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Dave Hunziker
Gundy on pregame radio: “If Spencer Sanders gets ultra competitive & loses composure a bit, we can put #16 (Illingworth) in. It’s not a punishment. We have that luxury. Illingworth has played and playedon the road. We could do that, but Spencer has been good with composure. “
21 Nov, 10:57 PM UTC
Barstool Sooners
22 Nov, 01:21 AM UTC
TJ Eckert
Not sure if it means anything, but Spencer Sanders is sitting on a training table (with his helmet) by himself while the rest of the offense talks through things. Gotta wonder if this is the Shane Illingworth show going forward. #Bedlam #OKState
22 Nov, 01:33 AM UTC
Seven Lakes Football
Spencer Sanders pass intercepted David Ugwoegbu return for no gain to the OKSt 20 https://t.co/gKCEYSR6YA
22 Nov, 01:11 AM UTC
Scott Wright
Spencer Sanders standing on the sideline without a helmet right now
22 Nov, 01:39 AM UTC
⭕️ℂ𝕖𝕖𝔻𝕖𝕖 𝔾𝕆𝔸𝕋🧬
No Bookie Slander allowed. Bookie got flagged for doing basically the same thing as Perk when he was clapping directly at Spencer Sanders
22 Nov, 01:46 AM UTC
It’s Shane Illingworth’s team. Spencer Sanders ain’t it.
22 Nov, 01:28 AM UTC
Ronnie Perkins just took Spencer Sanders’ soul on that sack and throw down.
22 Nov, 01:21 AM UTC
Nathan Mccullum
Hate to see that Spencer Sanders got concussion. Dont like to see anyone get injured.
22 Nov, 01:43 AM UTC
Oklahoma State QB Spencer Sanders left Saturday night's game vs. Oklahoma after being sacked in the first quarter. https://t.co/2nxDPRTxjZ @247Sports's photo on Spencer Sanders
22 Nov, 01:52 AM UTC
Hunter Sheppard
Spencer Sanders is way overrated
22 Nov, 01:21 AM UTC
Mike Smart
@CowboyFB @OKTurnpike WE SUCK. So embarrassing. BENCH SPENCER SANDERS
22 Nov, 01:32 AM UTC
Eric, Bam! 🍕❗
Shane Illingworth just became the answer. Period. Spencer Sanders will be in the transfer portal by midnight.
22 Nov, 01:31 AM UTC
Jason Elmquist
Shane Illingworth has more #Bedlam touchdown passes in his career than Spencer Sanders. #OkState with its first TD of the night.
22 Nov, 01:25 AM UTC
Cliff Brunt
Spencer Sanders had words for Ronnie Perkins after Perkins slammed him.
22 Nov, 01:21 AM UTC
Dylan Smith
Get Spencer Sanders out please 😂
22 Nov, 01:20 AM UTC
Oklahoma State 247
#OKState QB Spencer Sanders left Saturday night's game vs. Oklahoma after being sacked in the first quarter. https://t.co/Wa9b1L7Cj6 https://t.co/j4vplLJG4v
22 Nov, 01:54 AM UTC
Parker Thune
let's roll back the tape... all the way back on Sept. 12, I told y'all that Spencer Sanders would be benched in favor of Shane Illingworth at some point in 2020. I'd say that take is aging pretty immaculately. #OKSTvsOU #Bedlam https://t.co/HkD70z9oRM
22 Nov, 01:44 AM UTC
Matt Harris
I love Spencer Sanders and I’ve been a big defender of his, I love his fire... but it might be time. We’ll see.
22 Nov, 01:26 AM UTC
Clay Algeo
Keep spencer sanders on the bench
22 Nov, 01:21 AM UTC
Chris Becker
Spencer Sanders is on the sideline trying to pump energy into the team. They have to get lively and not dejected
22 Nov, 01:53 AM UTC
Ashley 🍝
Spencer Sanders’ goatee is giving off major Joey Fatone vibes. That’s all.
22 Nov, 01:43 AM UTC
Oklahoma State is better without Spencer Sanders honestly
22 Nov, 01:28 AM UTC
Spencer Sanders gets sacked by Ronnie Perkins... https://t.co/ftBkewGKnU
22 Nov, 01:23 AM UTC
Cody Nagel
Shane Illingworth in at QB for #OKState. Spencer Sanders leaves the field after taking a hit.
22 Nov, 01:21 AM UTC
Ben Cihak
Ps when will you OSU stans realize that illingsworth is better than both spencer sanders and chuba lol
22 Nov, 01:42 AM UTC
Jonathan Huskey
.@sportsiren just reporting Chuba Hubbard asked Spencer Sanders "Are you ok?" and Sanders just shook his head. OSU appears to be Shane Illingworth's team moving forward tonight.
22 Nov, 01:41 AM UTC
Sean Mo
Please put Spencer Sanders back in the game coach Gundy!
22 Nov, 01:38 AM UTC
DC Sports Messiah
@kingshaundiz Spencer Sanders is the QB for OK State lol I realize my mistake
22 Nov, 01:29 AM UTC
White Iverson
@JDWWJR Spencer sanders threw for 400yards and 4 touchdowns in their one loss against Texas....
22 Nov, 01:29 AM UTC

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