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Bonita Mersiades
Impressive Alen #Stajcic on #abc730. Hello FFA? Another media release????
11 Feb, 08:56 AM UTC
"The hardest part has not been the first shot, it's been the reverberations over the last three weeks that have affected my reputation and affected my family and my kids." - @TimgGilbert interview with Alen #Stajcic FOX SPORTS News's photo on #Stajcic
11 Feb, 07:43 AM UTC
Andrew Wilkie MP
So there's something to kickaround - the former head of the NRL being party to sacking the Matilda's coach for team culture issues. AW #soccer #FFA #FFT #stajcic #auspol
11 Feb, 09:38 AM UTC
Robert Grasso
ICYMI: On @SBSNews tonight "Counter-attack". Former @TheMatildas coach, Alen Stajcic and his determination to clear his name. We talk to @bonitamersiades @PhilMoss_13 Special report @Adrian_Arciuli #matildas #stajcic Robert Grasso's photo on #Stajcic
11 Feb, 08:35 AM UTC
Chris Jones
The biggest threat to football, has never been Rugby, AFL, the big bash league, or any other sport you care to mention. The biggest threat to football, remains football. The @FFA Would seriously struggle to organise a piss up in a brewery. #Matildasgate #STAJCIC
11 Feb, 04:55 AM UTC
Rob Cornthwaite
How happy do you think the FFA are Hakeem has been set free on the day Alan Stajcic spoke publicly for the first time since his axing? Hakeem taking all the media attention and rightly so! Once again amazing work from all involved #SaveHakeem #ffa #stajcic #Matildas
11 Feb, 10:20 AM UTC
Elia Santoro 💙
Where are all the Congress people who fought so hard to get votes on board as they wanted transparency & integrity. Where have their voices been last 3 or so weeks in #Stajcic sacking #OnlyIfItSuits
11 Feb, 04:09 AM UTC
Elia Santoro 💙
I think what FFA are missing in the whole mess known as #Stajcic sacking is that it’s not the actual sacking which they are entitled to do as coaches get sacked everyday but the manner in which it was done & why. That is the real smoking gun. No duty of care towards players/Coach
11 Feb, 10:42 PM UTC
@FFA How do you bureaucratic cowards sleep at night ? #Stajcic
11 Feb, 07:41 AM UTC
Mr Football
@Gatty54 Ray u may want 2 ignore my tweets but it doesnt change anything. Media's been part of the prob; turning blind 👁 2 the 💩 we've been complaining about. Suddenly u're all shocked with #Stajcic + get on moral high 🐎. Maybe if you'd all spoken up earlier we wouldn't be in this mess
11 Feb, 12:25 PM UTC
Tracey Holmes
Today Alen #Stajcic, in breaking his silence, says he was giving his version of the truth. Now, the #FFA has given theirs..."Mr Stajcic, by his own admission & in the presence of an FFA lawyer & FFA CEO David Gallop, said that the team environment was ‘dysfunctional". https://t.co/gznBnFMmeC
11 Feb, 07:54 AM UTC
Vito Carrozzo 🚶🏻‍♂️
The stench around the #Stajcic sacking just won’t go away will it Michael ? 🤔 It stinks 👇 And as we all know, the fish rots from the head. Looking forward to what the .@FFA has to say after yesterday 🤨 https://t.co/m4RlsoZWlc
11 Feb, 08:53 PM UTC
David Gallop is doing a great job. #Stajcic #eraseTheNCIP #SokkahTwitter https://t.co/7arDSDTZXA
11 Feb, 08:43 PM UTC
Bluebeard’s Flat Batteries
@iHAM316 @FFA Right? Took them 6 weeks to say anything when he was detained, but less than 2 hours when he's freed. I wonder why... #matildas #stajcic
11 Feb, 11:30 AM UTC
Elia Santoro 💙
Two things...1. #Stajcic kept his part of confidentiality re discussion with Gallop & FFA lawyer - Perhaps they should check this word in dictionary. 2. CONTEXT -anyone can take a phrase, use it & make it suit any agenda. eg I believe the Board is Dysfunctional...How though? https://t.co/CrxdVSbIEt
11 Feb, 10:13 AM UTC
Respectful Matt
New found respect for @Craig_Foster after the #SaveHakeem campaign. Looks even better next to the farce that is the @FFA @thePFA and @OurWatchAus #Stajcic debacle. Well in Foz. #HakeemHome
11 Feb, 09:38 AM UTC
Is it time for David Gallop #gallopout @FFA #Stajcic
11 Feb, 07:01 AM UTC
Elia Santoro 💙
Well said @MickLynch_Age It’s best to hide inconvenient truths. They can’t handle them. After all who are the general football public but $$$ signs. The issues are within our Governing body & those who fought to get them there. #BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor #Stajcic https://t.co/XJEJgxttD6
11 Feb, 10:08 PM UTC
Just watched Alen #Stajcic on #abc730. Incredibly composed well spoken man. Find it hard to believe he is at fault. FFA up to no good! #GallopOut
11 Feb, 11:49 AM UTC
Ryan Steele (ライアン)
Australian football over two years: a tribute. #ALeague #AsianCup2019 #Socceroos #Matildas #Stajcic https://t.co/OXF8r8NVFo
11 Feb, 06:06 AM UTC
Mark Silva
@leighsales @StuartRandall True to form, disgraceful. Transparency - @FFA style #Matildas #Stajcic
12 Feb, 01:03 AM UTC
Brian Smith
Has David Gallop ever been successful at running any sport within Australia? #gallopout #heisshitatwhathedoes #stajcic
11 Feb, 07:17 AM UTC
Paul Zawetz
@peterkat10 Im a fair person Peter, think they have been used up and spat out, my respect has lowered. Lets hope there will be an independent inquiry. #stajcic
11 Feb, 12:15 PM UTC
Greg Pankhurst
My guess on #Stajcic - initial over-reaction to some -ves in survey1 (probably by some with axe to grind), poor selection of external party for survey2, they came with loaded survey2, and players didn't understand gravitas of survey & answers. Upshot Stajcic binned.
