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Farhan Lalji
Stecher “I played my first game at 22 and nearly 💩 my pants. I can only imagine what it was like for a goalie... We were embarrassing in front of him” #canucks
12 Feb, 05:42 AM UTC
Mr Booth
The need for positivity has never been higher. As a result, here’s a video of Brock Boeser weirdly giggling and wheezing while at Twitter’s HQ with Troy Stecher Mr Booth's photo on Stecher
12 Feb, 05:01 AM UTC
Daniel Wagner - Pass it to Bulis
Suspend Evander Kane for the wild sucker punches on Troy Stecher please. Yikes.
12 Feb, 03:35 AM UTC
Jeff Paterson
another assist for Stecher (albeit a freebie), but up to 18 points now. Just two off #Canucks D lead with virtually no PP time this season
12 Feb, 03:53 AM UTC
North Kariya
What did Stecher get a penalty for?
12 Feb, 03:37 AM UTC
Steve Boddy
@smeez38 Could be. Either that or its about Kane punching Stecher. Tbh Gudbranson needs to shit kick someone and go to the box for 5 mins. Itd be a huge win for the team.
12 Feb, 03:52 AM UTC
Solid effort from Stecher to break that puck out on the Bo goal. You love to see it
12 Feb, 03:50 AM UTC
sources say,
yes, that pass by pettersson was just ridiculous, but can we talk about how awesome that Stecher zone exit was - just shielded off a guy and chipped the puck over a guy to get the puck up the ice
12 Feb, 03:44 AM UTC
Cody Severtson
@TheStanchion @NHLPlayerSafety any chance you guys look at Kane taking two cheapshots on a downed player on the ice? or nah, Stecher isn't a star so who cares?
12 Feb, 03:43 AM UTC
p serres
@fr_aquilini I mean, stecher showed just fine on that unit last game...
12 Feb, 03:40 AM UTC
🚨GAME OVER: Canucks 2 - 7 Sharks Shots: 27 - 24 Goals: Horvat, Pouliot Assists: Pettersson, MacEwen, Stecher, Goldobin Next Game: Wednesday VS Ducks 7PM! #Canucks
12 Feb, 05:42 AM UTC
Canucks defence needs an offseason obliteration. Keep Stecher, re-sign Eder, but get rid of Gudbranson, Pouliot, Tanev, and Hutton
12 Feb, 05:23 AM UTC
Jordan Savage
That was Karlsson like from Stecher
12 Feb, 05:21 AM UTC
Except Stecher 👀
12 Feb, 04:37 AM UTC
@taj1944 Ahahahah lol it’s painful to watch most of this D but man has Stecher looked good
12 Feb, 03:47 AM UTC
Tyler Halsey
@RileyMiner Watching with my brother and girlfriend, first thing I mentioned was Stecher.
12 Feb, 03:46 AM UTC
Don’t mess with Kane, Stecher 😂
12 Feb, 03:41 AM UTC
Norm Mills
@passittobulis Stecher got a penalty for what exactly?
12 Feb, 03:38 AM UTC
Lawrence Miller
Stecher got roughing!? Wtf!? #Canucks
12 Feb, 03:38 AM UTC
Sean Warren
@A_Wahnstrom @Sportsnet @imacSportsnet Tanev, Stecher, Hutton: NHL Gudbranson, Pouliot, Biega:Not NHL I got half
12 Feb, 07:16 AM UTC
Captain Coffee
@Spargel_Stecher Meme Kackt auf switch und spielt im Klo
12 Feb, 06:55 AM UTC
Leigh McBain
@Turf777john @Canucks @NHL @lordricky51 @zmacewen11 Markstrom playing as well as pretty much any goaltender after late Nov. Pettersson a near lock for Calder, Boeser playing well, Horvat a solid #2C, Hutton & Stecher both playing well and improving - not garbage, just not a contender.
12 Feb, 06:46 AM UTC
Stecher on DiPietro’s first NHL game 👏🏼👏🏼
12 Feb, 06:31 AM UTC
Zergon Perval
@tagesschau Die suchen sich doch nur nen neuen Stecher und dann geht es wieder ab.
12 Feb, 06:08 AM UTC
caleb kirby
There's getting blown out and letting a team know that next time it wont be so easy. #Canucks failed to do that tonight. Kane mauls Stecher, high sticks Jake in the face and I guess everyone is just cool with it. That's some soft baby shit!
12 Feb, 05:33 AM UTC
@Spargel_Stecher Irgendwann kacke ich in seinen pool und das steht fest
12 Feb, 05:00 AM UTC
Pavel Yim
@DanRiccio650 @RandipJanda @passittobulis Would be nice to see a Hutton-Stecher, Sautner-Tanev, Brisebois-Schenn right now.
12 Feb, 04:37 AM UTC
allan powell
@le_shipster @funnierhandle @kingfildeuce Ya I wonder why that is. Maybe Stecher was more NHL ready? Are you seriously a hockey writer?
