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Joni Ernst
I condemn Rep. Steve King’s comments on white supremacy; they are offensive and racist - and not representative of our state of Iowa. We are a great nation and this divisiveness is hurting everyone. We cannot continue down this path if we want to continue to be a great nation.
12 Jan, 01:58 PM UTC
James Woods
Steve Buscemi’s wife Jo Andres, filmmaker and choreographer, dies age 65 // Condolences to Steve Buscemi and loved ones on his loss. This fine family was so supportive of first responders during 9/11 tragedy. #RIPJoAndres
12 Jan, 06:35 PM UTC
John Isner
Greatest play in panthers history. Steve Smith the 🐐
12 Jan, 01:38 AM UTC
Saj Sadiq
Steve Smith "I'm disappointed I won’t be able to play in PSL but I wish Multan Sultans all the best for the tournament. I was looking forward to playing in the PSL & helping the team try to win the trophy. We have a talented team & I'm confident they'll do very well" #PSL2019
12 Jan, 02:01 PM UTC
BREAKING: Steve Smith to undergo surgery on his elbow. He is expected to be wearing a brace for six weeks. More to come...
12 Jan, 06:43 AM UTC
Mazher Arshad
Breaking! Steve Smith has been ruled out of PSL 2019 due to injury.
12 Jan, 01:55 PM UTC
KUSI News Director, Steve Cohen, issues statement after reports say KUSI has "backed off accusation" about CNN's border wall coverage. KUSI News's photo on Steve Smith
12 Jan, 08:03 PM UTC
97 Steve Smith giveaway RT Follow @TomCatTheGoat @jay_ii_times @LockDownRamsey 🚨must follow all 3, will check 🚨must tag a friend , will check Ends Jan 19th, 2019 GOODLUCK 🧔🏻🐈THE🐐's photo on Steve Smith
12 Jan, 06:16 AM UTC
NFL Network
Who is the best defense left in the #NFLPlayoffs? Steve Smith is taking the @Chargers👀 Do you agree?🤔 📺: @gmfb Weekend NFL Network's photo on Steve Smith
12 Jan, 02:30 PM UTC
What started as picks for #Colts and #ChiefsKingdom ended with Steve Smith running around the table. Would we expect anything less? Nope. GMFB's photo on Steve Smith
12 Jan, 05:42 PM UTC
Omar Kelly
I must have had a dozen conversations with Dolphins players about Patrick Mahomes, & none of them were initiated by me. The Chiefs had Alex Smith but felt they could do better so they traded up to draft a young QB. The Dolphins had Ryan Tannehill & NEVER wanted him to compete.
13 Jan, 12:46 AM UTC
NFL Network
Dream #SBLIII QB Matchups: @RealMikeRob ➡️ Mahomes vs. Foles Steve Smith ➡️ Rivers vs. Brees @MikeGarafolo ➡️ Rivers vs. Dak What would be yours?🤔 📺: @GMFB Weekend | #NFLPlayoffs NFL Network's photo on Steve Smith
12 Jan, 04:17 PM UTC
Pete Paphides
Finally got the chance to start on @drummerwhitey’s The Art Of Drumming series on SkyArts (it’s on catch-up) and it’s already fantastic. Wonderful insights, stories & demonstrations from Bernard Purdie, Chad Smith, Jabo Starks, Ian Paice, Gary Powell & Steve himself. Recommended!
12 Jan, 10:39 PM UTC
Endless Motor Sports
Much respect to SVL but this isn’t even debatable. Jalen Rose (14ppg in NBA), Steve Smith (1xAS), George Gervin (HOF, 12xAS, 4xscoring champ), Derrick Coleman (1xAS) & Kevin Willis (12ppg/rebs in NBA) would’ve absolutely destroyed any SVL lineup by 25-30. Let’s be real here folks
12 Jan, 02:38 PM UTC
Roger Casement
@angelasmithmp @JennieGenSec @josephharker But you would stoop to claiming for 4 beds in a one bedroom flat in London,and then vote to try to keep said expenses hidden.Oh and then there's the nepotism,how much is Steve on again?..Hello what's this?
