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Mr. Grooberson (Paul Rudd) encounters an army of miniature Stay Puft Marshmellow Men in the first clip from Ghostbusters: Afterlife. @IGN's photo on Stay Puft
07 Apr, 01:32 PM UTC
Paul Rudd encounters a group of Stay Puft Marshmellow Men in the first clip from ‘GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE’. @DiscussingFilm's photo on Stay Puft
07 Apr, 01:43 PM UTC
Lights, Camera, Pod
New teaser for ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ featuring Paul Rudd and a miniature Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, releasing in theaters this fall. @LightsCameraPod's photo on Stay Puft
07 Apr, 02:02 PM UTC
Empire Magazine
A new #GhostbustersAfterlife teaser video pits Paul Rudd against an army of mini Mr. Stay-Puft marshmallow men: @empiremagazine's photo on Stay Puft
07 Apr, 02:22 PM UTC
John Squires
I'd like to welcome the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to my "iconic horror villains as babies" collage. @FreddyInSpace's photo on Stay Puft
07 Apr, 03:06 PM UTC
David Chen
Holy fuck this ad is disturbing. Stay Puft's roasting each other alive? Jesus
07 Apr, 02:06 PM UTC
strangernewfilms 🎬
Paul Rudd encounters a group of Stay Puft Marshmellow Men in the first clip from #GhostbustersAfterLife ☁️
07 Apr, 01:45 PM UTC
This new video for #GhostbustersAfterlife brings back an old favorite ghost in a new fashion.
07 Apr, 02:45 PM UTC
Indy 🐧
the existence of the Stay Puft marshmallow man implies to the existence of the ToGo Puft marshmallow men
07 Apr, 03:08 PM UTC
Stephen Sajdak
The Stay Puft corporation still using the Marshmallow man as its mascot after the events of the mid-80's would be like Blimpies using the Hindenburg as their logo
07 Apr, 03:53 PM UTC
Mike Sampson
"What if the CEO of Sony Corp. has a son or daughter, and that son or daughter wants a baby Stay-Puft in the movie and we don't have a take of that? I could lose my job."
07 Apr, 03:43 PM UTC
Screen Rant
The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man returns in a new #Ghostbusters: Afterlife clip, only he's a bit smaller than fans are used to. @screenrant's photo on Stay Puft
07 Apr, 01:53 PM UTC
Numskull Designs 🕹
Hands up who's excited for #Ghostbusters Afterlife 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ Now seems a good point to show off our Stay Puft Tubbz 👉
07 Apr, 03:39 PM UTC
Joe Dillon
Baby Groot/Baby Yoda: You stupid old dweebs it is cynical nostalgia! They just want you to buy the toys. Baby Stay Puft:
07 Apr, 04:27 PM UTC
Everyone cheating by including every godzilla monster... You don't even need to do that. Kong Godzilla Ultraman Gamera Eva unit 01 Jaeger from P.R. The Blob Jaws (scaled up) Stay Puft Gort Smaug Megazord Graboids (Tremors) Cthulhu And of course the final boss... The BFG
07 Apr, 03:15 PM UTC
SFX magazine
Stay Puft Man gets a 2021 makeover in new #GhostbustersAfterlife clip
07 Apr, 03:25 PM UTC
Adam Frazier
I want all the Slimer, Stay Puft, Samhain, Bug-Eye Ghost, Bad-To-The-Bone, Fearsome Flush weirdness you can give me.
07 Apr, 04:16 PM UTC
ambien r&b
@TheDantagonist stay puft minions lol
07 Apr, 04:24 PM UTC
Jinxe the Anonymous Hedgehog
@artiofab @GCraftyCraft 4) people who saw one clip of funny gremlins Stay Puft Marshmallows and decided "That's the movie for me!"
07 Apr, 04:24 PM UTC
Jess Mason
07 Apr, 04:23 PM UTC
"Alright we're making a new Ghostbusters again and this time we really need to get it right. Give me some fresh ideas!" "What if we did the Oompa Loompa bit from the Tim Burton Willy Wonka... but with Stay Puft!"
07 Apr, 04:22 PM UTC
Loose Seal Bluth ✨🌸🌺
On my way to buy Baby Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man merch like:
07 Apr, 04:20 PM UTC
Santa Claus, CEO
If Ghostbusters was real, people would’ve avoided Stay Puft marshmallows for 30 years, only to have them come back in a total hipster retro way that Instagram influencers would’ve fueled.
07 Apr, 04:19 PM UTC
Queen Gooner 👸🏾 #blacklivesmatter ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
Just seen the Ghostbusters Afterlife trailer and it looks awesome. I love the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.
07 Apr, 04:29 PM UTC
@noobde Godzilla universe Godzilla Mecha-Godzilla Mothra Rodan King Ghidora Mecha-Ghidora Kong Gamera Gigan Destoroyah Biollante Megalon for crossover Iron Gigant Gipsy Danger Cherno Alpha Kaiju - Leatherback Ultraman Goldar Dinozords Stay Puft Marshmallow Man EVERY MONSTER FROM RAMPAGE
07 Apr, 04:28 PM UTC
Matt Karolian 🟣
Baby Yoda, now baby Stay Pufts @mkarolian's photo on Stay Puft
07 Apr, 04:28 PM UTC
07 Apr, 04:27 PM UTC
Greg "Socially Distanced" Schoppe
@ThatShaneDavis @Ghostbusters @jmmcnabagain in the movie universe, millions of children have grown up with the image of a monstrous version of the Stay Puft marshmallow man burned into their brains. Any demon worth his salt is gonna possess a form that causes fear. AKA, it's a Tulpa.
07 Apr, 04:26 PM UTC
Deputy Minister of Flashdance
Those are some sadistic mini-Stay-Puft guys... 😆
07 Apr, 04:25 PM UTC
John Jofre
Not for nothing...but I want my own mini Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. #GhostbustersAfterlife #StayPuft #MiniPufts
07 Apr, 04:25 PM UTC