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Stephen A. Smith & Jay Williams going at it this morning… @Ballislife's photo on Stephen A
13 Oct, 03:41 PM UTC
Zek 💫
It’s funny how Stephen A Smith is always calling Kyrie selfish, but the reason Max Kellerman isn’t on first take anymore is simply because Stephen A didn’t like him
13 Oct, 04:15 PM UTC
Broken Traditions
Stephen A Smith need to be reminded who Kyrie is…. @brokentraditi0n's photo on Stephen A
13 Oct, 03:42 PM UTC
LEAKED: voicemail from Jay Williams to Stephen A Smith @lancevance392's photo on Stephen A
13 Oct, 03:24 PM UTC
Jay Williams trying to peacefully talk on live tv and Stephen a smith starts yelling to make it seem like he’s right lmao @iam_johnw2's photo on Stephen A
13 Oct, 03:14 PM UTC
Jeff Lightsy Jr.
I was taught this and it remains true to this day. When people are losing arguments they result to name-calling. Thats exactly what Stephen A did here... More on this later
13 Oct, 04:50 PM UTC
Shannon Sharpe Burner Account
@stephenasmith Stephen a Smith on First take without max Kellerman been in shambles while undisputed is on top @shannonsharpeee's photo on Stephen A
13 Oct, 05:37 PM UTC
Stephen A smith is paid highly for 1 reason…. @CoachingJFL's photo on Stephen A
13 Oct, 03:03 PM UTC
Ashley Nicole Moss
they’re talking about two different things here: Stephen A is talking basketball and Jay is talking about his (Kyrie’s) rights as a person. and both are right.
13 Oct, 04:19 PM UTC
Shamar English
Jay Williams trying to get into ESPN tomorrow morning after Stephen A. Smith has the passcode changed. #FirstTake
13 Oct, 03:35 PM UTC
barre.eth 🔺🎩
Stephen A calling ESPN execs to get Jay Williams off air
13 Oct, 05:22 PM UTC
From the Weed to this idk what to say bout Stephen A no more !
13 Oct, 06:53 PM UTC
Next Level
The way Stephen A talked down to Jay Williams was rude and disrespectful. As a man, JWill needs to pull him aside and check his ass.
13 Oct, 02:48 PM UTC
Complex Sports
"Jay, you sound full of it..." 😳 Stephen A. and Jay Williams got into a HEATED debate about Kyrie not getting the vaccine. Video and more:
13 Oct, 07:23 PM UTC
Carl Cooke
Max Kellerman listening to Jay Williams vent about what an ass Stephen A. Smith is at tomorrow’s Keyshawn, JWill and Max preshow meeting
13 Oct, 07:39 PM UTC
Broken Traditions
Don’t criticize Kyrie Irving and celebrate Mohammad Ali Stephen A Smith
13 Oct, 05:52 PM UTC
Gary Sheffield Jr.
I actually can’t believe (really I can because he can have them fired in a snap) that grown men in suits allow Stephen A to speak over them like that. You’d actually think Stephen A was belligerent about something he studied, rather than something he was told. A $10 million 🐑
13 Oct, 08:57 PM UTC
Glenn Rushworth
@richarddeitsch I'd like to see the e-mails Greeny has on ESPN Executives because that is the only thing that can possibly explain their infatuation with him. Any new vacancy/idea/problem spot at ESPN, the answer seems to be more Greeny with a dash of Stephen A. So predictable.
13 Oct, 05:05 PM UTC
Caleb Ackerman
Shout out to Jay Williams for spitting facts on the show and keeping Stephen A in check. I'm pro vaccine, but Jay has a point about narrative and calling someone who is representing a group of people stupid is incredibly dangerous
13 Oct, 09:05 PM UTC
Stephen A smith can’t comprehend some peoples beliefs run deeper than their profession like damn everything is not basketball lol
13 Oct, 11:49 PM UTC
Fuck Stephen A Smith.
13 Oct, 11:57 PM UTC
You can tell all that money going to Stephen A head. Ion think him screaming over grown men talking an act.. he seem like a real a-hole.. I could be wrong though
13 Oct, 11:59 PM UTC
@DashOfNews Stephen A sounded like an idiot
13 Oct, 11:59 PM UTC
Michael Thomas Gamez
Stephen A. Smith Tells Kyrie Irving ‘the Hell With You’ Over Anti-Vax Stance I agree, but if it were only those who refuse to vaccinate who would be affected!
13 Oct, 11:59 PM UTC
Anthony Vito Faletti
@RealJayWilliams I’m fully vaccinated here and I completely agree with you on what you said to Stephen A. He didn’t even dispute anything you said he just yelled and said you sound full of it without specifying why
13 Oct, 11:59 PM UTC
@NoHandouts_ Nah. Shams gotta be using the same sources as Stephen A. There's only so many people that knows what's happening on an NBA team.
13 Oct, 11:58 PM UTC
Bracket Dom
@vertderfork @stephenasmith Stephen A. has historically hated the Cowboys, in what world are you getting him being a Cowboys homer from?? Lol
13 Oct, 11:58 PM UTC
ochieng o
"Stephen A" kyrie had to be vaccinated to attend college, why did he not take a stand then...
13 Oct, 11:58 PM UTC
Uncle Carrot 🥕
@RealJayWilliams Stephen A over talked like you like a mf man. That's how he "wins" these debates. His show is trash. You brought it up a knotch. Thanks for that Jay!
13 Oct, 11:57 PM UTC