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This was karma from the spurs series when kawhi got hurt vs the warriors. Sucks to say.
14 Jun, 03:49 AM UTC
NFL Memes
Took down the Miami Heat dynasty. Then he took down the Spurs dynasty. Then he left the country but still took down the Warriors dynasty. You next, @Patriots. @NFL_Memes's photo on Spurs
14 Jun, 03:56 AM UTC
Not Bill Walton
Warriors fans: "YoU OnLy wOn tHe TitlE bEcauSe wE wEre iNjuRed Rockets: Oh. Clippers: Oh. Spurs: Oh. Cavs: Oh.
14 Jun, 04:11 AM UTC
Skip Bayless
Go, Spurs, go.
14 Jun, 03:47 AM UTC
2015: Kyrie/love get hurt, people cheer warriors as Gods 2017: Kawhi gets hurt when spurs have em down 30 in GS & warriors win series, people cheer warriors as Gods 2018: Chris Paul gets hurt as warriors are on edge of elimination, ppl cheer warriors as Gods 2019: Warrior fans @TommyG's photo on Spurs
14 Jun, 04:16 AM UTC
SLAM Rewind
Kawhi went to the Spurs’ superhero Halloween party as ”Kawhi Leonard, Superhero” 😂 @SLAMRewind's photo on Spurs
14 Jun, 04:10 AM UTC
The Spectator Index
NBA titles. Celtics: 17 Lakers: 16 Bulls: 6 Warriors: 6 Spurs: 5 76ers: 3 Pistons: 3 Heat: 3 Knicks: 2 Rockets: 2 Hawks: 1 Supersonics: 1 Cavaliers: 1 Trail Blazers: 1 Bucks: 1 Mavericks: 1 Bullets: 1 Kings: 1 Raptors: 1
14 Jun, 03:53 AM UTC
NBA - Jordi de Mas
Hay un nuevo rey en la NBA. 2014: Miami podía conseguir el Three-Peat, pero unos Spurs con un Leonard como MVP de las finales lo evitaron 2019: Warriors podía conseguir el Three-Peat, pero unos Raptors con un Kawhi Leonard como MVP de las finales lo evitaron Foto: @BR_NBA https://t.co/ajSKxNFpXz
14 Jun, 04:27 AM UTC
Julien Müller
Les Spurs de Popovich n'ont jamais réussi le Back To Back. Les Lakers de Kobe (2009-10), le Heat de LeBron et les Warriors de Curry n'ont pas finalisé le Three-Peat. C'est là que tu mesures la puissance des deux triplés des Bulls de Jordan. DEUX FOIS PUTAIN
14 Jun, 04:15 AM UTC
Matip was one of the best players on the pitch against Spurs... And those two passes to Robertson and Origi (that one especially) were sublime. @Kloppholic's photo on Spurs
14 Jun, 09:53 AM UTC
Fernando Arreaza Ortega
Los #Raptors Campeones de la #NBAFinals. Por primera vez logran el título en la #NBA. Kawhi Leonard vuelve a hacerlo, como una vez con #Spurs #MVP. Toronto ganó 3 juegos en GS, como para no dejar dudas. Pareciera que el ciclo de dominio de los #Warriors llega a su conclusión.
14 Jun, 03:50 AM UTC
Ronan Murphy
Solskjaer at Man Utd, Lampard at Chelsea? Can’t wait to see Robbie Keane back at Wolves/Coventry/Inter/Leeds/Spurs/Liverpool/Celtic/West Ham/Galaxy/Villa...
14 Jun, 07:26 AM UTC
Antibasketix III
Parker à la retraite Kawhi champion et MVP Les fans des Spurs en suicide watch
14 Jun, 09:00 AM UTC
Landry Locker
#Warriors 2015: No Kyrie and Love 2016: L 2017: Kawhi hurt in Game 1 on dirty play with Spurs up 20 2018: CP3 hurt in Game 5 with 3-2 lead 2019: Taste of everyone else’s medicine
14 Jun, 02:58 AM UTC
Alfredo Flores 🇲🇽
NBA: Los dos anillos de NBA que tiene Kawhi Leonard: 📌Contra Heat de LeBron y Warriors de Curry 📌Destructor del “three-peat” de Heat y Warriors 📌Ambos títulos de visitante 📌Campeón Spurs (2014) y Raptors (2019) 📌Próximo torneo es una incógnita https://t.co/H5CGiFlKz0
14 Jun, 05:51 AM UTC
Pundit Jay Ⓜ
CRYSTAL PALACE SAW: Spurs get 50m for Walker Watford get 50m for Richarlison Swansea get 50m for Sigursson Monaco get 50m for Mendy Shaktar get 50m for Fred There's no way Palace are accepting anything under £50m straight for Wan-Bissaka (unless its with add-ons & bonuses)
14 Jun, 07:39 AM UTC
Craig Pittman
It's a lawsssssssssssssssssuit! #Florida's attempt to crack down on #invasive anacondas draws legal challenge from animal dealers vs @MyFWC -- hearing is July 1. https://t.co/V5z5fE72IQ
13 Jun, 06:54 PM UTC
Wow... £18M!! Arsenal and Spurs interested. #bhafc https://t.co/0HTMTbAvAE
14 Jun, 09:39 AM UTC
Pogba might leave Rabiot to Juve Ndombele to spurs maybe We’re not getting Ndidi Lukaku leaving De Gea is being a bitch greedy bastard AWB seem impossible Chuckle brothers starting next season ASHELY YOUNG CAPTAIN 😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭
14 Jun, 09:10 AM UTC
TeamRumorsTransfers 24/7 🗞 ⚽
Several clubs are reportedly in discussions with Lyon about a move for Tanguy Ndombele, including Spurs, Man United and Juventus. According to Telefoot, there is no agreement with any party yet over a potential transfer, and the player is taking time to consider his options.
