say this for Howard 23 I need guidance like hell https://t.co/jEAThboVVq
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
Perfect Gentleman
We are building slowly back up to speed here at PGHQ forgive us for some issues as we get all our new systems in place!
11 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
is it smart to duoq with person who is doing speed and been up like 30 hour ?
11 Feb, 02:16 PM UTC
@musou_ares @speed_ethh_kara ウォニョン、ユジン、ミンジュ、ユリ、へユン、キムナヨン♡♡
11 Feb, 02:16 PM UTC
@speed_ethh_kara @Nyangeum @numaEunHye 私は健全
11 Feb, 02:16 PM UTC
Cooler Master UK
@NxthanBntr Hi Nathan, you can pre-order both now :) https://t.co/oLqJ1KorQV and https://t.co/9h7Nm9osjR
11 Feb, 02:16 PM UTC
iain butler
@Andrew_Adonis @jon_bartley Germany has an integrated network of high speed lines. One line trying to be everything to everyone is bound to fail. HS2 is being built on an excessively expensive tunneled route out of London because of the long abandoned Heathrow spur. Time for a properly planned network.
11 Feb, 02:16 PM UTC
Don’t Stop Me Nowの手拍子はちょっと走りがち。ロジャー配置して…’Don’t speed up’言って欲しい。盛り上がるとテンポ速くなりがちだよね。でも本家のライブでもテンポ速くなったりしてたから、盛り上がってて良いことだって事だよね✨
11 Feb, 02:16 PM UTC

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