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I’m less concerned about #KenCuccinelli’s reworking of the #StatueOfLiberty poem than I am about unhinged, vitriolic #Lefties promoting violence in kids against #ICE agents who put #AmericaFirst by tirelessly defending Her borders, CITIZENS & sovereignty! @ConservaMomUSA's photo on #StatueOfLiberty
13 Aug, 04:50 PM UTC
Shannon is in FIGHT MODE🆘
Stephen Miller a repulsive subhuman Nazi. He better not put his frozen dead hands near our Statue of Liberty. I found the best picture I could...he’s a creepy dude. #StephenMiller #StatueOfLiberty https://t.co/XR8Iz7EJu2
14 Aug, 01:09 AM UTC
Nancy Lee Krieger🗽KickedCancer's A$$🥊
#StatueOfLiberty https://t.co/Rax05frSvp
14 Aug, 01:26 AM UTC
Tony Shephard
#NotMyPresident #StatueOfLiberty #TrumpIsAWhiteSupremacist THIS IS THE ONLY VERSION OF THE POEM!!! https://t.co/wTbzeGTq0P https://t.co/qOxK4RdiQR
13 Aug, 10:57 PM UTC
What have we become, America? This isn’t the America I grew up loving. I want it back.. #StatueOfLiberty https://t.co/aJWhWlJgTF
13 Aug, 11:23 PM UTC
MayTe 🗽🌊🌊🌊
@MorningEdition Call it what it is! #TrumpIsAWhiteSupremacist #StatueOfLiberty https://t.co/HA1h9OjT3Q
13 Aug, 10:27 PM UTC
Stephen J. Steglik
Tonight is a good night to share this picture I took a couple of years ago. In the distance you can see the Statue of Liberty which serves as a nice reminder that we are a nation of immigrants. #StatueOfLiberty #NationOfImmigrants https://t.co/yXVeizGt7a
14 Aug, 01:16 AM UTC
"In conclusion, may I please remind you that it does not say R.S.V.P. on the #StatueOfLiberty." #RefugeesWelcome #ImmigrantsMakeAmericaGreat https://t.co/bott68l8UJ
13 Aug, 11:05 PM UTC
Chandler Gilliatt
I think it truly highlights the poor state of our country when Confederate monuments being removed unleashes an outcry of “protecting our nation’s history” from our admin, but revising one of the greatest symbols of our nation is fair game. #StatueOfLiberty
13 Aug, 10:55 PM UTC
🇺🇸 Melanie D'Arrigo for Congress NY3 🇺🇸
The #StatueOfLiberty is a reminder that our greatest strength is our diversity and it will always be interwoven into the fabric of our nation. It's who we are. Changing the first words that so many of our ancestors saw entering our country for the first time is disgraceful. https://t.co/TFJWMYbmJa
14 Aug, 12:03 AM UTC
Dr. DaShanne Stokes
Racist Trump official Ken Cuccinelli apparently doesn't know that the first immigrants to this country were white people who couldn't stand on their own feet and had to be saved by Native people. #StatueOfLiberty
13 Aug, 11:39 PM UTC
Jose Antonio Vargas
"Give me your tired and your poor––who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge." 1 out of 3 Americans can trace their ancestors through Ellis Island. How many of those immigrants could "afford" America? How many needed help? #StatueOfLiberty
13 Aug, 08:08 PM UTC
A.G. Willliam Barr
The Trump Administration is considering changing the language on the Statue of Liberty. This is a compromise by Trump considering his original plan was to deport the #StatueOfLiberty back to France but only after stripping all the copper off for the scrap metal value.
