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This is Dustin. His legs work fine. He just prefers to scoot. 13/10 please clear the runway. He has places to be @dog_rates's photo on Stearns
02 Dec, 05:12 PM UTC
60 Minutes went after #Qanon tonight... @M2Madness's photo on Stearns
02 Dec, 03:14 AM UTC
Brewers prospects and more, oh my!
I think if Stearns wants to really have a competitive offseason, he’ll need to do some things that make him uncomfortable (like add a year to a deal). I don’t think Stearns will do anything that makes him uncomfortable.
02 Dec, 08:46 PM UTC
Ryan #BeatOSU 🔴⚪️🦡
Stearns and the Brewers have to be planning something HUGE. I’m talking an ELITE free agent this offseason
02 Dec, 09:03 PM UTC
Drew Olson
To quote @AaronNagler, there is a “Lotta ballgame left” in this off-season. It wasn’t that long ago that Stearns got Cain and Yelich on the same day (Jan. 25, 2018). Cain got $80 mil, btw. Grandal signed Jan. 14 for $18.25 million. Panic if you must….
02 Dec, 09:35 PM UTC
Neutral Good
The mood swings of Brewers Twitter: Stearns is a genius. Stearns has PLANS. Brewers WS winners 2020 hell yes forever! Stearns is incompetent. Brewers missed their window. Brewers are the armpit of the NL Central. Brewers will never win another game. Brewers ruined my life.
02 Dec, 10:35 PM UTC
Jim Cramer
If you want to know what really happened with Bear Stearns before Roger Ailes decided to try to disparage me in his time honored, fearsome ways:
02 Dec, 06:38 PM UTC
Christopher Stearns
@cjtruth I stick with the source: Also keep tabs on a colorful variety of #TwitterPatriots — @qappanon, @martingeddes, @JuliansRum, @GeorgePapa19 (😅), among many others. The community is experiencing some wicked growth; more than I can keep up with, for sure!
02 Dec, 10:56 PM UTC
mr. s
no matter who they sign, brewers will have massive dips in production at 3rd and catcher next year. unless you actually think david "just went ahead and cut guerra and thames" stearns is going to pay multiple $25 AAV years to a 34 yo, there's no one on the market at that level.
02 Dec, 10:20 PM UTC
𝐒𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐡 (ransoms hoe)
03 Dec, 12:06 AM UTC
Jaymes L
Don’t give David Stearns any ideas
02 Dec, 11:39 PM UTC
Brewers prospects and more, oh my!
I like to call today “Stearns Day.”
02 Dec, 11:40 PM UTC
Andy Tarnoff
Very disappointed that the #Brewers lost both Grandal and Moose. We’ll see what Stearns has up his sleeve, but hard to imagine the team being as good in 2020 without either of these guys. Also, for people who say they were too expensive: it’s not my money.
02 Dec, 10:58 PM UTC
Rubie Q
I mean, I get that David Stearns seems to be really adept at playing Collusion Ball, or whatever the fork it was the owners were doing the last couple of seasons, but somebody should probably let him know that other teams aren't playing this year.
02 Dec, 10:47 PM UTC
Andrew Wagner
Yes, because knowing what we know about David Stearns, he probably made absolutely zero effort to make a deal with Moustakas that would be fair to the player as well as the franchise. Yup. Nailed it with this sizzling take.
02 Dec, 10:45 PM UTC
The random Gif of the day:- Nothing much, just a baby giggling and wriggling in his seat. 😂❤️😂
03 Dec, 12:02 AM UTC
Eric Schmitz
@Natethougreat @ByAndrewWagner Brewers twitter is insufferable right now. It’s 12/2 and people act like Stearns has no plan or backup plans.
02 Dec, 10:56 PM UTC
@GhostRunnerOn2B @BrewerNation It’s the same half of the fan base that wanted to kill Stearns after he didn’t sign Arrieta or Darvish. Just be thankful they’re not influencing Stearns’ decisions. We’re literally in the most successful stretch our organization has seen and people still see glass half empty.
03 Dec, 12:06 AM UTC
Trust in David Stearns people. Smoke a bowl, drink a glass of scotch, relaxxxxx and enjoy the ride baby. #ThisIsMyCrew
02 Dec, 11:36 PM UTC
Jordan 🏒
Really @Brewers ?? Lol... que the "Stearns we trust" fake shit and blaming the market lol. 64 for 4 years lol... wow. That's not a good look for David.
02 Dec, 11:24 PM UTC
Shan Banan
I’ve been approached twice today at the gym by strangers and i was so in my head both times that i straight up fucking yelped when they tried getting my attention, I’m so embarrassed i can never go back
02 Dec, 11:00 PM UTC
Todd Schwister
@ByAndrewWagner I look at it this way: Stearns made compelling enough offers to both that other teams had to go 4 years and overspend to beat out the Brewers.
02 Dec, 11:42 PM UTC
C'mon Stearns, go out and get the best hitter in the game!
02 Dec, 11:54 PM UTC
Jim Flannery
@DrewOlsonMKE Well now that they’re gone Drew, how do they improve the team? Fans are upset because there aren’t better alternatives on the market. I think that’s understandable. Stearns may have something up his sleeve tradewise, but Fans have reason to be disappointed.
02 Dec, 11:53 PM UTC
jerry van handel
@Haudricourt It’s only December 2. Stearns will figure something out. He’s got a really good track record.
02 Dec, 11:52 PM UTC
Wisco Disco
I JUST GOT OUT OF A MEETING AND WE LOST MOOSE TOO?!?!? Stearns has got to have an amazing plan for the rest of the offseason
02 Dec, 11:32 PM UTC
Biased Wisconsin sports fan
@squatchrobers @WiscoSports4 Stearns usually makes a trade or signing right before there brewers on deck event at the end of January. Yelich/cain 2 years ago and grandal last year. This year garret cole?
02 Dec, 11:10 PM UTC
WiscoDisco 🇺🇸
@o2b1cmk @jimbofrederick @Haudricourt You’re right, they do have holes to fill but hasn’t David Stearns earned the right for us to give him a little bit of time end faith here?
02 Dec, 10:52 PM UTC

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