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Nathan Platt
Ken Cuccinelli: The Statue of Liberty meant Europeans....No one can top my idiotic comments Steve King: Hold my beer....rape....incest...would we have a population without it.... Ben Shapiro: it's poor people's fault they have to work hard. GOP: Why do people hate us? @nathanplatt's photo on Statue of Liberty
14 Aug, 08:29 PM UTC
George Takei
Top Trump official Ken Cuccinelli claims that the inscription on the Statue of Liberty welcoming immigrants refers to “people coming from Europe.” Racism has no place in government. Racists should resign. That includes Cuccinelli. And Trump.
14 Aug, 10:54 AM UTC
CNN Politics
Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright responds to Ken Cuccinelli’s rewrite of the Statue of Liberty poem: “I can tell you, I’ve been a refugee twice. … I think that it is one of the most un-American things I’ve heard” @CNNPolitics's photo on Statue of Liberty
15 Aug, 01:34 AM UTC
George Takei
The claim by a Trump official that the Statue of Liberty was meant for European immigrants sounds familiar. Every person gets counted as one except blacks who are 3/5ths. Every adult gets to vote except women. Every citizen receive due process except Japanese Americans.
14 Aug, 12:09 PM UTC
Translate Trump
When you re-endanger the Bald Eagle AND try to re-write the Statue of Liberty, both within the same week, it might be time to admit you're not a patriot.
14 Aug, 02:13 PM UTC
Kurt Busiek Resists
If you think the Statue of Liberty is only about Europeans, then you need to figure out why she’s got a broken shackle and chain at her feet. Or, for that matter, why she was given to the US largely as a commemoration of the end of slavery, marking an abolitionist triumph.
14 Aug, 09:30 PM UTC
Karine Jean-Pierre
“In the early stages of its creation, the initial intent for the building of the statue was to celebrate the emancipation of enslaved African Americans after the Civil War.”
14 Aug, 01:28 PM UTC
Tucker Carlson: White Supremacy is a hoax! Ken Cuccinelli: Statue of Liberty was only meant for white Europeans! Rep. Steve King: Hold my rape-and-incest diluted gene pool. via @DMRegister
14 Aug, 05:50 PM UTC
Trump War Room
The liberal media is relentlessly divisive, this time twisting @KenCuccinelli’s words on CNN to suggest that he’s racist and only wants white immigrants. So unfair - it’s just more #FakeNews! Here's the truth.
14 Aug, 07:12 PM UTC
hend & honey✨
My favorite story to tell is that the Statue of Liberty was actually a gift for egypt and egypt didn’t want it so the French gave it to the Americans but it’s still modeled after an Egyptian woman
14 Aug, 08:05 PM UTC
Michelangelo Signorile
When you’re fighting with the Statue of Liberty two days in a row I think you’ve already lost the public debate. Can we all agree Cucinelli is an idiot?
15 Aug, 03:20 AM UTC
Pure Michigan Girl
Madeleine Albright: Trump official's tweak of Statue of Liberty poem is 'completely un-American' No, it’s absolutely AMERICAN. The Puritan settlers learned through experience that Communism didn’t work. No immigrants who cannot be self-sufficient!
15 Aug, 04:48 AM UTC
Lillian Buchanan
1) I read the sonnet by Emma Lazarus that adorns the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty in its entirety this morning. While reading it I was brought to tears by the words “this Mighty Woman” and realizing what the Trump administration tyrants are doing to HER and this proud land
14 Aug, 06:12 PM UTC
New York Times Opinion
.@CharlesMBlow: "Trying to use the Statue of Liberty as a symbol to fight this racism is to me a misstep because there is too much history that fights against it."
15 Aug, 09:52 AM UTC
'Clearly, he did not take part in our curriculum': Historians bash Ken Cuccinelli's revised Statue of Liberty poem || By: Meagan Flynn
15 Aug, 10:25 AM UTC
Windthin ~ Rebel Scum & Snark Jedi 🇵🇷🏳️‍🌈❄️🌊
Well, good thing he clarified this for us. Ken Cuccinelli: Statue Of Liberty Poem About ‘People Coming From Europe’ Trump’s citizenship and immigration chief followed up his earlier comments about the famous Emma Lazarus poem with a racist clarification.
14 Aug, 06:53 PM UTC
Dave S
Okay, okay, okay...NOW are we allowed to call the Trump Administration racist??? #racist #RacistGOP #WhitePeopleAgainstRacism Immigration official Ken Cuccinelli: Statue of Liberty poem refers to immigrants from Europe via @usatoday
14 Aug, 08:26 PM UTC
Sonny Rollins Bridge
“The New Colossus” is a poem by Emma Lazarus written in 1883. In 1903, the same year that the Williamsburg Bridge opened, Lazarus’s poem was cast in bronze and installed in the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty....
14 Aug, 12:57 PM UTC
Charles M. Blow
Read my column, “America Made Lady Liberty a Hypocrite,” and let me know what you think…
15 Aug, 10:51 AM UTC
David Burke
The #FakeNews Media does it again. ICE Director Ken Cuccinelli’s words were taken out of context when he recently spoke on the historical context of the poem “New Colossus” that graces the Statue of Liberty, some calling his comments “racist”. 😩 @theblaze
15 Aug, 10:52 AM UTC
Madeleine Albright, who was twice a refugee herself, had some harsh words about acting US Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Ken Cuccinelli’s reinterpretation of the poem inscribed on a plaque attached to the Statue of Liberty. via @HuffPostPol
15 Aug, 10:47 AM UTC
the statue of liberty is the first ever هجرة شرعية and glow up from egypt i stan a queen
15 Aug, 10:51 AM UTC
George Andreopoulos
Well done, Izaac! Statue of Liberty shown cuffed and arrested by immigration officials in new mural
15 Aug, 10:54 AM UTC
@USCISCuccinelli If you don’t like the Statue of Liberty as she is, go back to where you came from.
15 Aug, 10:53 AM UTC
@mark_clinton @thehill Now would be a good time for you to look up when the poem was placed on The Statue of Liberty.
15 Aug, 10:53 AM UTC
Randall Ellis
WOW!! Is this the America we want? Not I! Fury as Trump official says poem on Statue of Liberty refers to 'people from Europe' | The Guardian
15 Aug, 10:52 AM UTC
Statue of liberty
15 Aug, 10:52 AM UTC
no justice - just us. ⌛️
Madeleine Albright: 'I Think The Statue Of Liberty Is Weeping'
15 Aug, 10:51 AM UTC
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15 Aug, 10:51 AM UTC
Elena Ojeda
She is. Madeleine Albright: ‘I Think The Statue Of Liberty Is Weeping’
15 Aug, 10:51 AM UTC