12 Jan, 11:06 PM UTC
7 News Melbourne
BREAKING: Former Australian cricket captain Steve Smith will undergo surgery on Tuesday to repair damaged ligaments in his elbow. #7News 7 News Melbourne's photo on Steve Smith
12 Jan, 07:47 AM UTC
@JohnMDoyle_FL @PuestoLoco @washingtonpost Corrected: Shelley Moore Capito Bill Cassidy Susan Collins John Cornyn Tom Cotton Steve Daines Mike Enzi Joni Ernst Cory Gardner Lindsey Graham James Inhofe Martha McSally Mitch McConnell David Perdue Jim Risch Mike Rounds Ben Sasse Dan Sullivan Thom Tillis Cindy Hyde Smith
13 Jan, 12:15 AM UTC
michael wilson
@PatDStat Hope Steve Smith slams him the same way he did Watson
13 Jan, 12:26 AM UTC
Father Eli
He’s doing this while getting blown out! But that hoe ass nigga Steve Smith Sr. Won’t say a word about it
12 Jan, 11:37 PM UTC
@obitothetobi @TheAliceSmith STEVE SMITH HAVE RIGHT ANSWER! STEVE SMITH's photo on Steve Smith
12 Jan, 11:44 PM UTC
I wonder if Steve Smith about to come after Kenny Moore about celebrating being down 24-7 like he did @deshaunwatson last week? 🤔 TLCole's photo on Steve Smith
13 Jan, 12:15 AM UTC
Big Jez
English cricket fans are going off at Maxwell for tagging Steve Smith into this, thinking it’s a crack at Monty. The truth: Steve Smith has spent much of his year off getting absolutely rinsed in Eastern suburbs pub trivia. The Zimbabwe of quiz participants. Big Jez's photo on Steve Smith
12 Jan, 10:36 PM UTC
Devin Locke
@Chiefs Mahomes just tied the combined likes of Tyler Palco, Ricky Stanzi, Matt Cassel, Alex Smith, Rich Gannon, Brodie Croyle, Steve Bono, Elvis Grbac, Damon Huard, Kyle Orton, Nick Foles, and Chase Daniel for playoff wins as a Chiefs quarterback.
13 Jan, 12:51 AM UTC
Ty Williams
@LowellCohn KC has a star Qb. Not a run of the mill veteran. Like Alex Smith. Kyle Orton. Matt Cassell. Trent Greene. Elvis Grbak. Steve Bono.
13 Jan, 12:38 AM UTC
@dum_phuk @NotMe72079601 STEVE SMITH A BIG FAN OF GREAT TITS! STEVE SMITH's photo on Steve Smith
13 Jan, 12:37 AM UTC
Mauricio Rios
@PatDStat Let's see if Steve Smith brings up them celebrating being down 20
13 Jan, 12:20 AM UTC
Brandon Smith
@SeanTPendergast Wonder if Steve Smith is gonna bash him
13 Jan, 12:14 AM UTC
Montez stans Reba
@Chris_Mench It’s better than Steve Smith tbh
13 Jan, 12:08 AM UTC
I’ve got a WR problem. Getting the new Steve Smith.....I think Tyreek is gone....idk but since we got 99 speed all over the place what’s the point? Mike's photo on Steve Smith
13 Jan, 12:08 AM UTC
Chad DeDominicis
@EHLanded @SciandraSports Oh Steve Smith sets the lineups now? What does Housley do? Doesn’t run the PP or PK or set lines. He just watch the games from the bench?
13 Jan, 12:00 AM UTC
Felt same way about Steve Smith in his prime. Always wanted us to let him go to New England or Indy with a real QB..he had few good years with Jake and Cam but mostly dog shit at the position on horrible teams
12 Jan, 11:59 PM UTC
DT ⚓️
Damn Indy self destructing like a fool. That’s that same thing Steve Smith was on last week with D. Watson.. shouldn’t be celebrating down 17 colts
12 Jan, 11:31 PM UTC
Captain Simon Pirooz
Patrick Mahomes gets the win in his 1st NFL Playoff Start against Andrew Luck. The 1st Chiefs win against the Colts in the Playoffs. Previously Andrew Luck won against Alex Smith, Jim Harbaugh won against Steve Bono, and Peyton Manning won against Trent Green twice.
13 Jan, 12:56 AM UTC
Brian, Chiefs Fan
Shout out to: @ColleenWolfeNFL Steve Smith Michael Robinson @TonyDungy @Rodney_Harrison @miketirico @michaelirvin88 Love that Colts pick today #ChiefsKingdom
13 Jan, 12:54 AM UTC
@richeisen @WarrenSapp Dont tell Steve Smith.
