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Mysta Rias 🕵️‍♂️🦊 NIJISANJI EN
@Rosemi_Lovelock did u break ur stem
22 Jun, 07:11 PM UTC
Matthew Sitman
Thinking out loud, my sense is that the twin disasters of Iraq and the financial crash mean that it can be easy to forget how religious the George W. Bush administration was—stem cells, Terri Schiavo, "partial birth abortion" ban, const. amend. against SSM, Alito/Roberts
23 Jun, 02:30 AM UTC
Euromaidan Press
Horrifying images from Lysychansk, Luhansk Obl. Russia’s constant shelling killing & injuring civilians. A woman was caught under heavy fire. 🇺🇦defenders applied a tourniquet to stem blood flow & delivered her to nearest medical base. #ArmUkraineNow Photos: Aris Messinis https://t.co/zUCzXv9Ve4
23 Jun, 05:15 AM UTC
Oren Gottfried, MD
Great drawings and demonstration of arterial supply to brain and brain stem. Credit Mai Stewart https://t.co/QjEX9tNOGc
23 Jun, 09:56 AM UTC
Kirsten Allen
.@VP drops in on the Women’s Sports Foundation Field Day and while here stopped at the STEM station to make her own electrolyte drink. https://t.co/8cvdpOazK5
22 Jun, 08:30 PM UTC
POV: you do a level STEM and you’re watching everyone enjoy life rn #alevelchemistry #ocrchemistry #alevelbiology #alevels2022 https://t.co/qbogk8nDyx
22 Jun, 05:17 PM UTC
Al Murray - DKMS.ORG.UK 🇺🇦
A pleasure to meet Jamie from @DKMSScotland. He had a blood stem cell transplant 6 years ago that saved his life. He had 3 matches in 27 million registrations. It's a numbers game and you can help other people win it. https://t.co/3O1rjjbNtS register now. @almurray's photo on STEM
22 Jun, 06:16 PM UTC
Rupert Murdoch supporting DeSantis should be a red flag to anyone with activity above the brain stem. https://t.co/mSREiV11jJ
23 Jun, 12:20 PM UTC
Hey pelaas que estudian temas stem: por favor, inventen una máquina de mamografías que sea Tit-Friendly. Esa vaina que se usa hoy día es un aparato de tortura y probablemente lo disenó un hombre 🤷🏻‍♀️
22 Jun, 08:43 PM UTC
@op1npo @TjeerdD66 Laat boer en burger dan maar zien Tjeerd dat de natuur 80% teruggegaan en zeer steek verzuurt is. Maar boer en burger mogen niet vrij kijken in de NDFF(=Nationale Data Flora en Fauna waar al die gegevens in staan. Stem daar morgen voor https://t.co/0heXwNfaH6
22 Jun, 11:02 PM UTC
Microsoft Education UK
We 💓 @MSMakeCode and we're sure you and your students will too! Check out Microsoft MakeCode, our free online learn-to-code platform featuring @PlayCraftLearn, @microbit_edu and much more: https://t.co/THs0RJ0Lng @MicrosoftEDU #MicrosoftEDU #MIEExpert #STEM https://t.co/w55DSPM1rP
22 Jun, 05:00 PM UTC
Jack Worth
NEW: Are DfE’s pay proposals enough to tackle the coming teacher supply storm? Our analysis shows current policy is unlikely to be sufficient for adequate recruitment & retention, especially in STEM TES: https://t.co/1hXIbraA8n Report: https://t.co/l2xHoi4ZQ1 Summary thread 🧵
23 Jun, 08:13 AM UTC
London Fire Brigade
Members of our Fire Engineering Group, Fire Investigation & Drone teams attended a SheCanEngineer STEM event to celebrate International Women in Engineering Day. Students got the chance to test out our drone’s thermal imaging camera & inspect burnt out hoverboards #INWED22 https://t.co/HKdxgc0HqL
23 Jun, 11:03 AM UTC
NHS Health Careers
A busy day at @BigBangUKSTEM as students took a patient journey, from emergency response through to treatment and recovery. They got to experience a range of interactive #STEM activities and #NHSCareers along the way. @NHS_HealthEdEng @MedicMavericks #BigBangFair https://t.co/4LNdNcXOc7
22 Jun, 05:58 PM UTC
Every #highered STEM educator should read this. Recently I was telling STEM students they should seek out courses w/high classroom interaction, opps for practice, etc. rather than all lecture when someone nearby says “well, students need diff things.” https://t.co/xGl9Qr08aL
23 Jun, 11:08 AM UTC
📢📢Please join CCEC on 1st July 3PM (GMT) 🇬🇧"Efrat Shema from Weizmann Institute of Science" @ShemaEfrat "Single-molecule and single-cell epigenetics" Link to join 👇 https://t.co/X42oOSY46s @ShuchiChromaBio @activemotif @chlamydas @FMIscience @SCICambridge @hi_stem_lab https://t.co/kXuhsDSwZm
23 Jun, 10:33 AM UTC
Dr Patrick Duggan
