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Buffalo Bills
Congrats to Steve Tasker on being named to the list of @ProFootballHOF 2022 Semi-Finalists! | #BillsMafia @BuffaloBills's photo on Steve Tasker
24 Nov, 06:17 PM UTC
Vic Carucci
Former #Bills special teams ace Steve Tasker is among 26 semifinalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2022. This is the ninth time he has been in this category. Tasker is in his final year of modern-era eligibility.
24 Nov, 06:05 PM UTC
Bills Legends Community
Here’s to hoping this is the year!🤞 Bills Legend, Steve Tasker named Class of 2022 @profootballhof Semifinalist! #GoBills | #BillsMafia @BillsLegends's photo on Steve Tasker
24 Nov, 06:45 PM UTC
Bills Run Deep
Steve Tasker belongs in the Hall of Fame.
24 Nov, 06:47 PM UTC
Justus General BIB
Steve Tasker Hype video??!!
24 Nov, 06:38 PM UTC
Aron Todd
@ProFootballHOF Steve Tasker, the greatest special teams, non-kicker ever! Put him in damnit! @SteveTasker89
24 Nov, 06:56 PM UTC
Tyler Dragon
Steve Tasker Fred Taylor Zach Thomas Hines Ward DeMarcus Ware Ricky Watters Reggie Wayne Vince Wilfork Patrick Willis Darren Woodson Bryant Young
24 Nov, 06:23 PM UTC
Sports Jim III
As a former Special Teams Player of the Week...I say Steve Tasker deserves into the Hall of Fame
24 Nov, 06:37 PM UTC
Conor McCarthy
Steve Tasker? Ricky Watters? Bryant Young? Anquan Boldin? But Rodney and Drew cant make it? The Hall of Fame should be embarrassed
24 Nov, 06:56 PM UTC
Rick Fowler
Fred! Tony!!! Steve Tasker!! Hines! Only ones who should matter this year.
24 Nov, 06:54 PM UTC
Brian Emerson
Put Steve Tasker in the hall!
24 Nov, 06:47 PM UTC
@viccarucci NFL fans reminded every wknd there are 3 phases of play: Off/Def/Special teams. No specials ‘position player’ is in the HOF, only punters & kickers. No one denies Steve Tasker was the best in the business for 10 yrs. Deserves HOF induction this yr. #TaskerinHOF @OneBillsLive
24 Nov, 06:45 PM UTC
Steve Benjamin
@ProFootballHOF @NFL Yes! Steve Tasker. Loooonnngg overdue! Vote him! #BillsMafia
24 Nov, 06:34 PM UTC
Primetime Pabs
If Steve Tasker doesn’t make it in soon 🙄🙄🙄
24 Nov, 06:31 PM UTC
Matthew Allen
My man Steve Tasker is a HOF semi-finalist! #BillsMafia stand up!
24 Nov, 07:14 PM UTC
Caden Scalfaro
@ProFootballHOF Steve Tasker should make it well over Hester
24 Nov, 07:13 PM UTC
Bills special teams legend Steve Tasker named Pro Football Hall of Fame semifinalist for the Class of 2022
24 Nov, 07:06 PM UTC
#BillsMafia Capo
@ProFootballHOF If Devin Hester gets in over Steve Tasker it will be a travesty
24 Nov, 07:05 PM UTC
@DougUrbino @darthokeefe @viccarucci Hester helped rex grossman and the bears almost win the fucking Superbowl. Steve tasker helped the bills lose 4
24 Nov, 07:01 PM UTC
BuffaloBills: Congrats to Steve Tasker on being named to the list of @ProFootballHOF 2022 Semi-Finalists! | #BillsMafia
24 Nov, 06:58 PM UTC
@jetsyO_o True. Steve Tasker isn’t in yet, and it took them decades to put Ray Guy in when he should’ve been first ballot.
24 Nov, 06:50 PM UTC
Mike Tidd
Steve Tasker does not deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.
24 Nov, 06:37 PM UTC
James M. Paravati
@OneBillsLive @SteveTasker89 Congratulations to Steve Tasker!!! Great idea about the NFL City!
24 Nov, 06:33 PM UTC
Danilo Lacalle
⏩Robert Mathis, DE-LB: 2003-2016 Colts ⏩Sam Mills, LB: 1986-1994 Saints, 1995-97 Panthers ⏩Richard Seymour, DE-DT: 2001-08 Patriots, 2009-2012 Raiders ⏩Steve Smith, WR: 2001-2013 Panthers, 2014-16 Ravens ⏩Steve Tasker, ST-WR: 1985-86 Houston Oilers, 1986-1997 Bills
24 Nov, 06:30 PM UTC
Stephen Palleschi
If they had a special teams category Steve Tasker was probably the best special teamer ever
24 Nov, 06:29 PM UTC
Ryan 🤷🏼‍♂️
@Bkostun_04 @Fred_Marwan @ronoIogy @thezachattack_2 @MySportsUpdate You’re thinking of Steve Tasker. Steve Smith is a WR.
24 Nov, 06:28 PM UTC
Pod of Fame
Pretty "special" to see two special teamers on the Semifinalist list for the Football Hall of Fame this year. We did an episode earlier already on Steve Tasker, but will have to get a Devin Hester episode done soon! If you could only vote for one for the HOF, who would it be?
24 Nov, 06:27 PM UTC
Deb Carson
Also semifinalists: Eric Allen,Jared Allen,Willie Anderson,Ronde Barber,Tony Boselli,LeRoy Butler, Eddie George, Torry Holt, Sam Mills, Richard Seymour, Steve Tasker, Fred Taylor, Zach Thomas, Hines Ward, Ricky Watters, Reggie Wayne, Patrick Willis, Darren Woodson & Bryant Young.
24 Nov, 06:26 PM UTC