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John Ziegler
I’ve been very skeptical of the “Long COVID” narrative, but I’m now convinced I too have it. Major symptoms: My net worth is effectively about 25% less My 4th grader is about 50% of where she should be in school My confidence in future of the USA is 75% less #stockmarketcrash
23 Sep, 02:48 PM UTC
राधिका पंडित 🇮🇳
#stockmarketcrash ... again Stock market is a game for Psychology https://t.co/JONkLYCSMp
23 Sep, 10:18 AM UTC
Vince Langman
The Dow is trading Below 30,000 Joe Biden has destroyed America in 18 months #stockmarketcrash
23 Sep, 02:09 PM UTC
Mad Mike
Dow futures below 30,000 and the media is silent. Can’t have the collapsing financial markets in the news, it may hurt Biden. #stockmarketcrash
23 Sep, 11:26 AM UTC
Hughesy #SaveOurNHS 🇺🇦🇪🇺
You'd be tempted to believe that Liz Truss and her cronies were deliberately crashing the U.K. economy on behalf of their pals Selling Shorts... #stockmarketcrash
23 Sep, 03:07 PM UTC
Do you think they are wrecking the UK and causing a #stockmarketcrash deliberately? Someone somewhere makes huge billions - disaster capitalism -the practice of taking financial advantage of natural or man-made disasters and unstable social, political, or economic situations
23 Sep, 04:49 PM UTC
Marie-Ann Detests Tories & Brexit 🇺🇦 🇪🇺 🇬🇧
Truss Day 18: The £1 has fallen against the Dollar to $1.09 🤦🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️ #ToryIncompetence #ToryCostOfGreedCrisis #StockMarketCrash #IncomeTax https://t.co/fGE5eFWKXI
23 Sep, 02:59 PM UTC
Matthew Kolken
Who really wanted to retire anyway? #StockMarketCrash #FJB
23 Sep, 02:38 PM UTC
kerry ✊💙🇺🇦
Only thing left for Liz truss to do 👇 #stockmarketcrash https://t.co/8u0ZEtnsUb
23 Sep, 02:57 PM UTC
Parody Prime Minister
The IFS says the only people who will benefit from our budget are those earning over £150k. Good to have confirmation that it is going to plan. #minibudget2022 #stockmarketcrash
23 Sep, 05:51 PM UTC
Stephen🔶🐟🇺🇦🇪🇺#StandWithUkraine #GetPRDone
Disaster Capitalism where the government induces a disaster where the wealthy capitalise and the poor get relatively poorer. 😣😔 #MiniBudget #GeneralElection #StockMarketCrash https://t.co/fJ33yMgObr
23 Sep, 11:23 AM UTC
Remember that the #stockmarketcrash should be blamed in large part on Bidenomics.
23 Sep, 01:34 PM UTC
Vote Blue '22 Make Democrats own coming Depression
Donald Trump right now: Told you so #stockmarketcrash https://t.co/GUUqEPgDbX
23 Sep, 01:47 PM UTC
Patrick Bet-David
“Market crash is coming and it’s gonna be very ugly” I said this on 5/27/22. Dow jones was at 33,212 on 5/27 Dow Today is at 29,655. Dow has already dropped 20% this year. And guess what hashtag is trending today? #stockmarketcrash @patrickbetdavid's photo on #stockmarketcrash
23 Sep, 02:29 PM UTC
The U.S. stock market lost $1.6 trillion in a single day. #DowJones #StockMarket #stockmarketcrash #otc #stocks https://t.co/GeuUXIxi5E
23 Sep, 05:19 PM UTC
James Melville
The British pound has now fallen to $1.09 - the lowest since 1985. #MiniBudget #stockmarketcrash @JamesMelville's photo on #stockmarketcrash
23 Sep, 04:06 PM UTC
A single day wiped out $1.6 trillion from the stock market. #StockMarket #stockmarketcrash #NASDAQ #DowJones https://t.co/pTMxLbyJm5
