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Brian Tyler Cohen
In response to Stacey Abrams criticizing Georgia over issues like incarceration/mental health, Herschel Walker said, “If it’s the worst state, why are you here? Why don’t you leave, go to another? There’s, what, 51 more other states that you can go to?” There are not 52 states.
22 Jun, 10:26 PM UTC
Hoodlum 🇺🇸
Herschel Walker wants Stacey Abrams to leave Georgia and go live in one of the other 51 states. No, I’m not kidding.
22 Jun, 11:09 PM UTC
Governor Stacey Abrams has a very nice ring to it.
23 Jun, 01:46 PM UTC
Donte Walker
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23 Jun, 03:28 PM UTC
Ben Shapiro
Among the media's favorite "rising stars" of the last few years: Stacey Abrams, who lied that she was cheated out of her gubernatorial election; Beto O'Rourke, who is running out of both elections to lose and New Mexican dirt to eat; and Andrew Gillum, who is under indictment.
23 Jun, 11:39 AM UTC
Nathalie Jacoby
NEW: Marjorie Taylor Greene said Republicans will move out of Georgia if Stacey Abrams wins. What do you say to her?
23 Jun, 01:23 AM UTC
Russ Vought
All because Jeff saw fit to investigate voter fraud. This is not America, folks. The weaponization of govt must end. Let me be very clear. We stand by Jeff and so must all patriots in this country. 2/2
23 Jun, 05:08 PM UTC
This is the first time Stacey Abrams has ever tweeted about a living wage. https://t.co/yVkIzR5d9C https://t.co/lqHm74ZPqx
23 Jun, 05:34 PM UTC
Greg Price
@joshtpm @russvought Investigating voter fraud is not overthrowing the government you stupid old fuck
23 Jun, 05:16 PM UTC
Ryan Knight ☭
Stacey Abrams and Joe Biden want to give more money to the police so we can stop this non-sense that the Democrats are any different than Republicans. At the end of the day, both parties exist to serve the ruling class, the police state, and the military industrial complex.
23 Jun, 04:01 PM UTC
gen ⍤
healing really makes you uninterested in everyone and everything tbh
23 Jun, 06:13 PM UTC
Ricky Davila 🏳️‍🌈
Governor Stacey Abrams. Governor Beto O’Rourke. Governor Katie Hobbs. Governor Nikki Fried or Charlie Crist. Senator Abby Finkenauer. Senator John Fetterman. Senator Val Demings. Senator Tim Ryan. Manifest. Vote.
23 Jun, 04:04 PM UTC
Gritty is the Way
It's funny to see so many people suddenly waking up to Stacey Abrams' being garbage. Did y'all miss her selling whatever integrity she had to Bloomberg's campaign for $5Mil?
23 Jun, 05:20 PM UTC
guillotines n’ roses (taheerah barney) 🇵🇸
The Democrats are a party of pandering, gutless freaks. "Black faces in high places" like Stacey will always uphold white supremacy and capitalist oppression. Substantive change will never come from inside the two-party system. https://t.co/WT2IYmvRDC
23 Jun, 01:45 PM UTC
Fox News
Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp calls on Stacey Abrams to resign from radical 'defund the police' foundation https://t.co/kxs8fZGrap
23 Jun, 06:00 PM UTC
Glenn Greenwald
In 2020, liberals marched, chanting "Defund the Police!" and "ACAB" ("all cops are bastards"). In July 2021, Nancy Pelosi demanded $2b more for the police that protect her, and all Dems (except Omar, Pressley and Bush) voted YES. Now Stacey Abrams demands more money for cops: https://t.co/xxhsPwkDTu
23 Jun, 07:27 PM UTC
Oeth Branson
Awesome news Stacey Abrams. https://t.co/3XQeKhWnWE
23 Jun, 02:41 AM UTC
Sabby Sabs
@ProudSocialist See how quickly Stacey Abrams sold out
23 Jun, 02:31 PM UTC
LA Votes Blue in Georgia! #DemVoice1 🌊🌎💙
Brian Kemp took $50,000 from the Uvalde AR-15 manufacturer, including $25,000 just before he signed a law weakening Georgia’s gun laws. You know who won't take gun manufacturers blood money to do nothing about gun violence? Stacey Abrams! #DemVoice1 #VoteBlueForGunReform https://t.co/Y8nlPvw2Zi
23 Jun, 04:42 PM UTC
📚political.education in black✊🏾
23 Jun, 01:34 PM UTC
schway lex
Yall are upset that shes trying to engage moderates in a red state like Georgia but I literally just got mail last week from the Kemp campaign saying Stacey Abrams is abolishing the police. Talking about she "lost my vote" when u were voting third party or not even voting anyway https://t.co/an4ALjZUrc
23 Jun, 05:12 PM UTC
📚political.education in black✊🏾
Y’all just be playing when it come to this fuck the cops shit. Hershel Walker say cops are good, and he evil. Stacey Abrams say PAY THE COPS MORE, and we should really just listen because she know what she doing??? Oh I know, I’m just an unsophisticated nigger right?
23 Jun, 05:06 PM UTC
USSR was 1st to Legalize Abortion
It is offensively out of touch for Stacey Abrams to back higher salaries for police, especially in the wake of the Ulvade cover up. Mind you, the sheriff who hid during the Parkland school massacre made over $100k a year. It’s like rewarding cops for murder and murderous inaction
23 Jun, 06:11 PM UTC
Maady The Gatekeeper
I don’t understand how Stacey Abrams continues to dodge criticism for her actions
23 Jun, 02:33 PM UTC
no one surprised by stacey abrams. what we are is infuriated that the democratic party and their weirdo ass groupies will continue to stifle our efforts to build real grassroots power by telling us to vote blue despite the fact that democrats work against our material interests!
23 Jun, 05:44 PM UTC
Eddie Scarry
Axios today quotes Stacey Abrams: "I do not, and have never said, and have never supported defunding the police." Abrams in June 2020: "We have to reallocate resources, so, yes." https://t.co/jTlvv4ypeQ https://t.co/CpkvACs5r9
23 Jun, 03:29 PM UTC
Build alternatives
The “if you don’t live in Georgia, then shut-up” defense of Stacey Abrams’ pro-cop position approaches a very “states rights” argument, too. Funding more cops and clearing out a forest for a cop training facility? This affects ALL OF US.
23 Jun, 06:38 PM UTC
What makes Stacey Abrams' lie all the more egregious is that she thinks we'd only look at BASE PAY like this because she (and Democrats generally) think we're all fucking idiots. I can't imagine a more disqualifying explanation of policy by a political candidate.
23 Jun, 05:44 PM UTC
Black Enterprise
Three Democrats Endorsed By Stacey Abrams Win Runoffs For Statewide Office https://t.co/WS5lM6AwHX
23 Jun, 06:25 PM UTC