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Craig Beilinson
@justin_halpern To be fair, “Steve Jail” seems totally legit in a storyline that has already included Trump’s friend, “Matthew Calamari.”
13 Aug, 04:18 AM UTC
please welcome to the stage the incomparable, the legendary....Steve Jail
13 Aug, 12:16 PM UTC
The Steve Jail post is very funny but unfortunately fake
13 Aug, 03:49 AM UTC
A Choral Hexed Eleventh
@justin_halpern The greatest trick Steve Jail ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.
13 Aug, 07:43 AM UTC
District Sentinel
This account may or may not have accidentally taken seriously an Epstein joke about a prison guard assassin named “Steve Jail.” It is a joke. We knew that definitely and we were just testing all of you. Congratulations on passing the test.
13 Aug, 01:39 PM UTC
Sandra Navidi
OMG, this is like out of a bad movie. "My name is Steve ... Steve Jail". To call this suspicious is an understatement. The chain of events seems to have been carefully coordinated. I for one don't believe #Epstein committed suicide (and I'm an attorney). #Trump #Barr #Acosta
13 Aug, 10:58 AM UTC
TrueAnon Pod
Je suis Steve Jail
13 Aug, 02:58 PM UTC
Yes today, Satan!
"Steve what?" (Internal monologue) "Fuck! I didn't think of a surname. Fuck! Don't say Steve Murder!" "Jail. Steve Jail."
13 Aug, 12:57 PM UTC
Scott Williams
Steve Jail was Jan Brady’s boyfriend after she broke up with George Glass
13 Aug, 11:39 AM UTC
Jamie Ford
@justin_halpern There is no "Get out of jail free" from Steve Jail.
13 Aug, 03:50 AM UTC
Steve Jail groyper
13 Aug, 02:29 PM UTC
Chris Riggs
Steve Jail... why didn’t he just say leave so I can kill him? #EpsteinSuicide
13 Aug, 10:09 AM UTC
Tony Webster
This “Steve Jail” tweet about Jeffrey Epstein’s death is getting spread around without people seeing the later confession that it’s fake. @justin_halpern’s bad attempt at a joke has turned into disinformation that’s spreading like wildfire. @webster's photo on Steve Jail
13 Aug, 12:55 PM UTC
world’s smallest pussy
steve jail
13 Aug, 01:20 PM UTC
Me, a world class assassin on my way to do murder: my name? It’s Steve jail
13 Aug, 02:07 PM UTC
My name is Steve. Steve... Jail. I do prison stuff. Is this going to turn into a Bojack bit?
13 Aug, 02:40 PM UTC
Keaton Whittaker
I know Steve Jail is fake it’s just too funny to scroll over. Steve..... Jail?
13 Aug, 01:52 PM UTC
jake merch 🏴
@apcharli Holy shit. Steve Jail!
13 Aug, 01:22 PM UTC
Shane Sweeney
Steve Jail is gonna be my new moniker for solo performances
13 Aug, 01:52 PM UTC
13 Aug, 01:40 PM UTC
Dr Benjamin Netanyahoo Serious FRACS
Steve Jail is real folks. He’s real, he’s strong, and he’s my friend
13 Aug, 01:36 PM UTC
mASSter of disASSter
13 Aug, 01:20 PM UTC
Steve Jail? OK that sounds legit #TrumpIsGuiltyAF #BarrCoverUp #BarrResign #EpsteinSuicideCoverUp #EpsteinCoverUp #EpsteinSuicide
13 Aug, 11:48 AM UTC
David Hicks
Steve Jail > Prison Mike
13 Aug, 02:26 PM UTC
Tugboat Sheila
Steve.....Steve Jail.
13 Aug, 01:49 PM UTC