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Barbara Crampton
An enormous talent, vibrant & boundary breaking, his work was in a class by itself. He created countless moments on film which were at once, funny, scary, daring & smart. He gave me my career. I lost a dear friend. I’m heartbroken. No words can do him justice. RIP Stuart Gordon
25 Mar, 08:41 AM UTC
Stuart Gordon, Cult Classic Horror Director, Dies at 72
25 Mar, 06:56 AM UTC
Sorry to hear about the great Stuart Gordon passing. Along with his storied career in theatre and independent film, he is in the horror hall of hame forever for films like ‘From Beyond’ & the outrageous gem that is ‘Re-Animator’. Put a plaque up at Miskatonic University for him. @edgarwright's photo on Stuart Gordon
25 Mar, 07:26 AM UTC
Jay Bauman
Dug out my ancient copy of a book called Filmmakers on the Fringe to find this excerpt of Stuart Gordon talking about the pressure of an independent-minded person trying to work for a major company like Disney. @JayBauman1's photo on Stuart Gordon
25 Mar, 02:35 PM UTC
Dead Meat
Oh, man... RIP Stuart Gordon. Re-Animator has ALWAYS been one of my favorite horror movies, and it's impressive that it was his directorial debut (in his late 30s, after a career of experimental theatre). Really thankful for his work <3
25 Mar, 08:21 AM UTC
Jay Bauman
Everyone should have seen Re-Animator and From Beyond by now, but Stuart Gordon's Stuck, King of the Ants, and the David Mamet adaptation Edmond are underseen and he also co-wrote The Dentist, a crazy movie about a lunatic dentist that tortures patients and hallucinates a lot.
25 Mar, 12:08 PM UTC
RIP to a true legend. Stuart Gordon is one of the greatest to ever work in the genre, and the world is better for it. In honor of Stuart we will be live streaming Re-Animator, Castle Freak, and Stuck on ShudderTV tonight starting around 8pm EST 🖤 @Shudder's photo on Stuart Gordon
25 Mar, 03:22 PM UTC
Rest In Peace to a true Master of Horror: Stuart Gordon. From RE-ANIMATOR to CASTLE FREAK to FROM BEYOND and THE DOLLS, his movies were scary, funny, gory ... and always uniquely Stuart Gordon. He will be missed greatly. @FANGORIA's photo on Stuart Gordon
25 Mar, 02:30 PM UTC
Horror Losers
Ha muerto el director STUART GORDON a los 72 años. Uno de los últimos grandes nombres del terror moderno, detrás de RE-ANIMATOR y otras adaptaciones de LOVECRAFT al cine. Fue la firma estandarte de EMPIRE PICTURES y co-creador de CARIÑO, HE ENCOGIDO A LOS NIÑOS. Descanse en paz. @horrorlosers's photo on Stuart Gordon
25 Mar, 08:51 AM UTC
Bloody Disgusting
[R.I.P.] Master of Horror Stuart Gordon Has Passed Away at 72
25 Mar, 01:41 PM UTC
The A.V. Club
R.I.P. Stuart Gordon, director of Re-Animator and From Beyond: @TheAVClub's photo on Stuart Gordon
25 Mar, 07:51 AM UTC
peter pepperoni
RIP to Stuart Gordon, one of few directors that nailed the Lovecraft-to-film transition not once but TWICE
25 Mar, 06:28 AM UTC
Mike Flanagan
Very sad to hear that Stuart Gordon has passed. A true original, and a gift to the genre. I remember being absolutely terrified of the FROM BEYOND box cover at the video store when I was a kid... and then delighted years later when I finally saw the movie itself. Rest In Peace.
25 Mar, 02:19 PM UTC
Scott Weinberg
The movies directed by Stuart Gordon. He had his hand in a lot of other films, but these are the ones he directed. That's a fun, eclectic mixture of genre flicks if you ask me. @scottEweinberg's photo on Stuart Gordon
25 Mar, 09:56 AM UTC
Jonathan Barkan
Rest in peace, Stuart Gordon. Thank you for some of my favorite movies in my most formative cinematic years.