11 Feb, 10:08 AM UTC
Chris Hockman
Just had a great chat with @keepernotes for @mixxedZone talking all things #stajcic and #wleague we probably only scratched the surface of both.
12 Feb, 12:03 AM UTC
Risk Policy - ARPI
#Stajcic's #media blitz puts #FFA on backfoot #football #Governance #FIFA https://t.co/PkJd18ooRc
11 Feb, 11:57 PM UTC
The Bear
I don't buy this concept that #Stajcic doesn't know why he got sacked. If that truly was the case, he would have gone legal already.
11 Feb, 11:25 PM UTC
Nikola Pozder
So the FFA is determined to dig a deeper grave...@samkerr1 as the leader of this team should start a boycott with those that will follow suit as this is creating a precedent where the FFA can oust anyone they want for no apparent reason. #Stajcic #matildas
11 Feb, 11:11 PM UTC
Tim Jurd
Superb journalism by Michael Lynch on the train wreck caused as the FFA finds new ways to shoot itself in the foot #ffa #stajcic https://t.co/YIcLCQZc3d
11 Feb, 11:07 PM UTC
Bob Melmouth
F.F.A. save face while you can, reinstate #stajcic #matilda's don't need this distraction. ⚽️
11 Feb, 08:49 PM UTC
Craig McCann
Geez, Really seems to be after Alen this...such a bizarre situation this. Players support him from all reports, yet outsiders of the team are gunning for him? In saying this, I thought there were signs the group weren’t performing as well as previous years #Stajcic https://t.co/X0wIPXTUBq
11 Feb, 08:14 PM UTC
Anthony The Baldman
@FFA is the reason you haven't been honest in this sacking is because he's a bloke and you want a woman in charge in case the Matilda's actually win the World Cup? 🤔 #Stajcic
11 Feb, 06:30 PM UTC
@RobertGrasso @TheWorldGame @SBSNews @TheMatildas @bonitamersiades @PhilMoss_13 @Adrian_Arciuli One might wonder who benefits the most from this chaos & dysfunction, could it b women’s rugby & afl, given the limited talent pool in aust, their huge investment from media & the like, trash the #football opposition to move the talent over🤔. #Stajcic #Matildas
11 Feb, 02:18 PM UTC
Paul Zawetz
@Epower2_ant Agree what you have stated, but lets not bring back the the Lowys. #stajcic #StajicInquiry
11 Feb, 12:57 PM UTC
Tony Curtis ☕🚘🏁
#BillandBoz The #Stajcic case becomes increasingly mysterious. However, whom we saw today was a desperately broken man who, like us, still doesn't know why he was sacked. How can this be? Imagine if it were any of us - we can only begin to understand how he's feeling.
11 Feb, 11:03 AM UTC
@Craig_Foster whilst you are on a role please step up and lead the charge to reinstate staj as our national womans football coach. #STAJCIC Your efforts on the #SaveHakeem campaign were outstanding - congratulations. We need your power to fight FFA.
11 Feb, 10:57 AM UTC
Declan Rooney
In recent years @TheMatildas home games have been joyful events with smiles on and off the pitch. I’ll be keen to see if the atmosphere is so celebratory at the upcoming Cup of Nations games. #Stajcic
11 Feb, 10:21 AM UTC
Greg Pankhurst
I think elite sport has to be sharp edged and hard to generate outcomes, and that grates against how society is moving. #Stajcic might be the first of many.........
11 Feb, 10:10 AM UTC
Sounds like the same issues all teams face #abc730 #STAJCIC
11 Feb, 09:53 AM UTC
George Ploumidis
Which is the most incompatible pairing? #GallopOUT #Stajcic #Matildas #MarriedAtFirstSight
11 Feb, 09:07 AM UTC
@AnnaHarrington a little birdy told me that you are the one that told Tara and Lucy to say the whole “if you knew what I know” BS. Is this true? #stajcic #SokkahTwitter #SokkahTwitterUndefeated #TruthSeeker #justice
11 Feb, 08:59 AM UTC

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