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Mueller, She Wrote
BREAKING: Stewart Rhodes, the leader of the Oath Keepers, has been charged with SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY. Further evidence of a sprawling, bottom-up investigation by the DoJ. This is SIGNIFICANT. 11 other defendants ALSO charged with seditious conspiracy.
13 Jan, 06:48 PM UTC
Hugo Lowell
WASHINGTON (AP) — Founder of far-right Oath Keepers militia group Stewart Rhodes, 10 others charged with seditious conspiracy in Jan. 6 Capitol attack
13 Jan, 06:45 PM UTC
Natasha Bertrand
MORE: DOJ has charged 11 defendants with seditious conspiracy related to the Capitol attack on January 6, 2021, including the leader of the Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes. It is the first time the DOJ has used the sedition charge in more than 700 cases related to 1/6. via @kpolantz
13 Jan, 06:44 PM UTC
Chip 📽WhatTheFranklin
BOOM! Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes has been ARRESTED and CHARGED for January 6 seditious conspiracy. How do you feel?
13 Jan, 06:33 PM UTC
Ali Velshi
BREAKING: The Department of Justice has charged the leader of the far-right, anti-government group Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes, and 10 others, with ‘seditious conspiracy’ related to the January 6th insurrection.
13 Jan, 06:54 PM UTC
The New York Times
Breaking News: Stewart Rhodes, the leader and founder of the Oath Keepers militia, was arrested and charged with seditious conspiracy in connection with the Capitol riot, officials said.
13 Jan, 06:43 PM UTC
Molly Jong-Fast
Stewart Rhodes went to yale law school but also shot himself in the eye, do with that information what you will.
13 Jan, 08:12 PM UTC
BREAKING After laying the first January 6th SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY charges on members of the Oathkeepers and it’s founder Stewart Rhodes today, The DOJ has now stated that January 6th attack was modelled after a foreign coup. It’s ON.
13 Jan, 11:29 PM UTC
Ron Filipkowski
Stewart Rhodes, 1/4/21: “We have men already stationed outside DC as a nuclear option in case they attempt to remove the President illegally, we will stop it. We will be inside DC, we will also be on the outside of DC, armed, prepared to go in if the president calls us.”
14 Jan, 01:29 AM UTC
Scott MacFarlane
Booking photo. Stewart Rhodes. Via Collin County (TX) jail. H/T @AndyTriay @CBSDFW @MacFarlaneNews's photo on Stewart Rhodes
13 Jan, 11:37 PM UTC
Lindy Li
Stewart Rhodes, head of the Oath Keepers, and 10 of his goons were arrested for sedition This mastermind behind the Capitol terrorist attack is missing an eye because he was stupid enough to shoot himself in the face …while working as a firearms safety trainer I kid you not
14 Jan, 04:05 AM UTC
random facts girl
Wait, so seditionist insurrectionist Stewart Rhodes worked for Rand Paul's daddy? Oh.
13 Jan, 11:32 PM UTC
Ted Lieu
January 6 was not a “normal tourist visit” as @GOP wants you to believe. January 6 was an attack on our Capitol to nullify the election. The U.S. Department of Justice charged Stewart Rhodes of the Oath Keepers and others with seditious conspiracy. They are traitors.
13 Jan, 06:59 PM UTC
Palmer Report
The doomsday types are now insisting Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes will never flip. There's no basis for this. But even if they are right, it's why the feds indicted a DOZEN Oath Keepers leaders today. You only need ONE to flip. Believe it or not, DOJ knows what it's doing.
14 Jan, 12:04 AM UTC
Eric Garland
13 Jan, 06:27 PM UTC
Barb McQuade
With seditious conspiracy charges, DOJ alleges that Oath Keepers conspired to oppose by force the peaceful transition of power. 48-page indictment with verbatim text messages suggest a strong case. Prosecutors are working their way up the chain.