25 Mar, 06:20 AM UTC
Stephen Scarlata
Promo Art for Stuart Gordon's Robot Jox.
25 Mar, 05:39 PM UTC
Don Mancini
RIP to a legend of theater as well as horror cinema, and a really nice guy. My impression was that no matter the situation, he always tried to take care of everyone. #StuartGordon
25 Mar, 03:27 PM UTC
Graham Skipper
I was honored to write something about Stuart's passing for @FANGORIA:
25 Mar, 05:22 PM UTC
Larry Karaszewski
A true lover of film and theater has passed away - Stuart Gordon - a legend in Chicago directing the early plays of Mamet then bursting into cinema with the still jaw dropping “Re-Animator” - I’ll miss chatting movies with him - such a good sweet man. @Karaszewski's photo on Stuart Gordon
25 Mar, 03:27 PM UTC
Black Screen
Stuart Gordon has made two of the goriest, wildest, wickedest and altogether the best horror flicks I have seen in my entire life; both being H.P. Lovecraft adaptations. He'll always be remembered as an undisputed '80s body horror icon. May he RIP. #StuartGordon
25 Mar, 08:26 AM UTC
#MutantFam & #HorrorFam Please join us for a special #TheLastDriveInRewind tribute to the Legendary Stuart Gordon #CastleFreak 9PM ET / 6PM PT on #TheLastDriveIn @Shudder @therealjoebob @kinky_horror @mutant_fam @MutantTheater2 @CafeMutant @barbaracrampton @jeffreycombs @CafeMutant's media on Stuart Gordon">
25 Mar, 01:01 PM UTC
Full Moon Features
The FULL MOON family is deeply saddened by the passing of horror director legend STUART GORDON. Our history with Stuart goes back over 35 years. He will be missed! (Picture: Charles Band (L) & Stuart Gordon (R)) #ReAnimator #Dolls #FromBeyond #CastleFreak @fullmoonhorror's photo on Stuart Gordon
25 Mar, 07:05 PM UTC
Night Of The Horrorphile podcast
#HorrorMovie of the day RE-ANIMATOR A film that has withstood the sands of time to still deliver the shocks and humor only Stuart Gordon could do. RIP #StuartGordon #horror #horrorfam #WednesdayThoughts
25 Mar, 11:12 AM UTC
"At a time when no one else was bringing Lovecraftian-flavored horror to the big screen, Gordon filled our imagination with the bizarre, the fantastic, and horrific." —@Chaosium_Inc's @mikemason remembers the legacy of #Mythos filmmaker Stuart Gordon. @Chaosium_Inc on Stuart Gordon">
25 Mar, 09:54 AM UTC
Shock Waves
To pay tribute to the great Stuart Gordon, we went back into the archive and pulled out this vintage Killer POV chat with him from Oct 2013. A legend & true gentleman.
25 Mar, 07:05 PM UTC
Horror Losers
Stuart Gordon reimaginó la costa de Galicia (Combarro) como un Innsmouth perfecto en su humilde DAGON (2001), pese a su falta de medios, una fiel y acertada adaptación de Lovecraft que sabía mezclar el spanish gothic con los profundos y ha ido ganando culto internacional.
25 Mar, 07:52 PM UTC
The Hollywood Reporter
"Stuart was a beloved filmmaker, mentor and friend to all, but my sisters and I know him best as Dad." Stuart Gordon's daughter Margaret Gordon pays tribute to her father. Read the full statement:
25 Mar, 08:03 PM UTC
Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies
RIP to Stuart Gordon, who taught the first official @MiskatonicIHS class w/ his writing partner Dennis Paoli when we opened our first branch in Montreal, July 2010. Here is one of few photos documenting the historic class, on adapting Lovecraft for the screen. @MiskatonicIHS's media on Stuart Gordon">
25 Mar, 08:33 AM UTC
Rob Elo 💀 🔪 😈
Re-Animator director Stuart Gordon has died at 72
25 Mar, 11:42 AM UTC
Joe Dante
Here's a great @Talkhouse piece on our friend Stuart Gordon:
25 Mar, 08:22 PM UTC