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Andy Ngô
Breaking: After more than eight hours at the hostage-taking standoff at a Wells Fargo bank in St. Cloud, Minn., FBI officers rushed in & apprehended the black male suspect alive. @MrAndyNgo's photo on St. Cloud
07 May, 04:20 AM UTC
Vortex Twin
St. Cloud authorities: please avoid the area as there is a hostage situation going on. people of St. Cloud: @walberer13's photo on St. Cloud
07 May, 12:04 AM UTC
VCB / .22 $DOGE Food
People sitting in lawn chairs and cracking beers for a bank robbery/hostage situation is the most St. Cloud shit I’ve ever seen
06 May, 10:51 PM UTC
Danny Spewak
People have been watching the hostage situation unfold at Wells Fargo for hours now in St. Cloud. We have seen at least four people come out of the building, with cheering from the crowd each time. @DannySpewak's photo on St. Cloud
07 May, 01:29 AM UTC
Matt Couch
BREAKING: Employees Held Hostage at Wells Fargo Bank in St. Cloud, Minnesota. FBI Agents & Police have responded. Police are asking citizens to stand clear of the situation and stay as far back as possible.
06 May, 10:56 PM UTC
seriously? people sitting in lawn chairs watching a hostage situation? St. Cloud is the Florida of Minnesota
07 May, 02:35 AM UTC
Breaking News
Hostage situation at Wells Fargo bank in St. Cloud, Minnesota, police say. There are no reported injuries. The number of hostages was unknown, official says.
06 May, 11:24 PM UTC
Cody Raymond
Small glimpse inside the hostage situation at St. Cloud Wells Fargo
07 May, 02:56 AM UTC
Breaking News
More than eight hours after it began, a hostage situation at a bank in St. Cloud, Minnesota ended Thursday night without any injuries, police say.
07 May, 04:02 AM UTC
Reco McNeary, 35, took five employees hostage Thursday afternoon as he attempted to rob the Wells Fargo bank branch in St. Cloud, Minnesota. When asked later by police why he decided to rob the bank, he replied "'Cause that's where the money is."
07 May, 10:48 AM UTC
Matt Johnson
St. Cloud is the southeasternmost city in North Dakota.
07 May, 03:46 AM UTC
tonight my sis was followed by two men in a pick up truck all the way from st. cloud walmart to her place. They somehow passed the gate & parked facing directly towards her apartment for 30 min until the cops arrived. u never rlly think it’s gonna be you
07 May, 03:45 AM UTC
WCCO - CBS Minnesota
No one was hurt during yesterday's bank standoff in St. Cloud, including the suspect, 35-year-old Ray Reco McNeary. According to officials, McNeary has “an extensive criminal” history that goes back about a decade. | @WCCO's photo on St. Cloud
07 May, 10:38 AM UTC
A hostage standoff at a bank in St. Cloud, Minnesota, that played out for more than eight hours came to a dramatic end with a robbery suspect taken into custody. @KathyParkNBC reports. @TODAYshow's photo on St. Cloud
07 May, 11:17 AM UTC
Star Tribune
A nearly nine-hour standoff at a St. Cloud bank ended late Thursday after the last of five bank employees taken hostage during a robbery was freed. The suspect was arrested and no one was hurt, according to a St. Cloud police spokesman.
07 May, 11:34 AM UTC
All hostages are safe and a suspect is in custody following an hours-long standoff at a Wells Fargo bank in St. Cloud Thursday. #sunrisers
07 May, 11:15 AM UTC
MPR News
5 hostages were freed and a suspect is in custody after a standoff that lasted more than 8 hours at a Wells Fargo branch in St. Cloud.
07 May, 11:28 AM UTC
Matt Sepic
St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson says suspect was disgruntled about prior transaction at Wells Fargo. Still unclear if he had a weapon. Anderson says SCPD has had contact with suspect going back at least 10 yrs.
07 May, 04:47 AM UTC
A suspect who held five people captive during an eight-hour standoff at a Wells Fargo bank in St. Cloud, Minnesota, has been arrested, authorities said.
07 May, 11:36 AM UTC
SassCBrown GOP NO MORE Christian Conservative
Employees Held Hostage At Wells Fargo Bank In St. Cloud; Police Ask Public To Avoid Area
07 May, 09:31 AM UTC
Sabe Penn
@joandrew32 @NBCNews 8-hour Bank Standoff: "St. Cloud Police Chief William Anderson identified the Wells Fargo bank hostage suspect as Ray Reco McNeary, says he was disgruntled w the bank. No one was hurt" @TimScottSC @CoryBooker @RepKarenBass @WhipClyburn @RepBeatty @NABJ
07 May, 11:07 AM UTC
5 St. Cloud Bank Employees Unharmed After Hourslong Hostage Ordeal; Ray Reco McNeary In Custody
07 May, 11:40 AM UTC
FOX 5 Atlanta
Everyone is safe and a suspect is in custody, police say, after a robbery at a St. Cloud bank turned into an hours-long hostage situation...​
07 May, 11:30 AM UTC
@75Dealer @MSNBC Isn’t St. Cloud over 90% white?
07 May, 11:32 AM UTC
James Cooper
Minnesota bank standoff ends; hostages safe, suspect in custody, reports say #FoxNews
07 May, 11:30 AM UTC
Resident Bribin'
@LennyJohnson5 @CrimeWatchMpls "Black man was refused service while trying to make a withdrawal at St. Cloud Wells Fargo"
07 May, 11:28 AM UTC
UPDATED: 8-hour hostage situation at St. Cloud bank ends with arrest
07 May, 11:23 AM UTC
Chicago Tribune
A man accused of holding five employees hostage at a Minnesota bank following a dispute was captured and arrested after an hourslong standoff, police said.
07 May, 11:43 AM UTC
Kelly of Dallas
@MysteriosoAngel @WellsFargo Angel, did you just see the hostage situation in St Cloud, MN? In regards to @WellsFargo Just terrifying.
07 May, 11:39 AM UTC
@ThereGoes_Zay St. cloud is a dump. Sounds like he surrounded and nobody got hurt
07 May, 11:39 AM UTC