Happening across the country to numerous brilliant arts & humanities courses/departments: we need more public outcry, more intellectual support, more endorsements from public figures & STEM colleagues... & more recognition that arts & humanities are not 'nice to have' but VITAL https://t.co/jU2HGVmPhI
23 Jun, 10:32 AM UTC
New York Stem Cell Foundation Research Institute
In 2021, we published a study in @NeuroCellPress showing that #stemcell models reflect features of aging brains in a continuum from healthy to severe #AlzheimersDisease. Learn more: https://t.co/mvcf42NpgB #AlzheimersAndBrainAwarenessMonth #AlzheimersAwarenessMonth https://t.co/1IZKV1rdRd
22 Jun, 04:00 PM UTC
WITS Ireland
We’ve partnered with @MediaplanetIE on today’s Women in STEM campaign, launching online and within the Irish Independent Follow the link to read more https://t.co/hcRFf5FUox #womeninstemie https://t.co/VQiXcrD6BD
23 Jun, 11:23 AM UTC
Xia & He Publishing
Stem cell transplantation is a potential treatment option for liver cirrhosis (#LC ). Researchers' study aimed to develop Au-Fe3O4 silica nanoparticles (NPs) as tracking nanoplatforms for dual-modal #stem #cell imaging. #LiverTwitter https://t.co/VdrTCON2jd https://t.co/I5O8byM50d
23 Jun, 10:00 AM UTC
In recognition of women in engineering day today we celebrate our female engineers across the globe You are leaders technologists problem solvers and you are the role model for girls what you can achieve in the #STEM career space @Astro_Ellen @WomenriseNFT #crofam #fftb 🚀 https://t.co/AZrefUSF2z
23 Jun, 12:42 PM UTC
New America Public Interest Tech
Quad application deadline approaching @SchmidtFutures: 1 week left to apply to the Quad Fellowship. Prospective or current PhD students in #STEM are eligible to receive up to $75k in funding and access to robust programming. Apply now. https://t.co/RK1HIzH8Hi
22 Jun, 10:49 PM UTC
Orientations Training Centre
Kids have a natural curiosity that lends itself to #STEM. At #Orientations, we inspire kids ages 6 to 15 to build on their innate desire for answers by exploring engineering concepts in a fun, hands-on way. @stemdotorg @stemceo @CodeClubGlobal @EsudanGi @coolestprojects https://t.co/oR1Ul9ntDS
23 Jun, 09:57 AM UTC
We are honored to be a finalist for the #EdTechX Scale-up Award. Join us in London June 23 for the @EdTechEurope Summit 2022: https://t.co/7hf6a0oygc #edtech #STEMlearning #STEM #labster #virtuallabs #education #simulations #futureofwork #metaverse #eduverse https://t.co/547diRnGrP
23 Jun, 05:00 AM UTC
The Big Bang
Tune in in ten minutes on #BigBangDigital for the live streamed STEM panel "Surprising engineering" including speakers from @siemens, @unboxed2022, @ECITB_Skills, @CGI_UKNEWS, and @atkinsglobal https://t.co/Sxp6xYtWPE https://t.co/e1WxhosKeB
23 Jun, 12:20 PM UTC
VPRO Medialab
Dit jaar vindt alweer de derde editie van @aisongcontest plaats! (het initiatief ontstond in 2020 bij @vpro) Deze 15 nummers, allemaal gemaakt door/met Artificial Intelligence, maken dit jaar kans. Luister en stem hier: @vpromedialab on STEM">https://t.co/JAC4E6PyIp
23 Jun, 11:52 AM UTC
Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP
🎉 International Women in Engineering Day today gives us the opportunity to talk all things #STEM! This article from @gbsiot shows that by making STEM engaging and accessible its possible to open a world of opportunity for the next generation to discover: https://t.co/uFgFG4OPbs https://t.co/Tc2N9JPPe7
23 Jun, 11:39 AM UTC
Medicines Discovery Catapult
📆 One for your calendar - 29 June - 1pm Join our Senior Scientist, Dr Emma Jones at the @DrugTargetRev & @bitbio webinar It will cover how stem cells are being reprogrammed into new, accurate & reproducible #HuntingtonsDisease models for drug discovery https://t.co/5U9CMO6e7y https://t.co/G3cJC9ZmnV
23 Jun, 10:00 AM UTC
Entrust STEM
Happy International Women's Day to all our STEM Ambassadors #InternationalWomeninEngineeringDay #Engineering #STEM @STEMLearningUK @BlackWomenSTEM @WomenSciAUST @WomenDoingSci @thewisecampaign @EngWomen https://t.co/bAIlwUw0HG
23 Jun, 10:01 AM UTC
All About STEM
All About STEM: School Discovery Days Learners from @High_Neston have explored machine learning, AI, smart appliances & more. Now it's time to design their own Machines of the Future! Team @AllAboutSTEM 🙌 @UnileverUKI @RAFYouthEngage @CRESTAwards @CRESTNorthWest @MCSTEMHub @allaboutstem's media on STEM">@allaboutstem's media on STEM">@allaboutstem's media on STEM">https://t.co/FTU64GJ8ft
23 Jun, 12:39 PM UTC