13 Jan, 12:44 AM UTC
Harry Porter
Ryan and enjoyed hearing Auburn pitching coach Steve Smith discuss how he DEVELOPS SEC pitchers at the Tennessee Baseball Coaches Association Clinic in Cool Springs, Tennessee Harry Porter's photo on Steve Smith
13 Jan, 12:42 AM UTC
Judy Kelly
I want to wish @cricketcomau captain Steve Smith a speedy recovery. “Steve Smith sidelined for at least six weeks due to surgery” #GetWellSoon
13 Jan, 12:40 AM UTC
The Ghost of BCS Computer's past
Chiefs win this the old Chiefs can rest....Deron Cherry, Dale Carter, Steve DeBerg, Christian Okoye, Derrick Thomas, Neil Smith and Dave Krieg.....OK maybe not Krieg he stunk everywhere....
13 Jan, 12:31 AM UTC
Matt Weaver
So Steve Smith Sr. we expect to see you talking about Kenny Moore like you did @deshaunwatson last week 👀 @nflnetwork #scoreboardcheck #backtothehuddle #INDvsKC Matt Weaver's photo on Steve Smith
13 Jan, 12:19 AM UTC
@PuestoLoco Corrected: Shelley Moore Capito Bill Cassidy Susan Collins John Cornyn Tom Cotton Steve Daines Mike Enzi Joni Ernst Cory Gardner Lindsey Graham James Inhofe Martha McSally Mitch McConnell David Perdue Jim Risch Mike Rounds Ben Sasse Dan Sullivan Thom Tillis Cindy Hyde Smith
13 Jan, 12:17 AM UTC
Brandon Chasteen
@Espngreeny Wonder if Steve Smith will call them out too?!
13 Jan, 12:16 AM UTC
See this the type of shit Steve Smith was talking bout. Lol why tf y’all dancing down 17 in the 4th?
13 Jan, 12:14 AM UTC
Abinasha Mohanty
Steve Smith To Undergo Elbow Surgery, Faces Possibility Of Delay In International Comeback Steve Smith's 12-month suspension from international cricket ends on March 28, 2019. from Latest All News, All Info, Sports News Updates …
13 Jan, 12:13 AM UTC
Eric Cunningham🌐
@Keep_Pounding There’s a reason you don’t do that. Steve Smith got hurt in 2004 on a punt and missed the whole year.
13 Jan, 12:11 AM UTC
#meantweets #Kimmel - NFL Edition featuring Terrell Owens, Dwight Freeney, DeSean Jackson, Dashon Goldson, Dez Bryant, Keyshawn Johnson, Michael Strahan, Brandon Marshall, Steve Smith, Terrell Suggs, Erin Andrews, Ike Taylor, Vernon Davis, Clay Matthews and Malcolm Smith. luisbarcenas's photo on Steve Smith
13 Jan, 12:07 AM UTC
@SeanTPendergast Will Steve Smith chime in?
13 Jan, 12:02 AM UTC
Adam Lawson
@NataTheScribe Just because you don’t care doesn’t mean it isn’t a valid gripe. And seems weird subtweeting Steve Smith for that valid gripe.
13 Jan, 12:02 AM UTC
“RT Hockey 9”
@SciandraSports @CMDeDominicis Wonder why Steve Smith puts pairs together that don’t seem to work.
12 Jan, 11:58 PM UTC
@abcgrandstand @abcnews Captain gutless aka Steve Smith needs to show some sort of form before being picked in the Australian cricket team, don't you think?
12 Jan, 11:47 PM UTC
Kevin Coffee
@PatDStat Looking forward to Steve Smith's blistering commentary
12 Jan, 11:41 PM UTC
@Conley76 Like I found it fun to believe in the Colts @ Arrowhead voodoo, but this ain’t Alex Smith or Steve DeBerg
12 Jan, 11:39 PM UTC
John Gaskins
At halftime, this is #Chiefs route is beating the piss out of Martyball, Rich Gannon, Steve Bono, Steve DeBerg, Brody Coyle, Alex Smith. Mahomes isy damn hero!
12 Jan, 11:38 PM UTC
Squawkie The Eagle
@DAonCBS The Steve Smith D-wag was the best
12 Jan, 11:36 PM UTC
Mike Sasser🌊🌊 86-45
Hillary might not be there but neither will you Steve Smith
12 Jan, 11:25 PM UTC
Kerrie's Cup of Tea
#IndividualiTEA @TeaCouncil having tea with Steve Smith- one of the best tea moments for me! I love tea !!! Kerrie's Cup of Tea's photo on Steve Smith
12 Jan, 11:23 PM UTC

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