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Tennis Boy 180K (Top 1%)
You can’t tame the bush @Tennisboy906's photo on Stro
21 Jul, 02:26 PM UTC
Rob Friedman
Stro: Gold. 🪙 @PitchingNinja's photo on Stro
21 Jul, 07:02 PM UTC
Phill 🚀
Mets Win. The Stro-Show is back.
21 Jul, 07:38 PM UTC
John Flanigan
The Stro haters are awfully quiet this afternoon.
21 Jul, 07:40 PM UTC
Stro is quick with it and turns two! @SNYtv's photo on Stro
21 Jul, 04:54 PM UTC
"He was outstanding, the same Stro that we know and we needed it" Luis Rojas talks about how important it was to get a great outing from Marcus Stroman @SNYtv's photo on Stro
21 Jul, 08:17 PM UTC
Stephanie Lynn
50 WINS!!! Needed a good start deep into the game from the Stro Show today so I think 8 one-hit innings will do!!! Series win… onto the next👏🏻 #LFGM 💙🧡
21 Jul, 07:37 PM UTC
Robert Z
Stro Puts on a clinic then puts on a clinic #LGM
21 Jul, 08:54 PM UTC
Drewski (The Mets are GOOD)
@STR0 @HDMHFoundation Performance of the year today, way to go Stro
21 Jul, 08:31 PM UTC
@STR0 @HDMHFoundation Way to bounce back today, Stro. The team needed that and you showed out in a big way.
21 Jul, 08:31 PM UTC
Michael Leh 🇩🇪 🇺🇸
FAZ: "Im Land­kreis Ahrwei­ler beträgt die Zahl der Toten mitt­ler­wei­le 122, mindes­tens 763 Menschen wurden bei der Kata­stro­phe verletzt. Mehr als 150 Perso­nen werden noch vermisst. Doch gibt es kaum noch Hoff­nung, sie lebend zu finden."
21 Jul, 08:16 PM UTC
Donna돈나 🌳☮️💉
@FarRockLori @stro Or as close to one that exists when you're a @Mets fan.
21 Jul, 08:13 PM UTC
The Stro' Show!! @Mets #LFGM #LGM 🧡💙 @Mets698's media on Stro">
21 Jul, 08:18 PM UTC
Object Remove from Photo: #SeeYouAgainShownu Cillizza jack antonoff Scabby Happily Ever After Politico Robin Williams Dislike Stro Clapton Cristiani Big XII Tyra
21 Jul, 08:50 PM UTC
MLB Illustrated
@RandomOrtizJr Indeed they did! I wish I could find a gif of both Stro & Dom together, but this one will have to do for now:
21 Jul, 08:49 PM UTC
If you need photo or poduct background remove: #SeeYouAgainShownu Cillizza jack antonoff Scabby Happily Ever After Politico Robin Williams Dislike Stro Clapton Cristiani Big XII Tyra
21 Jul, 08:48 PM UTC
⚾🍎✍📷🇵🇷Angel Ortiz Jr.🏈🦅🏆🎉😈 🏒
@MLBillustrated Dom and Stro dominated today's game! 💪🏽
21 Jul, 08:44 PM UTC
Darby Murphy
@STR0 @HDMHFoundation You stepped up BIG for the team today but tomorrow is even more important. Thank you Stro!!
21 Jul, 08:32 PM UTC
@Metsmerized Just what the Mets needed, big time performance from Stro.
21 Jul, 08:29 PM UTC
@tai_walker @STR0 Wow great game by stro. Great defense too.
21 Jul, 08:24 PM UTC
Joe Coal
@STR0 looked like the all star we all know he is. My man, pots and pans! Great job! The bullpen needed a break and stro went out and dominated. 11 game home stand on deckington!
21 Jul, 08:23 PM UTC
Aaron Stirling
@fkdotcom @EDSdt1234 Lol thinking one season makes a guy elite I ain’t even diving into this one. I love Noah and Stro but they’re 100% on the same level as it stands today.
21 Jul, 08:21 PM UTC
Jeff Camp
@TeamThirstTrap Frank started his post-game recap with a smile for Stro, then went full-on rant for 2 minutes. So on brand.
21 Jul, 08:19 PM UTC
Hector "El Capo” Poza Hernandez 🦁
@Mets @STR0 Thanks stro, took the Mets FG ML 🤝
21 Jul, 08:59 PM UTC
Steve Dees
@tai_walker @STR0 @stro To bad he’s using politics to block me for some reason 😂🤣😂 still have respect for him even though he shows zero class!
21 Jul, 08:59 PM UTC
Steve Dees
21 Jul, 08:57 PM UTC
Bob Smith
@SNYtv I love listening to Stro’s pressers. He just seems like such a chill guy compared to the competitively intense guy we see on the field. Glad he was able to bounce back today and get the W!!
21 Jul, 08:57 PM UTC