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O’Shea Jack(Nichol)son
I need more Star Wars!!!!!
22 Jun, 07:42 PM UTC
Ly 💫
my new favourite star wars trilogy #ObiWanKenobi @spoiler4you's photo on Star Wars
23 Jun, 04:03 AM UTC
Owen Lars has become one of my favorite characters in Star Wars. He is Luke’s other father https://t.co/8MQBkrawE0
22 Jun, 11:56 PM UTC
Just discovered Taiyo Matsumoto did a Star Wars illustration. https://t.co/xi5Xh09nAO
22 Jun, 07:07 PM UTC
Culture Crave 🍿
Here's what's next for Star Wars after #ObiWanKenobi @CultureCrave's photo on Star Wars
23 Jun, 02:43 AM UTC
Matt Ramos
Change my mind: This is the best Star Wars poster. @therealsupes's photo on Star Wars
23 Jun, 05:09 AM UTC
RT and follow @OriginalFunko for the chance to WIN the @Amazon exclusive Star Wars: Power of The Galaxy - Padme Amidala POP! Not feeling lucky? Pre-Order now: @OriginalFunko on Star Wars">https://t.co/qnBDhZGL0u #Funko #FunkoPOP #Giveaway #StarWars @OriginalFunko's media on Star Wars">@OriginalFunko's media on Star Wars">https://t.co/PXhtNA2HtX
23 Jun, 02:00 AM UTC
Kyle Katarn
Hayden Christensen just gave one of the best acting performances in Star Wars. #Kenobi
23 Jun, 02:30 AM UTC
La volonté du D 🏴‍☠️
Je peux affirmer haut et fort que anakin skywalker / dark vador est bel et bien le meilleur personnage de fiction créé et que star wars est la plus grande saga cinématographique de l’histoire de l’humanité. Cette œuvre m’a bousillé le cerveau et mon cœur c’est trop. #Kenobi
22 Jun, 08:26 PM UTC
Star Wars Holocron
Hayden Christensen: “I had a great Father's Day. My daughter [and I]…got some pizza and she got me a great gift. She got me a shirt, it said 'Best dad in the galaxy,' and had a picture of Darth Vader.” Order yours using our affiliate link: https://t.co/DD7BaP1gbC https://t.co/WGLvUvJfpO
23 Jun, 03:09 AM UTC
John Williams has suggested that he may retire as a film composer after ‘Indiana Jones 5’. (Source: https://t.co/9bqGOnf0Rj) https://t.co/gM3SKKYwke
23 Jun, 02:10 PM UTC
Yo my names Rogue, I’m new to twitter and looking for mutuals who share the same taste as me - Star Wars - DC - Marvel - Comic books - Animation - The Boys - Invincible - Stranger things - SciFi - Horror - Fantasy - Gaming - Disney Please RT to help me start moving
22 Jun, 08:15 PM UTC
É uma época realmente louca pra se viver Ano passado com Homem-Aranha e esse ano com Star Wars #ObiWan https://t.co/EgVc2tfHIQ
22 Jun, 09:48 PM UTC
#ObiWanKenobi was excellent. The finale did the best that I think it could emotionally with Obi-Wan and Anakin’s stories. Leia was great. The Luke stuff didn’t do much for me. Entertaining fights, Force use was crazy. Overall, very entertaining. Star Wars! @BrandonDavisBD's photo on Star Wars
23 Jun, 12:18 PM UTC
vito kenobi
te amo obi-wan kenobi sos el mejor personaje q pudo pisar el universo de star wars #ObiWan https://t.co/sXwPA8I273
22 Jun, 03:25 PM UTC
Rexin Around 🧢
The more this fandom evolves, the more I am grateful that I am where I am with all of you. Nothing is ever as we expect, but that's all of life, and finding joy in the surprises is what I love about this community. Very thankful to be where we are, celebrating Star Wars. https://t.co/ANKKfHHnyR
22 Jun, 10:59 PM UTC
Nancy DR 💜✨️ᴾʳᵒᵒᶠ✨
Esta escena es tan épica y significativa, la voz de Vader mezclada con la voz de Anakin es brutal. ¡Gracias por tanto, Star Wars! 🖤🥲 #DarthVader #ObiWanKenobi #StarWars #AnakinSkywalker #ObiWan #Vader #Kenobi #KenobiFinale https://t.co/HfdEQBTbYo
23 Jun, 12:37 AM UTC
me parece impresionante que disney con la cantidad de millones que invierte en sus producciones no haya superado en NINGUNA de sus series y películas de Star Wars esta escena hecha por fans de hace 3 años, comparenla con la de la serie de obi wan kenobi... https://t.co/oXikgxYmJG
22 Jun, 11:30 PM UTC
The Cardboard Dungeon
@stefabsky Lifelong Star Wars fan here. I’ve really enjoyed all of the Disney+ Star Wars content so far. Your opinion is valid for you, but don’t mistake it for some kind of objective fact.
