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14 years ago today, ‘STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS’ premiered on Cartoon Network. https://t.co/f0Av0c8Tp5
03 Oct, 09:27 PM UTC
WHAT TO EXPECT TOMORROW 🔥 - Vaulted Boogie Bombs - Chrome spreading / POI changes - Super Styles & Bytes' Challenges - POSSIBLY Goo Gun, Cobra DMR or any new item - POSSIBLY more leaks on the Star Wars collab - Fortnitemares / Halloween Leaks & MORE ‼️ https://t.co/CBSoqDFPvA
03 Oct, 10:00 AM UTC
i think im watching the wrong star wars movie smh https://t.co/TockfXR7Kr
03 Oct, 07:34 PM UTC
BBC News (World)
“I feel a great responsibility to try and do everything I can to further the Ukraine cause” Mark Hamill on speaking to Ukraine's President Zelensky about Star Wars https://t.co/8QJSpgTbHs @BBCWorld's photo on Star Wars
03 Oct, 05:37 AM UTC
Mason Dewald
The original Star Wars Battlefront has probably one of the best loading screens of all time. https://t.co/bRkXdDDhkx
03 Oct, 03:54 AM UTC
Star Wars | Andor Now Streaming On Disney+
Meet ISB supervisor, Dedra Meero. A new episode of #Andor , the newest Star Wars event, is streaming Wednesday only on @DisneyPlus. @starwars's photo on Star Wars
03 Oct, 05:09 PM UTC
Star Wars Holocron
Star Wars Rebels premiered on this day 8 years ago https://t.co/3hOyHZd4DT
03 Oct, 09:36 PM UTC
Milton 🧉
Cuando vi a Gago esperando la estrella 66 de Boca con la musica de Star Wars(!!!) pense que iba a ser muy pero muy dificil recuperar nuestra identidad. Sentia todo muy forzado. Entre lo de @BocaPredio y estas cosas ya me doy por hecho. Que hermoso es este club. https://t.co/ckO870NrKr
03 Oct, 11:11 PM UTC
Star Wars Behind the Scenes Photos
Joonas Suotamo and Alden Ehrenreich behind the scenes of Solo: A Star Wars Story https://t.co/oVq1vKr5ai
03 Oct, 06:22 PM UTC
The Beauty of Star Wars Concept Art
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith concept art by Erik Tiemens https://t.co/IiJAp4voJl
03 Oct, 08:49 PM UTC
Star Wars Takes
This might be one of the most uncomfortable Star Wars scenes. Mon Mothma’s marriage has basically become a prison for her, and I like that this scene doesn’t even sugarcoat that. Her husband is abusing her tolerance. The writing in this show has been superb. https://t.co/AVpNkee9dE
03 Oct, 05:48 PM UTC
Clarissa Tano
Happy 14th anniversary to the show that got me into Star Wars 🥹❤️ https://t.co/T3RWOv9oE5
03 Oct, 10:28 PM UTC
Peter Mayhew Foundation
On behalf of everyone at the Mayhew Foundation we wanted to wish the happiest of birthdays to @JoonasSuotamo, seen here with Peter while filming Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Happy Birthday Little Brother! @TheWookieeRoars's photo on Star Wars
03 Oct, 07:23 PM UTC
Cyr 🦋ˎˊ˗
Pst, She's a 10 but she prefers Star Trek over Star Wars 🦋
03 Oct, 07:13 PM UTC
The Spaceshipper 🚀
This is the Star Wars Animated Shows Day! Star Wars: The Clone Wars started 14 years today, and Star Wars Rebels started 8 years ago. The influence of these series on the galaxy far, far away will be gigantic. Art by Dave Filoni: https://t.co/7lOa1yFtDc
03 Oct, 09:50 AM UTC
Samuel J. May
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) DoP. Greig Fraser #botd https://t.co/6wiFvQYBMJ
03 Oct, 11:04 AM UTC
Happy 14th Anniversary to Star Wars The Clone Wars! The show that made me the Star Wars fan that I am today. https://t.co/m1s0dw42ii
03 Oct, 06:18 PM UTC
Star Wars Focus
14 years ago today, the first episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars was released! It had 7 seasons with 133 episodes. https://t.co/txOlPHwURd
03 Oct, 03:37 PM UTC
Star Wars Archival
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back concept art by Ralph McQuarrie #McQuarrieMonday https://t.co/C1slwaVz7i
03 Oct, 11:31 PM UTC
spooky sarah skeletons 🎃🦇 93
i love when star wars: the clone wars is voice actors talking to themselves https://t.co/d04UmaYlR6
03 Oct, 04:09 PM UTC
Like Kurosawa, I Make Mad
...and you won't shut up about weird transphobic sh-- or antivax sh-- or whatever, they don't invite you back on another season of a "Star Wars" show and you've gotta do crummy movies for Ben Shapiro's straight-to-redbox studio instead. That's "cancelled." That's NOTHING.
04 Oct, 01:06 AM UTC
Jorge Alberto Maciel
Ser progre está de moda, sino no tiene sentido que un actor estadounidense que interpretó a Luke en "Star Wars" opine sobre un tema del cual no tiene la más remota idea. https://t.co/rew0ImmDgn
03 Oct, 02:17 PM UTC
ɖǟռӄʏʄɛʀʀʏ ⚒
Empire Strikes Back: Yoda elevates Luke’s X-Wing from beneath the swamp it sank into. Star Wars Fans: wizard!!! The Last Jedi: bombs fall from rack inside bomber and explode onto First Order ship. Also Star Wars Fans: tHAt viOLaTes th3 lAWs 0f pHYsICs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
03 Oct, 04:46 PM UTC
Mr. Highlight Reel (Official)
I don't think they legally have much choice it is just funny when your curation options have you beat out by a guy doing this for fun on a star wars forum
04 Oct, 02:26 AM UTC
Matches “ManBat” Malone 🦇
She’s the best female Star Wars character of all time and there’s not a lot of contest. She’s just so consistently well written in everything she appears in and her growth was so natural. I can’t wait to see what’s next for her. https://t.co/i0RTHRHnWi https://t.co/gS2rOct1Yo
04 Oct, 02:26 AM UTC
hi i would like to see more stuff on my timeline so pls rt this so i can find people ig??? star wars, got, horror movies, literally anything really i just need CONTENT
04 Oct, 02:11 AM UTC
Breelzebub 🎃
oh my god, I might actually make a IWTV twit like I wouldn't normally do this but it's like a giant piece of me, I didn't realize I still had, just woke up and friendly reminder that kylux and Star Wars is my lifeblood and I'm never leaving but it's... it's Lestat... https://t.co/2BM57YzhJd
03 Oct, 10:14 PM UTC
The Asylum: case studies (pcast)
When the polycule at the end of the bar, that's been buying you drinks all night, look at you like this. BATTLE STAR WARS https://t.co/nuxTxj0bwo https://t.co/r1duxUgcTA #TheAsylum #mockbuster #pirates #space #starwars #androids #Haven #ships #hologram #hardlight #technoviking https://t.co/mAzbIhI4jG
03 Oct, 05:30 PM UTC
∃(trump)∃(biden){t≠b ∧ ¬BLM(t) ∧ ¬BLM(b)} ⇒ 🔥ᐳ🗳️
from the visionary showrunners behind disney's: lucasfilm: star wars: ANDOR, now introducing https://t.co/OSB3n9ANq1
04 Oct, 02:21 AM UTC
These rebels seem more like guerrilla warriors than an organized fighting force. https://t.co/wBiStmjRw9
04 Oct, 02:28 AM UTC