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Meetu Singh
A few predictions have been made by some prominent ones that Sushant will certainly get justice. Nature doesn’t manipulate, it gives you back exactly what you offer it. Everyone who has been involved in this heinous conspiracy will not be spared. SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase
23 Jun, 04:30 AM UTC
Priyanka Singh
The apt and relevant question… Thank you @pradip103 for standing with the right and seeing the truth always 🙏! SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase https://t.co/F85Jg8ENZ5
23 Jun, 06:33 AM UTC
💥Manisha💥❣️SSR ❤️fan 💯❣️💖
SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase🔥 746 days of injustice still we all carry hopes and strength of each and every warrior who keeps this fight alive… Yesterday we dared to struggle, today we dare to win. Lets fight this war together. Lets get it done!! https://t.co/W3gzHLvrnG
23 Jun, 05:11 AM UTC
Corona Kuti
Okay so, when will the druggy bhai behen go back to jail ? #JusticeForSushantSinghRajput SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase https://t.co/b1GxTJh2ml
23 Jun, 03:01 AM UTC
Good Morning Warriors Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen. SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase https://t.co/uXoY7v2AEj
23 Jun, 02:19 AM UTC
Are you ready to Roarrrr??? SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase
23 Jun, 02:41 AM UTC
Jannatul 💥🇧🇩
H.O.P.E - 4 letter words but the depth of its meaning are incredible bcz the value of it makes SSRians alive since 24 months.. This H.O.P.E is the strength of SSRians & it'll keep strengthen Us till Sushant Justice Prevail ✊ SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase https://t.co/phhrOV0MXP
23 Jun, 05:42 AM UTC
Alkesh Amin
Who is Mastermind behind Sushant Murder case?? @IPS_Association @PMOIndia Where CBI Reached in Sushant case ?? SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase🔥
23 Jun, 01:22 AM UTC
deepali 🇮🇳
Each of us have manifested for Sushant’s Justice with every fibre of our existence & so much honesty that now the Universe is showing signs of approval. His potent energy is amalgamated with Mahadev’s aura & our selfless prayers. Justice is inevitable SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase https://t.co/h8GPzzD1tD
23 Jun, 05:06 AM UTC
SSR Ka Fan
These were the findings of ED in Sushant Singh Rajput case. It clearly says RC and Samuel Miranda were using the funds of SSR for their OWN PURPOSE. If we link this with NCB chargesheet, it means they were procuring drugs for themselves. @dir_ed SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase. https://t.co/Ppcb6KRa1T
23 Jun, 04:00 AM UTC
SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase & We Will Never Give Up Because Great Things Take Time @itsSSR https://t.co/aSIXlIJBQE
23 Jun, 04:58 AM UTC
Alkesh Amin
Don't Loose Hope SSRians 👈 We are on Winning Track ✌️ SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase🔥 🤞✌️ https://t.co/5KAwBZD15l
23 Jun, 06:17 AM UTC
HOPE and PRAY for JUSTICE ⚖ @PMOIndia @HMOIndia @DoPTGoI SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase 1
23 Jun, 03:50 AM UTC
ᵒⁱˢʰⁱ ˢᵃʳᵏᵉʳ `🌸🇧🇩
I never thought that our fight would be in vain! Bcz God is with us. And we will win definitely!!!.💯 - SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase 🤞 https://t.co/Fdp7DqnlEj
23 Jun, 05:56 AM UTC
Soma Dutta
Sushant was intelligent enough to understand t dirty game plans of t RC n comp. His brain ws capable enough to keep himself safe Still he cudn't do it as his brain ws md unable to think wisely as he used to do bfor m we kw how it gt happened.. SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase
23 Jun, 03:07 AM UTC
Ankit : Sushant Ki Awaaz
' Aaj bhi mai kehta hun Sushant Singh Rajput ki hatya huii hai. ' - Arnab Goswami SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase
23 Jun, 05:01 AM UTC
T€J 🦋✨(SSRF)✨🦋
We are Unshakeable.. We are Unstoppable.. We are Unbreakable.. We will not stop until we win ✊ Roar louder 🔥 Fight Harder 💪🏼 SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase https://t.co/mravQMh08r
23 Jun, 04:11 AM UTC
💘Dil_Mein_Sushant 💘🇮🇳
Tumse Na Sarkar Sambhali Na Tumhara Beta....!! SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase
23 Jun, 06:26 AM UTC
Sᴜᴍɪᴛᴀ ᴅᴀs🇮🇳
Rhea was the only one close to Sushant She isolated him from all his family and friends, and then left him just a few weeks before his death. Rhea decided whom Sushant met, she decided whose calls to take. SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase https://t.co/Bx6oo5aDiX
23 Jun, 07:07 AM UTC
SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase Sushant's family has their hopes and eyes on you. They are eagerly looking forward when CBI will file chargesheet in Sushant's case. Case has been started it ends to end now!!! @ips_nupurprasad
23 Jun, 02:47 AM UTC
Sumita Basu Roy
Karma never leaves an address - the cycle is bound to finish . Satyamev Jayate 🙏 SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase https://t.co/0TDseS0L8X
23 Jun, 06:37 AM UTC
739 Days Of Injustice To Sushant Singh Rajput.... @ips_nupurprasad @PMOIndia SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase
23 Jun, 03:02 AM UTC
Sheetal Bamrah
Finally Karma is playing its game.. Game on everyone.. We will win it together.... Just be in the game ..tables are turning..be postive... SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase😇 https://t.co/zFScLvBLv0
23 Jun, 06:16 AM UTC
Preeti🇮🇳 (God➡️Karma🤗🔱🤛🙏💞)
Good noon family🌞🌻 Jai Shree Krishna🙏 SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase Powerful souls of @itsSSR , Disha n others are working in tandem with d divine natural forces..the criminals will soon be licking the dust. Many predictions seem to be true 4 SSR Justice ⚖️ @ips_nupurprasad https://t.co/FtrxnG0Ah8
23 Jun, 06:41 AM UTC
Jannatul 💥🇧🇩
Sushant Singh Rajput will get Justice SSRians Will Win ✊ #JusticeForSushantSinghRajput SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase https://t.co/NL1nCuALo3
23 Jun, 07:46 AM UTC
Sumita Basu Roy
It's been two years still can't forget you. Eternal feelings the bonding created between us is angelic. The feeling is so strong. Sushant Singh Rajput is magical. 2years Of Injustice To Sushant SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase https://t.co/mGS7Elm0Wk
23 Jun, 07:30 AM UTC
Venki 🇮🇳🚩
WE ROCK 😎🤟 MVA FALLS 😂😂😂😂 SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase https://t.co/NzpECNL620
23 Jun, 07:25 AM UTC
No matter what happens we will never stop fighting for Justice until we win it. @PMOIndia SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase
23 Jun, 07:12 AM UTC
Day 739.. Justice For Sushant SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase
23 Jun, 01:28 AM UTC
Soumyajit #SSRWarrior || #EarthBuddy 2.1
I want to Build Active Team/community For SOS dedicated to Dear @itsSSR this Will be For Him. Those who wants to join Dm thanks SSRians Hopeful In SSRCase #SushantSinghRajput𓃵 Those who want to contribute come forward
23 Jun, 04:25 AM UTC