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🖕🏻Aunt Crabby Calls Bullshit 🖕🏻
Of course, after all our nation has been through with Trump, @JohnCornyn is talkin' about the Steele Dossier. What a butt-munch.
22 Feb, 04:01 PM UTC
Charles P. Pierce
"The Steele Dossier" Drink! Cornyn is such a freaking tool.
22 Feb, 03:58 PM UTC
Olga Lautman
Only Russia and some Republicans are still focused on the Steele Dossier. Meanwhile @JohnCornyn has no issues with his colleagues assisting Russian active measures by spewing intel created disinformation in our Senate and on TV @SenRonJohnson
22 Feb, 04:00 PM UTC
Janet Johnson
The Steele Dossier and lies about it are what the GOP are focused on. Not right wing violence, the greatest threat to our security. Tells you everything.
22 Feb, 03:59 PM UTC
Bradley P. Moss
OMG we're seriously still talking about the Steele Dossier. Will 2016 ever end?
22 Feb, 03:59 PM UTC
Mark Jacob
John Cornyn is spending his time with Merrick Garland dissecting the Steele dossier. If he had more time, he would've brought up the Zimmerman telegram of 1917 and the XYZ affair of 1797.
22 Feb, 04:02 PM UTC
Cornyn now conflating Steele dossier with the CI investigation into Trump, which is like waving a sign that he doesn't know fuckall about the investigation.
22 Feb, 03:59 PM UTC
Bradley P. Moss
If you spent the last few weeks telling everyone to move on from January 6th, I don’t want to hear anything from you about how we need to keep investigating people over the Steele Dossier.
22 Feb, 04:55 PM UTC
Chuck Ross
DOJ/FBI’s delay tactics on Steele dossier and Russiagate revelations have worked exactly as they planned. Now, anyone who expresses interest in those topics is called an obsessive.
22 Feb, 04:56 PM UTC
Seth Abramson
The Steele dossier remains one of the most lied-about items of the whole Trump presidency. Republicans lie about Steele's background, motivations, knowledge, funders and claims. They lie about the dossier timeline and they lie about its provenance and they lie about its accuracy.
22 Feb, 05:39 PM UTC
Hillary Clinton emails and the Steele dossier. Really @JohnCornyn? Do better.
22 Feb, 03:59 PM UTC
Olga Lautman
Also tying the Steele Dossier to Russian active measures is laughable considering the long history of Trump with Russian mafia and Kremlin linked officials. 4 decades of it @JohnCornyn
22 Feb, 04:02 PM UTC
Radical Institutionalist
Hillary’s emails, the Steele Dossier... it’s like a right-wing greatest hits tape
22 Feb, 03:59 PM UTC
Sarah Reese Jones
Republicans focusing on "The Steele Dossier” instead of protecting their country from domestic terrorists they incited. Patriotism? Not so much.
22 Feb, 04:33 PM UTC
Elliot Williams
Only took 89 minutes for the words "Steele Dossier" to be spoken in this hearing
22 Feb, 04:01 PM UTC
Chuck Ross
Garland said he has only read "conflicted reports" about the Steele dossier.
22 Feb, 04:02 PM UTC
Mueller, She Wrote
@eliehonig Did you notice Cancun Cruz folded into the question AS FACT that the Russia investigation was opened on the predicate of the Steele dossier? That has been long debunked. What a chode.
22 Feb, 05:03 PM UTC
Alice Pendleton
They have their Mar-a-logo Trump Cliff Note which include: Border, Hilary, Comey, Steele Dossier. Haven’t heard Hunter Biden, yet.....But, wait for it....The day is still young. How truly great is Merrick Garland vs the smug-arrogant Barr!
22 Feb, 04:41 PM UTC
Debi Mattiuz
John Cornyn is throwing up the Steele Dossier as a distraction from his inept response to the Texas Disaster. Texas and every other state has already seen his coward stripes.
22 Feb, 04:44 PM UTC

In the year of our (alleged) Lord 2021 the "Steele Dossier" is trending again.
22 Feb, 05:27 PM UTC
💀 Scary Larry 💀 🇺🇸🌊✊🏻🗽
I heard Cornyn asking Garland about the Steele Dossier and I have to doublecheck to see what year this is. FFS. 🤦🏼‍♂️
22 Feb, 05:19 PM UTC
Steve Rustad
The GOP is preaching about unity now??? To hell with unity. Those traitors were ALL complicit in Trump's rampage against democracy. For 4 damn years. #TrumpTaxReturns #TrumpTaxes Merrick Garland Eric Holder Steele Dossier John McCain Al Capone Meghan McCain Neera Tanden
22 Feb, 05:41 PM UTC
@OlgaNYC1211 @JohnCornyn @SenRonJohnson When the word “Steele Dossier” came out of his mouth we see the road @JohnCornyn still travels.
22 Feb, 04:25 PM UTC
Scorpio 222
@Barnes96 @JohnDalyBooks I can cite several more sources, I even gave u CNN! I guess you think the Steele dossier was real too huh? Face reality Comey lied to the FISA court. Maybe you should do some actual research! And you call me a parrot? 🤦‍♂️ 😂😂😂
22 Feb, 05:43 PM UTC
Hannable Lecturer
@AbsolonSecurity @Landon59482362 @frosty3737 Umm. Steele dossier and Russian election involvement aren’t the same thing. The “Russia hoax” as he calls it relates to the kremlin’s active campaign to disrupt the 2016 election, which has been proven repeatedly by all major intel organizations as well as by the US senate.
22 Feb, 05:43 PM UTC
Is anyone else in Texas embarrassed by @SenTedCruz (blathering about the Obama admin) @JohnCornyn (beating the dead horse Steele dossier) ????????? Our Texas Senators are HORRIBLE.
22 Feb, 05:43 PM UTC

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