22 Jun, 11:35 PM UTC
Jesse Cox
I really enjoyed the last 2 episodes of #ObiWan but man am I convinced if they tightened it up it could have been a solid 2 hour movie instead. The first couple episodes just feel like fluff in comparison to the end. It’s like all Star Wars tv series. 1/3 AMAZING and 2/3 filler
23 Jun, 04:20 AM UTC
jazz-wan kenobi
anakin skywalker/darth vader es y siempre será el mejor personaje de todo star wars, sus apariciones en toda la serie de kenobi fueron un abrazo a mi alma de fangirl, agradecida eternamente con hayden christensen y james earl jones por traerlo de vuelta #ObiWanKenobi https://t.co/kzTBM61bgW
23 Jun, 12:46 AM UTC
Rexin Around 🧢
I've been a Star Wars fan for 25 years. I'm old here, I know. I've been through my edgy cynical criticism phase and I'm at the point in life where I just want to love things and be happy. Some people dislike that, but I simply do not care anymore. I'm a Star Wars fan.
22 Jun, 11:22 PM UTC
Brendan Hodges
my hot take is that not a single star wars story that's focused on classic characters (han, boba, obi-wan, etc) has ever found a truly compelling reason to exist and it's time for lucasfilm to finally accept these probably aren't going to work
22 Jun, 04:50 PM UTC
【告知】コミカライズ担当したSTAR WARS:VISIONS「のらうさロップと緋桜お蝶」が明日24(金)発売の月刊ビッグガンガンに掲載されてます😳✨漫画という形で原作アニメ版を大切に表現できるように頭と身体フル回転でがんばりました…!ぜひ読んでみてください🙇‍♂️!! https://t.co/19nOqrymjb
23 Jun, 12:27 PM UTC
Daily Nerd Shit
One of the greatest scenes in Star Wars history. I was speechless. #ObiWan #Vader https://t.co/zS6APkP8vN
23 Jun, 01:38 PM UTC
*SPOILERS* The dialogue, the music, the camera angles, everything about this rematch was amazing. Peak Star Wars. #ObiWan #DarthVader https://t.co/SuZGyxFK3X
22 Jun, 05:45 PM UTC
★ホウィトメモー🏜️☀️lll (สปอยล์โอบีวัน ไม่ไหวแล้วว้อยยยย)
บางทีก็คิดว่าเสน่ห์ของ Star Wars ไม่ใช่เนื้อเรื่องอะไรทั้งนั้น แต่คือมีม https://t.co/ZbtWTMABaT
23 Jun, 09:15 AM UTC
Sariah Wilson
#ObiWan spoilers * * * * * * I'm sure it's been said a million times already (I stay off social media on Star Wars days), but Reva was given the ending Ben Solo should have had. I want to see his @disneyplus series about atoning for his wrongs.
23 Jun, 03:28 AM UTC
Chlo- is suffering
I hate Star Wars actually https://t.co/RautLgxbYI
23 Jun, 04:45 AM UTC
Rotten Tomatoes
With the finale now available, we're taking a look at how #ObiWanKenobi informs the Skywalker Saga overall and what it may offer to Star Wars in the future. https://t.co/9O52JGhyvk
23 Jun, 03:12 PM UTC