12 Feb, 04:36 AM UTC
Tyler Shipley
@socklesshal @funnierhandle @kingfildeuce Stecher was also a rookie with no nhl experience, averaged nearly three minutes more.
12 Feb, 04:32 AM UTC
cat 🦋
12 Feb, 04:27 AM UTC
@Canucks Will someone please get revenge on Kane? He suckered Stecher if you didn’t notice...
12 Feb, 04:25 AM UTC
@botchford Hutton and Stecher again
12 Feb, 04:24 AM UTC
@SatiarShah Him and Stecher. If only Goldy and Virtanen could learn that, they could take big steps fed. Mind you, Virtanen has looked better recently, more complete game, but long way to go.
12 Feb, 04:21 AM UTC
sources say,
holy cow stecher just straight armed a dude
12 Feb, 04:18 AM UTC
Sit Biega and Gudbranson down. Roll Hutton and Stecher, Pouliot and Tanev.
12 Feb, 04:12 AM UTC
@thatsgauche @taj1944 Our D is pretty good with Stecher and Tanev and Edler and Hutton but the rest yes. Teams don’t tank lol
12 Feb, 04:07 AM UTC
Nate Lewis
@sportsnetirf were you told not to ask Kane what happened with mauling Stecher?
12 Feb, 04:01 AM UTC
Ryan Little
@Benfica97 @patersonjeff @troystecher Why are you tagging Troy Stecher... That's a dick move for the player and for Jeff
12 Feb, 04:01 AM UTC
Wilf Ratzburg
@fr_aquilini Nope! Been missing Stecher there all season.
12 Feb, 04:01 AM UTC
Michael Beck
@Koachck I’m not sure if I agree. I’m not sure if Pouliot or Gudbranson are NHL caliber players. Hutton would be fine on a 3rd pairing. Tanev is old and broke down. Stecher flashes but will also make costly mistakes. I feel like the group needs an overhaul
12 Feb, 03:54 AM UTC
I think all Kane did was wake the team up. They were skating through quicksand until he sucker punched Stecher.
12 Feb, 03:52 AM UTC
Tyson C
@fr_aquilini If Hutton and Stecher are @lyft and @Uber , Gudbranson is a Vancouver Taxi.. How long we gonna wait for this shit show to be over???????
12 Feb, 03:49 AM UTC
@GoalNHL assists: Pettersson, Stecher
12 Feb, 03:47 AM UTC
Zakir Khan
Stecher gets mugged and it's not a 5 min major? #Canucks
12 Feb, 03:46 AM UTC
@TheStanchion can you make sure Stecher gets some love on that goal? He worked hard to get it out of the zone #Canucks #Teamtank
12 Feb, 03:45 AM UTC
San Jose Sharks PR
Scoring Update: Vancouver goal at 19:53 (1st) - 3-1 B. Horvat (20) Assists: E. Pettersson (26), T. Stecher (17)
12 Feb, 03:45 AM UTC
Lucas Hanashiro
Que passe maravilhoso do Elias Pettersson. Green carrega a linha do Horvat no final do período e os Canucks conseguem seu primeiro gol. Troy Stecher rapidamente se tornou o defensor número 1 de Vancouver, jogando muitíssimo bem.
12 Feb, 03:45 AM UTC
Isha Jahromi 🏒
Stecher is a LEGIT top 4 #NHL defender. Great season and one of the only brightsides of this first period #Canucks #SJSharks
12 Feb, 03:45 AM UTC
Stecher starting that play though...
12 Feb, 03:44 AM UTC
@Canuckjinn Stecher crosschecking Kane in the face
12 Feb, 03:40 AM UTC
Nathan Perry
@fr_aquilini Something wrong with stecher , tell green to get his head of his ass
12 Feb, 03:38 AM UTC
2 minute penalty to Troy Stecher for getting his neck chopped by a hockey stick
12 Feb, 03:38 AM UTC
Gilligan's Isle
@canucksplace The question marks include Hutton Stecher Briesbois Juollevi #Canucks D 🤔
12 Feb, 03:37 AM UTC
@horvat2boeser Treating stecher the same way he treats some of his dates
12 Feb, 03:37 AM UTC
Felix the Teal 👻
Looks like Stecher and Kane went at it, but Donskoi in the box too to serve the extra minor. #SJSharks PK getting its first look of the nigh.t
12 Feb, 03:37 AM UTC
Evander Kane mugged Stecher... so they put Stecher in the box.... what? Am i missing something ?
12 Feb, 03:37 AM UTC
Hassan Ahmed
@UncleLaleet Did stecher get 2 minutes for getting beat up?
12 Feb, 03:37 AM UTC
Kevin Klassen
@passittobulis Trying to figure out why Stecher got a penalty for that.
12 Feb, 03:37 AM UTC
Nathan Perry
Stecher>Hutton on pp
12 Feb, 03:37 AM UTC
Stecher gets a penalty? What a fucking joke
12 Feb, 03:37 AM UTC

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