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Bobby Lewis
Steve Doocy: "The Congress was under attack last week. It was looted. There was a riot." Brian Kilmeade: "So was Portland every day, and nobody cared on the left!" Steve: "Brian ... Brian ... I don't think what they were doing in Portland was trying to overthrow the democracy." @revrrlewis's photo on Steve Doocy
13 Jan, 12:12 PM UTC
Bobby Lewis
i'm glad steve doocy basically agrees with me that there is not much of a comparison between the violence over the summer and a direct, violent assault on the united states congress in order to stop an election. please follow me and @mmfa for more, steve
13 Jan, 12:15 PM UTC
Brian Stelter
Fox whataboutism on flagrant display: "The Congress was under attack last week," Steve Doocy said. "It was looted! There was a riot!" "So is Portland every day! And nobody cared on the left!" Brian Kilmeade exclaimed. Doocy tried to explain that Portland and DC were different
13 Jan, 11:19 AM UTC
Bobby Lewis
@mmfa in an interview with this congresswoman, ainsley earhardt agreed with the suggestion that the situations are the same (they are not) because "violence is violence on both sides." once again, and its not praise, but steve doocy is the only host of this show with a hint of a brain
13 Jan, 02:23 PM UTC
Seth Masket
Two years ago Steve Doocy questioned Ilhan Omar’s loyalty to the United States. Does he have such questions for Lauren Boebert, seen here posing for a photo with terrorists?
13 Jan, 02:30 PM UTC
Fox News: When they bring up the Capitol attack, immediately make equivalence to Portland and BLM and then talk about unity and healing. DO NOT recognize last week as different. Steve Doocy: No.
13 Jan, 04:01 PM UTC
Bobby Lewis
Just as Steve Doocy asked, Steve Forbes appeared today on Fox & Friends to answer for the statement. Forbes described the op-ed as McCarthyism, but also said the Chief Content Officer is entitled to his opinion (lol)
13 Jan, 02:27 PM UTC
John William Schiffbauer
When Geraldo Rivera, Steve Doocy grow a conscience faster than 138 GOP members of Congress, your party might have a problem. #ImpeachmentDay
13 Jan, 02:39 PM UTC
The Big Lead
Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade showcase the decision Fox News faces going forward with great efficiency.
13 Jan, 04:08 PM UTC
Jeremy Barr
Great illustration of the ideological gap between Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, who appears to still be extremely all-in for Trump
13 Jan, 03:57 PM UTC
Andrew Rose Gregory
Steve Doocy...welcome to the resistance
13 Jan, 04:16 PM UTC
Ten Forward πŸ’™
@StevenRuediger @davidaprice When Steve Doocy is schooling you on basic facts about the Insurrection.... you might be a treacherous racist scumbag POS
13 Jan, 04:08 PM UTC
Paula Duffy
When Steve Doocy decided to say f it all.
13 Jan, 03:59 PM UTC
@revrrlewis They lost Geraldo. They're about to lose Steve Doocy next.
13 Jan, 04:21 PM UTC
James Hagan
@revrrlewis I agree with steve doocy!? Wow this is getting weird
13 Jan, 04:10 PM UTC
Kyri W Claflin, PhD
@revrrlewis @nminow When you lose Steve Doocy ...
13 Jan, 04:09 PM UTC
Heidi Tandy (my tweets are not legal advice) πŸ’«
Steve Doocy is right.
13 Jan, 04:08 PM UTC
Ashley Christine
Words I never thought I’d say: I agree with Steve Doocy.
13 Jan, 04:06 PM UTC
Eric Brunton
@revrrlewis When even Steve Doocy is ahead of you...
13 Jan, 04:03 PM UTC
😷 Elle Chestnut πŸ§£β›„οΈπŸ§€
@revrrlewis @JohnJHarwood When you lose Steve Doocy. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
13 Jan, 04:02 PM UTC
Kyle Koster
Fox News' crossroads helpfully distilled down to about 20 seconds.
13 Jan, 04:00 PM UTC
@revrrlewis OMG Steve Doocy has a line. Sincere kudos to Steve Doocy. We can talk about how we got here later. Definitely. But for now, I am thankful for anyone who sees the light.
13 Jan, 03:54 PM UTC
@duncan_lt @WineLoverSF @SenatorTimScott Fact or No Fox & Friends Host Steve Doocy Says Republicans Would Definitely Impeach a Democratic President For Behaving Like Trump
13 Jan, 03:50 PM UTC
Richard Hill AKA Papichulo πŸ˜‰
@revrrlewis @mmfa Imagine a daily talk show in which Steve Doocy is the smart one.
13 Jan, 03:42 PM UTC

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