13 Aug, 10:35 PM UTC
Douglas Hardy 🏳️‍🌈
It appears this bears repeating, and sharing #TheNewColossus #StatueofLiberty #EmmaLazarus https://t.co/5Ika0hFvNK
13 Aug, 08:59 PM UTC
Lord Tlaloc the melter of ICE
#StatueOfLiberty Please share #laloalcaraz cartoons https://t.co/rq8wme7NBa
13 Aug, 11:21 PM UTC
Lord Tlaloc the melter of ICE
@TwitterMoments #StatueOfLiberty Please share #laloalcaraz cartoons https://t.co/gyjudl3zzG
13 Aug, 11:19 PM UTC
Rev. Dr. Chuck Currie
#JesusVsTrump “Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.” - Jesus “Give me your tired and your poor who can stand on their own two feet," -@USCIS head Ken Cuccinelli #StatueOfLiberty
13 Aug, 07:07 PM UTC
Julie Ryan
"KEEP, ancient lands, your storied pomp!...Give ME your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." #StatueOfLiberty https://t.co/i9Xuia6pKH
13 Aug, 08:40 PM UTC
when you check to see why #StatueOfLiberty is trending...and then you see it’s trump trying to screw over ppl again. https://t.co/ycPvRyI0QU
13 Aug, 11:24 PM UTC
Stephanie Kennedy
"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!" - Emma Lazarus #StatueOfLiberty @GOP https://t.co/XprdYTlaNR
14 Aug, 01:49 AM UTC
George Capen
Dear France, maybe if you asked for the return of your very thoughtful gift in New York Harbor *maybe* we would reflect on what it really means. #StatueOfLiberty
13 Aug, 10:19 PM UTC
Elayne Boosler
Why rewrite just the poem? How about the Pledge of Allegiance? "I pledge allegiance to the flag that waves at the 18th hole. And to the republicans who will not stand, White Nation, only Christian god, with bribery, for just us, you're not welcome at all." #StatueOfLiberty
14 Aug, 03:11 AM UTC
Goaloop® Goals
@StephenAtHome #EmmaLazarus’ poem literally helped create the #StatueofLiberty's foundation. She wrote the poem to raise funds to build its pedestal. We are making the movie "Raising Liberty: The Construction of the Statue of Liberty as Reconstruction Was Under Attack" https://t.co/G4GT5DCHDH https://t.co/o3ZV7OSgQ1
14 Aug, 01:06 AM UTC
Satish Joseph
According to Ken Cuccinelli, the #StatueOfLiberty quote should read: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge.” Evil is taking over our land!
13 Aug, 10:30 PM UTC
This country wasn't built by the rich and secure, and it won't thrive if we exclude the homeless tempest-tossed. We invited them. We will help them get on their feet. #StatueOfLiberty https://t.co/uvOZIkMUQL
14 Aug, 01:08 AM UTC
Dr. DaShanne Stokes
Hey @USCISCuccinelli @KenCuccinelli , is this what you meant by "Give me your tired and your poor who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge"? 1621: Wampanoag people save Pilgrims https://t.co/MhwSDLEpXa #npr #StatueOfLiberty #KenCuccinelli
14 Aug, 12:01 AM UTC
Masha Rumer
The Statue of Liberty is being revised. What a shame. Immigrants have never been wealthy, able-bodied Vikings who swooped into town on Teslas, throwing gold coins and time shares at the peasants -and never will be. #StatueOfLiberty https://t.co/f8JlTg1xHW
13 Aug, 11:31 PM UTC
The acting director of Citizenship and Immigration Services says the inscription on the #StatueOfLiberty welcoming #immigrants into the country is about "people coming from Europe." https://t.co/XnOGKhhK3e
14 Aug, 02:55 AM UTC
Dany Bahar
THREAD: The fact that it is the #StatueOfLiberty that invites the "poor and tired" from other countries to join America is not a coincidence: it is #immigration what stands at the core of liberty of this country. Some facts for you to know 👇 1/8
14 Aug, 01:00 AM UTC
Tara Dublin
Attn @USCISCuccinelli #StatueOfLiberty #ImmigrantsAreWelcomeHere https://t.co/LxL2QogEDO
14 Aug, 03:07 AM UTC