14 Jan, 01:07 AM UTC
Julie Kelly 🇺🇸
First trial of detained Oath Keepers scheduled for April. Feds suddenly indict Stewart Rhodes a year later, add him to other detained co-defendants and charge them all with seditious conspiracy which will early trial again. Corrupt sneaky DOJ
13 Jan, 07:04 PM UTC
Scott MacFarlane
Blockbuster Jan 6 case announced by feds. OathKeeper leader accused of messaging others: "We aren't getting through this without a civil war. Too late for that. Prepare your mind, body spirit." Our @CBSNews update via @RobLegare @becket @MelissaQuinn97
13 Jan, 09:54 PM UTC
Elizabeth de la Vega
Why was Stewart Rhodes staying at some other people's home? Who were they? Does he have his own residence? Does he own a residence? What is his source of income? Who are the major funders of the Oath Keepers and how much money is he funneling from the Oath Keepers?
14 Jan, 03:05 AM UTC
We've been calling this guy out since the beginning and, finally, Stewart Rhodes has been arrested and charged with seditious conspiracy. The insurrection on January 6th was planned in advance, and we need all traitors to be held accountable.
13 Jan, 07:45 PM UTC
Democratic Coalition
WATCH: Feds search home where Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes was caught by the FBI after a grand jury indicted him on charges of seditious conspiracy. @TheDemCoalition's photo on Stewart Rhodes
14 Jan, 03:53 AM UTC
Mr. Newberger
That Oath Keeper leader just arrested by the FBI for seditious conspiracy was at @mschlapp's CPAC. No surprise. (Courtesy of @ZTPetrizzo) @jeremynewberger's photo on Stewart Rhodes
13 Jan, 08:54 PM UTC
Frank Figliuzzi
I’ll join ⁦@AriMelber⁩ in the 6p ET hour on ⁦@TheBeatWithAri⁩ Seditious conspiracy: 11 Oath Keepers charged in Jan. 6 riot | AP News ⁦@MSNBC
13 Jan, 10:41 PM UTC
Amy Siskind 🏳️‍🌈
Stewart Rhodes, the leader and founder of the far-right Oath Keepers militia, has been arrested and charged with seditious conspiracy. He is a former Army paratrooper and went to Yale Law School / and now prison!
13 Jan, 06:58 PM UTC
Billy Ray
Wake me when DOJ has indicted GOP Members of Congress & conspirators in the Trump White House. Indicting Stewart Rhodes won't stop Jan6 from happening again. Convicting Trump might. Ditto Boebert, Gosar, Greene, Biggs, Hawley, Meadows, Prince. Plotters all. Traitors all.
14 Jan, 06:32 AM UTC
David Laufman
“We love you. You’re very special.”
14 Jan, 12:29 PM UTC
Dan Pereira
Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes & 10 others have been arrested & charged for #Jan6th seditious conspiracy! WOW! The #DOJ is working to protect America from these dangerous Traitors! Thank you, Merrick Garland! #OathKeepers #StewartRhodes #Sedition #Maddow
13 Jan, 07:15 PM UTC
New Day
The DOJ charged the Oath Keepers leader, Stewart Rhodes, with 'seditious conspiracy' related to Jan. 6 riot. The group's planning "was about their fanciful idea that ... Trump was going to activate them as a militia under the insurrection act," says his attorney Jon Moseley. @NewDay's photo on Stewart Rhodes
14 Jan, 12:49 PM UTC
Brianna Keilar
The leader of the Oath Keepers and 10 others have been charged with seditious conspiracy. Here is part two of my interview with Jon Moseley, attorney for Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes @brikeilarcnn's photo on Stewart Rhodes
14 Jan, 01:15 PM UTC
Oathkeepers Founder Stewart Rhodes got a coup guide and advice from a Serbian Terrorist that had coup experience in the former Yugoslavia. Rhodes is a Yale educated, US military trained, homegrown domestic terrorist. He’s also a good friend of fellow terrorist Roger Stone.
14 Jan, 02:29 AM UTC