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Tampa Bay Lightning
We’re spending the day across 7 counties in our community to participate in random #StrikesOfKindness! Our first stop? Visiting our friend, Mayor of Tampa @JaneCastor at the Tom Oliver Memorial Hockey Rink. 👋 @TBLightning's photo on #StrikesofKindness
10 Sep, 01:12 PM UTC
Charley Belcher FOX
Who’s ready for hockey? #StrikesOfKindness #GoBolts @TBLightning @CharleyBelcher's photo on #StrikesofKindness
10 Sep, 12:30 PM UTC
Paul Kennedy
⁦Bolt making friends this morning with @TBLightning⁩ sweater and game tickets at beautiful, new ⁦@lakelandarena⁩! #StrikesOfKindness https://t.co/Z6saQVVBNw
10 Sep, 01:31 PM UTC
Charley Belcher FOX
This is a fun assignment for @TBLightning fans like @photog_JayMac and myself. Had to grab a pic with @RealStamkos91 & @86Kucherov! It’s also fun to photo-bomb Mayor @JaneCastor. #StrikesOfKindness #GoBolts @CharleyBelcher's photo on #StrikesofKindness
10 Sep, 01:08 PM UTC
I'll second that!!! >:) #StrikesOfKindness https://t.co/ISwMISkL86
10 Sep, 11:34 AM UTC
Dirk Shadd
#TBLightning defenseman Ryan McDonagh works the @dunkindonuts drive through as part of the @TBLightning #StrikesofKindness promotion on Tuesday. #nhl #DunkinDonuts @DirkShadd's photo on #StrikesofKindness
10 Sep, 12:47 PM UTC
Lightning Made Hockey
just a lovely Lightning Made morning #StrikesofKindness @LightningMade's photo on #StrikesofKindness
10 Sep, 01:40 PM UTC
Where will we be next!?! >:) #GoBolts #StrikesOfKindness https://t.co/91rLpGAC4j
10 Sep, 01:40 PM UTC
Ashley Bauman
Busy morning in the @CityofTampa with @RealStamkos91, @86Kucherov, @ThunderBugTBL, Steve Griggs, @CharleyBelcher and of course Mayor @JaneCastor talking about the @TBLightning’s #StrikesofKindness day— of course the Lightning strike kindness everyday. #GoBolts https://t.co/N8Dlt1s2Nt
10 Sep, 01:47 PM UTC
Diana C. Nearhos
Ryan McDonagh and Braydon Coburn surprised fans with free breakfast at Dunkin' this morning as part of the @TBLightning's #strikesofkindness. The team will be at 40 sites today. https://t.co/1d41omXr9H
10 Sep, 02:01 PM UTC
Drew Garabo
My dude Charley just made Kuch smile 3.25 times, which is more than @86Kucherov smiled from 2011-2018. #StrikesOfKindness #GoBolts https://t.co/8LpI2byPUv
10 Sep, 01:13 PM UTC
Diana C. Nearhos
If you come across the #tblightning today, send us your photos #strikesofkindness https://t.co/hMHo9rwJeW
10 Sep, 02:03 PM UTC
Megan Gannon
Two great stories this morning: Honor Flight of around 70 veterans heading to Washington DC to visit memorials. And @TBLightning are giving back throughout Tampa Bay today with #StrikesofKindness @WFLA @WFLAMegan's media on #StrikesofKindness">@WFLAMegan's media on #StrikesofKindness">https://t.co/Q0BZShXcHT
10 Sep, 12:47 PM UTC
John Mamola
Amazing gesture by the @TBLightning today with #strikesofkindness https://t.co/6LrgIQ9NOR
10 Sep, 11:42 AM UTC
Josh Dreith
Great morning out on the outdoor rink we will be renovating!! #StrikesofKindness https://t.co/qXGhT2dMX9
10 Sep, 02:00 PM UTC
Sarah Couture
What a lucky community we are to have a hockey team in the @TBLightning that cares so much about the community and is genuinely involved. #GoBolts #StrikesOfKindness https://t.co/X3dwQuAIA6
10 Sep, 01:52 PM UTC
Mari Faiello
The $100,000 won from the Presidents’ Trophy is being donated back into to the community in the #Lightning’s #StrikesofKindness today https://t.co/c18QwxUB1V
10 Sep, 12:46 PM UTC

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