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if u bought steve lacy tickets and only know bad habit and dark red bc they blew up on tiktok hand me ur tickets rn u can choke
05 Aug, 02:25 PM UTC
Ava Flava
I’ve accepted my L with these Steve lacy tickets https://t.co/3whEYfLI3i
05 Aug, 03:03 PM UTC
me staring at the “no tickets available” screen after trying to buy steve lacy tickets https://t.co/fInu89Xog5
05 Aug, 03:06 PM UTC
ACT:ara ✘ 🐻‍❄️
$200 for steve lacy tickets when the original price was $39? I hope you mfs sleep w one eye open
05 Aug, 02:09 PM UTC
mother earth🧃
what tiktok did to steve lacy is horrendous cuz these tickets r insane
05 Aug, 05:22 PM UTC
whoever got the $40 steve lacy tickets and is reselling them for $600 i hope you find the love of your life, date them for 5 years and plan to marry them and then after that they tell you it’s a joke and you’re on a hidden camera show and then they leave you for your worst enemy
05 Aug, 03:43 PM UTC
vs the world☔️🩻
how did i lose steve lacy tickets to mfs who only know bad habit,nside & dark red 💔💔💔
05 Aug, 02:19 PM UTC
starr ☆
If u r yt and got Steve Lacy tickets, u have to give up ur ticket to someone black. One of them is me ! This is the real reparations!!
05 Aug, 02:35 PM UTC
steve lacy resellers, how does it feel to know you’re gonna die tonight?
05 Aug, 02:10 PM UTC
dash • they/them
who is paying $143 to see steve lacy y’all r smoking cock https://t.co/SKufi1ZMbE
05 Aug, 05:16 PM UTC
if you white and got tickets to steve lacy, you’re no better than your ancestors
05 Aug, 02:16 PM UTC
industry s2 2023 emmys campaign manager
not to be a gatekeeper... but i hate tiktok for blowing up steve lacy im sorry but no way these tickets shouldve sold out this fast
05 Aug, 02:07 PM UTC
ci squared
These Steve Lacy tickets my villain origin story there’s no reason I was fighting for my life like it’s a SNKRS drop
05 Aug, 02:23 PM UTC
the crowd when steve lacy plays another song after bad habit https://t.co/4drSiZoJT5
05 Aug, 04:19 PM UTC
dash • they/them
paying $140+ for a standing room-only GA concert ticket is stomach-churning WHO is doing that for some damn steve lacy
05 Aug, 05:20 PM UTC
3 days in row where I wake up and have no Steve Lacy tickets BYE https://t.co/vWInNQpEyK
05 Aug, 05:09 PM UTC
damn y’all gon be disappointed asl when y’all go see Steve lacy n they don’t have that auto tune on deck
05 Aug, 06:02 PM UTC
Another week of the New Music Chart featuring Central Cee, Steve Lacy, Beyoncé and more! #NewMusicChart #ARIA #ARIACharts #Top20 https://t.co/p3kx3IZub8
05 Aug, 07:01 AM UTC
steve lacy’s bitch
lmaooo not me just got scammed out of a steve lacy ticket😭😭anyways yall go report this lady rq https://t.co/oGZ66Yc6DH
05 Aug, 09:34 PM UTC
Yilong Ma
i will never forgive u steve lacy tiktok dick riders for selling his concert out. NEVER
05 Aug, 06:39 PM UTC
Steve lacy sold out to these tik tok dick riders😭😭😭😭😭😭 i will be gatekeeping 4L now
05 Aug, 02:24 PM UTC
how is steve lacy gonna give us the world when he can’t even give us enough tickets to buy
05 Aug, 03:09 PM UTC

don’t post if you got steve lacy tickets bcz i will rob u.
05 Aug, 05:41 PM UTC
scott pilgrim 🗡
Steve Lacy tickets being $200 after resell is nauseating
05 Aug, 02:43 PM UTC
aphrodite reincarnated
to anyone who got steve lacy tickets: don’t let me catch you lacking
05 Aug, 08:52 PM UTC
i know you fake bitches didn’t just sell out steve lacy to resell that shit for $236
05 Aug, 08:39 PM UTC
facetime shows💦
Miguel and Steve Lacy is the same person just different fonts
05 Aug, 10:21 PM UTC
i NEED steve lacy tickets
05 Aug, 10:31 PM UTC
BIG sleigh mama 🛷
Black people upset they can’t see Steve lacy and I’m just stuck on the fact that he said he would never date a black man… https://t.co/8K888Nam3v
05 Aug, 10:26 PM UTC
naughtyuh 🇩🇴
The way I can’t go to the steve lacy concert bc I bought concert tickets 2 hrs before he announced the dates and both concerts are on the same day 🥲
05 Aug, 10:31 PM UTC