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🚨NFL Wild Card Game MegaCast 🚨 Traditional Telecast ➡️ ESPN & ABC Steve Levy, Brian Griese, and Louis Riddick on the call with Lisa Salters reporting. John Parry is the officiating expert @ESPNPR's photo on Steve Levy
10 Jan, 02:23 PM UTC
Michael David Smith
"The magic number for Henry is to get him to 24 carries," Steve Levy just said on ESPN. This nonsense needs to be eliminated from the football discourse. It's not about the number of carries, it's about the efficiency of your offense. And passing is, generally, more efficient.
10 Jan, 08:19 PM UTC
“The maturation of Lamar Jackson!” for staying in bounds... Steve Levy stinks.
10 Jan, 08:46 PM UTC
Jack Vita⚾️🇺🇸
In honor of the great Steve Levy calling his first NFL Playoff game, I present you with one of the greatest moments in Sportscenter history:
10 Jan, 07:26 PM UTC
Best line: ESPN’s Steve Levy, after a 33 yard run by Ravens QB Lamar Jackson and staying inbounds, “The maturation process of Lamar Jackson, growing up right in front of us, trying to get that elusive first playoff win.”
10 Jan, 08:50 PM UTC®️
Steve Levy and Tony Dungy could put Dennis Rodman to sleep.
10 Jan, 08:53 PM UTC
Steve Tannen
The talk of Lamar Jackson not winning playoff games is imbecilic! Dude became a starting NFL quarterback in the middle of the 2018 season. He lost his 1st two. Steve Levy saying "elusive 1st victory" is ridiculous melodrama.
10 Jan, 08:50 PM UTC
Kyle J. Andrews
Steve Levy dropping the 4th quarter comeback line has me shook lmao
10 Jan, 08:38 PM UTC
Annie Apple
I’m just waiting for Steve Levy to call Wednesday’s insurrection at the Capitol “a cool backstory”. 😏
10 Jan, 08:32 PM UTC
“the maturation process of Lamar Jackson” what the fuck is Steve Levy talking about??? when would he ever have run out of bounds there??
10 Jan, 08:46 PM UTC
Full Chef Mode Trev 👨🏻‍🍳
Steve Levy calling a playoff game 🤮
10 Jan, 09:07 PM UTC
Jay Posner
And the main ESPN broadcast didn't think Vrabel's decision was worth discussing. (But Steve Levy did get in the announced attendance.)
10 Jan, 08:54 PM UTC
Matt Crawford
Must we endure Steve Levy next weekend, too?
10 Jan, 08:49 PM UTC
Jason S
Steve Levy just gave Lamar Jackson a Purple Heart for being smart enough to stay in bounds at the end of a game
10 Jan, 08:46 PM UTC
Tweet Reznor 🕙
@awfulannouncing Steve Levy doesn't have a good voice for this role
10 Jan, 08:38 PM UTC
Matthew Castello
Steve Levy isn’t good enough at play-by-play to be calling MNF or playoff games
10 Jan, 09:11 PM UTC
Andy Schmickle
Just to put a bow on it, Baltimore, down 10-0, outscored Tennessee 20-3 after Steve Levy and Brian Greiese said the Ravens weren't built to come from behind.
10 Jan, 08:56 PM UTC
Ironic that Steve Levy said we were watching Lamar Jackson mature in front of our eyes, yet Lamar takes a knee and runs to the locker room with 35 seconds on the clock. Bum.
10 Jan, 08:53 PM UTC
@GinoGallizzi this is so much better than steve levy i cant even describe
10 Jan, 09:17 PM UTC
#WildCardWeekend Is it just me or does Steve Levy sound a lot like Mike Tirico? #ESPN
10 Jan, 08:56 PM UTC
Jay Christian
Steve Levy: "And TAKE THAT! whoever said Lamar Jackson was a failure at football and life for being 0-2 in the playoffs at 24."
10 Jan, 08:55 PM UTC
🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Bill Zotti🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Is Steve Levy Lamars agent..geez
10 Jan, 08:53 PM UTC
Steve Levy is terrible on the broadcast. They should find him a new job. #BALvsTEN
10 Jan, 08:53 PM UTC
James Farris
@kantwistaye It's too common to call everything the best of the worst, but... Steve Levy is the worst.
10 Jan, 08:50 PM UTC
Dalton D. Glenn
Steve Levy has been hard as a rock for Lamar Jackson in the booth this entire game my God
10 Jan, 08:47 PM UTC
Better Call John 😷
Steve Levy: “And he’s smart enough to stay in bounds.” I’d say it’s about as much of a no-brainer as there is. You CAN’T go out of bounds there.
10 Jan, 08:47 PM UTC
Mike Fast
“The @Ravens aren’t built for this.” — @ESPN Steve Levy Aight bet.
10 Jan, 08:47 PM UTC
“He’s smart enough to stay in bounds. The maturation process for Lamar Jackson.” - Steve Levy What a low bar SL sets for LJ. Seriously? C’mon Steve. Be a better announcer than that. #RavensFlock #Ravens
10 Jan, 08:47 PM UTC
Gym Nagy
Steve Levy really just said “the maturation of Lamar Jackson, growing up right in front of us,“ the year after Lamar Jackson won MVP of the entire fucking NFL.
10 Jan, 08:47 PM UTC

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