23 Sep, 05:16 PM UTC
As sterling drops to its lowest level in 40 years, the Tory press remains silent #UK #GBP #CURRENCY #stockmarketcrash
23 Sep, 05:09 PM UTC
Phoenix Black (COMMS OPEN)
Graveyard Drift GAW | 24 Hours 🦇 ☑️ Follow @RevenantFlight w/🔔 ☑️ Retweet 🔃 ☑️ Tag your best friend 💑 #stockmarketcrash #FortniteParadise #FortniteSeason4 #Giveaway @RevenantFlight's media on #stockmarketcrash">https://t.co/xjT61489GF
24 Sep, 12:53 AM UTC
alibobs0 🇮🇪 +🇪🇺+🇬🇧 🌹🌻🇺🇦
The U.K. economy is absolutely screwed #stockmarketcrash #ftse #FTSE The pound plunges by the most since March 2020 against the US dollar after the UK government outlined new debt borrowing to fund an expansive stimulus https://t.co/2zEFOXLBd0 via @markets
23 Sep, 04:20 PM UTC
Dorset Eye (Independent Citizen Community Media)
#stockmarketcrash There is no such thing as a 'free market' so why do right wing ideologues keep repeating it? https://t.co/nqdRiS3cTz
23 Sep, 02:08 PM UTC
STOCKS TO WATCH🎯 1. CDSL 2. DEEPAK NITRITE 3. INDIAN HOTEL 4. UFLEX TELEGRAM - https://t.co/5owUiaZu9Q #stockmarketcrash #StockMarket #stocks #trading @kuttrapali26 @caniravkaria @Jagadeesh0203 @KommawarSwapnil @Technicalchart1 @Charts_insiders @StocksINT @nakulvibhor https://t.co/vrnbMBEVyg
23 Sep, 10:54 AM UTC
The Ghost of Tom Paine 🇪🇺 🇺🇦
If you are earning a million pounds you are now better off by £55000. If you're on Universal Credit...you're buggered. #torychaos #CurrencyCrash #stockmarketcrash
23 Sep, 06:13 PM UTC
#stockmarketcrash Vote Republican to restore sanity to the Economy,gas rising again,no end in sight as long as green loons running the Govt & shutting fossil fuels down. https://t.co/GzNjzbH06v
23 Sep, 02:14 PM UTC
If you don't have the money to buy, that is 100% okay! Never EVER over-leverage yourself Don’t fall for the FAKE FOMO! I promise you are missing nothing with the current market conditions. PROTECT YOUR MENTAL! Build your knowledge & disciplines #stockmarketcrash #crypto 🙇‍♂️
23 Sep, 02:08 PM UTC
April 🍑 5k
Friday ❤️❤️ I hope you like my pimples 😝 #booty #pawg #thick #thickwhitegirl #bigbooty #cuckhold #thickpawg #thickcurves #thickncurvy #onlyfansgirl #stockmarketcrash #FridayFeeling #snowbunny https://t.co/CoGu1hb78S
23 Sep, 10:39 PM UTC
#SidharthShukla_help_group_punjab ki is video ko koshish kare pura dekhe or agar app ko khushi mile to video ko retweet jarur kare #SidharthShukIa @BeingSalmanKhan @SSS_Shiv_007 @SidHeart_Shivam @sidharth_unity @SidKiFanShivi @Rimpi55223886 #stockmarketcrash https://t.co/gLcRY9XR5S
23 Sep, 03:27 PM UTC
People talking about #stockmarketcrash as if this is something new. We arent even at 1980s levels right now. Powell is taking a play from Volcker to try and prevent us from getting to the 14.8% we had at the end of the Carter administration.
23 Sep, 01:37 PM UTC
Hecka B.
The #Space to call #home! This is the show to open the floor, and give #420friendly #NFTProjects a #voice! Get in to #win! 👣— @HalfBaked4Life & @WCCN2022 , @Highheckabecka & @special_k_nft ♻️— RETWEET & TAG A #💨buddy! #NFTCommunity #NFTs #EthMerge #BTC #stockmarketcrash @highheckabecka on stockmarketcrash">https://t.co/3EbRqiWzya @highheckabecka's media on #stockmarketcrash">https://t.co/LKnRNFSyxl
24 Sep, 01:22 AM UTC