14 Jun, 09:56 AM UTC
Callum Bradbury
2015: Warriors beat cavaliers when Cavs had Kyrie and Love out 2016: Warriors lose finals 2017: Warriors beat Spurs after K.Leonard was injured by GSW player 2018: Down 3-2 to Rockets when CP3 gets injured 2019: GSW lose championship due to injury’s = Karma Congrats Toronto
14 Jun, 08:45 AM UTC
@MaximumCortez @warriors @spurs While he missed, the call to give him the ball when he's been off the whole game..seemed poor. Should've been a 2 point attempt by someone..going to the hoop not a jumper even. Ah well, when klay left..I had a feeling it would end this way.
14 Jun, 10:13 AM UTC
The Spurs traded Kawhi Leonard for Demar Derozan and a bag of chips all because he was hurt and they didn't believe him This cannot be forgotten or glossed over
14 Jun, 10:09 AM UTC
Adam Husband
Spurs fans gotta be hurting💀 https://t.co/xuxzCRwEEL
14 Jun, 10:15 AM UTC
@dmask_rima @Andrew33136912 @mediocentr0 You ain’t top 10😂😂😂spurs are bigger now
14 Jun, 10:15 AM UTC
@Lore_spurs Get over it dude. Draft is nxt thursday.
14 Jun, 10:14 AM UTC
James Neal
@jimmymcbride1 @JulesDud Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal. Doomed.
14 Jun, 10:14 AM UTC
Just Tottenham News
@KierenFlanagan @Daily_Hotspur @DangeloTheGoat @La_SER The entire PL has only completed 5 signings so far, questionable whether any will be 1st choices & none thay would currentkh make Spurs squad. Shouldn't worry just yet we will bring in some quality this window.
14 Jun, 10:14 AM UTC
@clones32 @957thegame It’s not the end. Worst scenario? New #spurs They’ll win again. Maybe not next year due to the bad injuries, but they will.
14 Jun, 10:14 AM UTC
Anthony Luggelle
@NBA2K He won with spurs he should already have it
14 Jun, 10:14 AM UTC
george diamataris
Australia 3-2 Brazil: Winners and Losers as Marta shines in Canarinhas collapse Read more at https://t.co/A6ERglwLKC #LFC #MUFC #ManCity #Barca #RMLiga #Spurs #ARSENALFC #CHELSEAFC
14 Jun, 10:13 AM UTC
Kennisha 💕
Spurs: “were gonna send Kawhi all the way to Toronto, let’s see how he likes that 😈 Kawhi: https://t.co/ThpjuR9eW3
14 Jun, 10:13 AM UTC
Jeff Hanson
@tonyparker Congratulations to your former @spurs teammate @kawhileonard on winning another championship! If you had trusted that he wasn't ready to play, you would've won another with him!
14 Jun, 10:13 AM UTC
Uncle Drew
Spurs pushed Kawhi out... not only did he knock out their team he went on to lead another team to a title a year later... that is rough LOOOL
14 Jun, 10:13 AM UTC
@JessePICKSman @KumeNBA @demas6Basket Resulta que se han lesionado en jugadas fortuitas en esta finales, en la serie de los spurs pachulia fue a lesionar clara mente. No oía quejarse a los GSW fans cuando serie tras serie la estrella rival caía.
14 Jun, 10:13 AM UTC
Not so Scouse lfc fan
Just watched that Divock Origi goal against Spurs and I love the fact he just doesn't know how to celebrate goals 😂
14 Jun, 10:13 AM UTC
Zero Dark 30
Pray for Coach Pop and Spurs fans! https://t.co/YDJdBe14fC
14 Jun, 10:13 AM UTC
Mateusz Babiarz
@MTRFCB Kurde, ale nawet będąc die hardem Spurs nie jestem w stanie ogarnąć więcej niż 50 spotkań w RS w ciągu roku i to było w czasach studiów, gdy czasu miałem od cholery. Przez to, te 30 meczów z ogórami po prostu olewam patrząc tylko w boxscore.
14 Jun, 10:13 AM UTC
@Kloppholic @LFCVine Van dyk miscues a shot against Everton , origi scores late. Van duk miscues a shot against spurs, origi scores late.
14 Jun, 10:13 AM UTC
So, is @spurs Twitter killing the team for trading the Finals MVP like @BuffaloSabres Twitter is?
14 Jun, 10:13 AM UTC
Prediction on Lukaku; He'll join Inter Milan, score a fuck load of goals because Italian league, leave to rejoin Chelsea / Man Utd / Spurs in a couple of seasons and do total shite again 💁 see Higuain / Morata for further examples
14 Jun, 10:12 AM UTC
@_nauticx K.D, Spurs.....I'm always so lost at them tweets🤣
14 Jun, 10:12 AM UTC
@AndyAndy1878 @ScoutedSZN You ask spurs fans if they would swap the last 3 years. For finishing 10th and winning a league cup. If we finish mid table again next season Richarlison is gone and digne. They want to see us challenging for top 4. It may not happen but getting in to that top 6 on a reg basis.
14 Jun, 10:12 AM UTC
Wade Rand
@adamOsaussies As a spurs fan I will painfully agree.
14 Jun, 10:12 AM UTC
@YanLucasMachad3 Ah se Cleveland tivesse kyrie e love em 2015 Ah se Spurs tivesse kawhai em 2017 Ah se Houston tivesse cp3 ano passado A história seria diferente...
14 Jun, 10:12 AM UTC
Video: Adrian Durham explains why Spurs are able to sign Kylian Mbappé https://t.co/2A3pSqu4xn via @spurs_web
14 Jun, 10:12 AM UTC