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Shi Davidi
Blue Jays are TBA in rotation tomorrow (Mitch White is here on taxi squad), with Alek Manoah going Saturday and Ross Stripling on Sunday, says John Schneider. That means Manoah gets an extra day of rest before his next two outings and lines him up for season finale.
22 Sep, 09:15 PM UTC
WC1: Manoah WC2: Gausman WC3: Stripling
22 Sep, 11:51 PM UTC
Joe Osborne
Jose Berrios can’t be trusted in a big spot. I’d rather see Stripling out there come playoff time. Starting him on the road is essentially signing up to lose.
22 Sep, 11:48 PM UTC
John Bollman
It will be very interesting to see if the Blue Jays go with Stripling or Berrios in a winner take all Wild Card Game… Gotta imagine Stripling but they just gave all that money to Berrios for a reason…
22 Sep, 11:14 PM UTC
Mike Harrington
Going well for #Bluejays as usual in the Trop. They simply can’t pitch Berrios on the road in the postseason. If they finish 5th and get to Game 3, have to go with Stripling.
23 Sep, 12:52 AM UTC
Steph 💙
Berríos can't start in the playoffs. Period. Manoah, Gausman, Stripling. That's our rotation.
22 Sep, 11:46 PM UTC
Blue Bird Faithful
Stripling starts waaaaaay ahead of Berrios come the playoffs
22 Sep, 11:50 PM UTC
House of Kirk (Alejandro Kirk Stan)
I hope this ends the dumb debate of “would you start berrios or Stripling in the playoffs” how about the guy who’s had 1 bad outing all year and been nothing but consistent then the guy who’s been awful every few outings and gives up 5+ runs
23 Sep, 12:15 AM UTC
I've defended him for a while now, but I'm really running out of patience with Berrios. Stripling would/should get the start over Berrios in a playoff start, and that's pretty sad. #BlueJays
23 Sep, 12:11 AM UTC
Joseph Zita
Well i guess we officially know now that if the Blue Jays play TB at the Trop in the Wild Card series, Berríos isn’t touching the mound. You run Manoah, Gausman, Stripling. If you’re at home then yeah, maybe Berríos. #NextLevel
22 Sep, 11:10 PM UTC
Greg Peterson
Can’t say I’m too surprised bad Jose Berrios showed up tonight. The struggles of he and Yusei Kikuchi means the Jays will need good innings from Ross Stripling to make a postseason run.
23 Sep, 12:56 AM UTC
Craig Chapman
The #BlueJays pitching rotation is Manoah and Gausman. I'm not sure anyone else is really postseason-ready. Stripling, maybe. Just a tad concerning
22 Sep, 11:51 PM UTC
Depressed Blue Jays Fan
@Merrifield2KBO It’s been Stripling for a while for me
23 Sep, 12:16 AM UTC
Other than Manoah and Stripling the Jays starting pitching, is very inconsistent!
23 Sep, 12:05 AM UTC
Matthew McAnanama
@ShiDavidi Playoff rotation must now be 1) Manoah 2) Gausman 3) Stripling 4)Berrios
22 Sep, 11:59 PM UTC
James Macciocchi
@SNJeffBlair Announce Stripling now as our game 3 starter.
22 Sep, 11:10 PM UTC
@GregorChisholm Can’t be trusted. Stripling is far more reliable.
23 Sep, 12:37 AM UTC
@Wilnerness Gaus Manoah Stripling.
23 Sep, 12:39 AM UTC
Not your buddy, pal. 🍊
@jesserubinoff Stripling starts in the playoffs over Berrios. 100%
23 Sep, 12:20 AM UTC
@Wilnerness Ross Stripling would be my third starter in a wild card series.
22 Sep, 11:52 PM UTC
Jays New 5th Starter Ben Gordon
Stripling > Berrios #NextLevel
22 Sep, 11:52 PM UTC
James Cee
#BlueJays have $40 Million a year in their starting rotation that can’t pitch, yet there is still discussion about what to do with Stripling next year. Berrios is a fucking joke. #NextLevel
22 Sep, 11:49 PM UTC
Sparkplug Springer
After nearly 2 full months of restoring confidence, Berrios came out today and made the decision that Stripling will without question be starting in the playoffs over him (which was already very likely)
23 Sep, 12:50 AM UTC
@Wilnerness They gotta justify the contract i guess, because there’s 0 doubt that Stripling has been better this season
23 Sep, 12:45 AM UTC
@BlueJays Jays have 2 starters I trust. Manoa & Stripling. That's why they have ZERO chance to go anywhere in the playoffs. Pitching simply is not good enough to win.
23 Sep, 12:37 AM UTC
Lamp!! (School Grind Arc)
@Wilnerness Game 3, we start berrios, if he doesnt get the first inning K we pull him for stripling immediately foolproof plan
23 Sep, 12:32 AM UTC
Games 1-3 for the @BlueJays come playoffs has to be Manoah, Gausman, and Stripling. After that I am guessing they push those 3 as much as they can because there is nobody that can be counted in to start after those 3.
23 Sep, 12:09 AM UTC
@ShiDavidi He has been terrible this season. Manoah, Gausman and Stripling better be the top 3.
23 Sep, 12:08 AM UTC
I sincerely hope I never hear a member of the #BlueJas media ever question who should get the start between Berrios & Stripling in a playoff series. It’s Stripling & it’s not even close or debate able! Berrios shouldn’t even b on the roster for the first series!
23 Sep, 12:07 AM UTC