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LSU Football
Delpit knocked it out and Stingley recovered! LSU ball! @LSUfootball's photo on stingley
14 Jan, 05:08 AM UTC
Shea Dixon
Tonight, Derek Stingley Jr. will play for a National Championship in his first year of college football. It's another chance to make a lasting mark on #LSU's program early in his career. "He’s gonna leave there the best to ever do it." @Sheadixon's photo on stingley
13 Jan, 05:18 PM UTC
Matt Miller
I think Stingley is the best CB in college. And he’s a true freshman.
14 Jan, 04:01 AM UTC
David Pollack
Clemson hasn’t completely a ball on Stingley Jr all night. Dude is taking away half the field. Crazy good and he is only a freshmen. Lawd!
14 Jan, 04:29 AM UTC
Jerit Roser
Former #LSU star Ryan Clark (@Realrclark25) ready for great Derek Stingley Jr., Kristian Fulton, Kary Vincent Jr., Grant Delpit and the rest of his #DBU successors — ski masks and all. #LouisianaVsAllYall #LAvsAY #GetTheGat
13 Jan, 11:57 PM UTC
LSU Football Report 🏈
DBU! Since 2007, LSU leads the nation in number of DBs selected in the NFL draft with 19, including 6 in the first round. LSU has produced two consensus All-America DBs in 2019 in Grant Delpit and Derek Stingley Jr.
13 Jan, 10:35 PM UTC
Woody Wommack
With LSU and Derek Stingley winning tonight it marks the third consecutive year that the No. 1 overall player in the @Rivals rankings (Najee Harris 2017, Trevor Lawrence 2018) has won the National Championship as a true freshman.
14 Jan, 05:28 AM UTC
Some awfully good NFL defensive backs were impressed by LSU's Derek Stingley in the title game. @247Sports's photo on stingley
14 Jan, 06:00 AM UTC
Derek Stingley might just be the best CB prospect of all time
14 Jan, 04:19 AM UTC
DEREK STINGLEY JR. is number 1 corner In college football Jeff Okudah is Number 2
14 Jan, 04:44 AM UTC
Lee Harvey
I see why @Mathieu_Era calls LSU "DBU". Derek Stingley Jr, Kristian Fulton & Grant Delpit only allowed 10 catches for 146 yards & no receiving TD's against Clemson's WR's (Justyn Ross, Tee Higgins & Amari Rodgers)
14 Jan, 06:45 AM UTC
joe “ the 🐐” burreaux
Joe Burrow was phenomenal. Clyde Edwards-Helaire amazing. Patrick Queen was outstanding. Ja’Marr Chase was electric. Derek Stingley Jr. is an island. Thaddeus Moss was a beast. Just a fantastic overall performance by #LSU. #GEAUXTIGERS
14 Jan, 07:06 AM UTC
Derek stingley is like really no fly zone .
14 Jan, 06:53 AM UTC
Joe L. Hughes II
@ThaTrail Stingley put the Clemson receivers in a straight-jacket. He flat out blossomed into a shutdown corner right before our eyes.
14 Jan, 07:36 AM UTC
Stingley Literally locked down one side of the field
14 Jan, 07:25 AM UTC
Derek Stingley.. number 1 CB last year
14 Jan, 07:06 AM UTC
Joe Burrow JaMarr Chase Justin Jefferson Terrace Marshall Clyde Edwards-Helaire Damien Lewis Derek Stingley Grant Delpit Kristian Fulton K’Lavon Chaisson Patrick Queen Jacob Phillips Tyler Shelvin I think all of these guys are at least gonna be above average NFL players
14 Jan, 07:04 AM UTC
@NickShepkowski We can dream. We know the Bears will screw up whatever they can the next few years. Stingley feels like our prize just a few years out. Blind squirrels find nuts
14 Jan, 07:31 AM UTC
I think a whole bunch of them will be Pro Bowlers too Burrow Chase Jets Stingley Delpit Fulton Clyde
14 Jan, 07:05 AM UTC
caillou borden
even Joe burrow can beat you with his legs . Patrick Queen was great 8 tackles , 0.5 sacks , 2.5 TFL , Stingley JR the kid can play , Delpit 6 tackles , TFL , sack . LSU ‘s secondary strong 💪🏾 628-394 LSU outgained Clemson total yards What a season for @LSUfootball .
14 Jan, 06:54 AM UTC
St. Garth
Stingley hit the MUTE button on Clemson
14 Jan, 08:59 AM UTC
@alfamale213 @DarrylWalters6 @ClayTravis They were way overrated. Hardly any players on those teams did anything in the NFL. Burrow, Delpit(Thorpe), Stingley Jr(freshman of the year), Chase(sophomore Biletnikoff), Jefferson, Marshall, Edwards-Helaire, Chaisson, Fulton, Moss, & many others will have better NFL careers
14 Jan, 08:38 AM UTC
Bobby Gosnell
@TateM704 Not as old as Darryl Stingley's grandson playing in the game. Don't know Darryl Stingley? #GoogleIt
14 Jan, 08:33 AM UTC
John Sam
@BaerWisdom Terrel got abused for 200 plus yards. He’s not a first round talent. Fulton gave up a few plays but he made a couple including an Int that was negated by a terrible PI call. He was shut down in the 4Q though as was stingley. Think his stock is unchanged. Higgins up.
14 Jan, 08:30 AM UTC
Stingley Jr had shit On Lock 🔒
14 Jan, 08:08 AM UTC
I still say Stingley should’ve been on Higgins all night
14 Jan, 07:56 AM UTC
Derek Stingley in coverage against Tee Higgins and Justyn Ross: 4 Targets 0 Receptions 4 TARGETS ALL GAME. Stingley Island 🐐
14 Jan, 07:33 AM UTC
My big takeaways from the big game: 1. Joe Burrow just had the greatest season in college football history. 2. Every corner on the field not named Derek Stingley looked horrible. 3. LSU won a championship by adapting, doing something Georgia could’ve done but CHOSE not to do.
14 Jan, 07:33 AM UTC
@TheRealCruzOx Young team/a lack of top end talent at WR. DB’s held up (Stingley) in man on one side, allowed them to do whatever they wanted to the other WR. B/C of that, the rest of the D was playing downhill all night. Great football team. RB is gonna be a steal for a team. #Burrow2020
14 Jan, 07:27 AM UTC
@NickShepkowski Shep, I’ve been on stingley since that Georgia game. He’d look real good in orange and navy in a few years
14 Jan, 07:27 AM UTC

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