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Namjoon naik bus, taehyung naik subway Sama2 tidak dikenali atau memang warganya sengaja tidak ingin mengganggu🥹🫶 @BTS_twt -🐼 https://t.co/r1SeZE97Je
23 Jun, 10:58 AM UTC
Visegrád 24
Ukrainian civilians spot a soldier in the subway. https://t.co/bZVbDjg8HF
23 Jun, 05:45 AM UTC
Dre's Empire x Subway Rats 🎁80 free mint spots to giveaway on Discord 🎁20 free mint spots to giveaway on Twitter Must: 1. Follow @SubwayRatsNft, @Dres_Empire & @Greystache_1 2. Like, RT & Tag 3 friends 3. Join the discord: @Dres_Empire on Subway">https://t.co/oqIOd8YIvm Ends in 48 hours!! @Dres_Empire's media on Subway">https://t.co/jYF7evu5gk
22 Jun, 02:53 PM UTC
Jungkook Commercial
Left and Right subway ads in Seoul, Korea. One solo for Jungkook and the second with @charlieputh https://t.co/L0amjlza8m
23 Jun, 09:58 AM UTC
JUNGKOOK DAILY ‹ | › 𝄞ʲᵏ🦋⁹⁷
JUNGKOOK’s Subway Advertisement for ‘Left and Right’ located at Hapjeong Station and Konkuk University Station by JUNGKOOK super fan @blume0901! 🤍💜 LEFT AND RIGHT IS COMING! #LeftandRight by #CharliePuth feat. #Jungkook @BTS_twt @charlieputh https://t.co/ENEvbhgtXV
23 Jun, 06:58 AM UTC
The New York Times
The MTA said it would add elevators and ramps to 95% of New York City’s subway stations by 2055 as part of a settlement agreement in two class-action lawsuits over the issue. Currently, just 27% of stations are fully accessible. https://t.co/e24zMQ9uWa
22 Jun, 09:45 PM UTC
⚠️発表⚠️ナノチップを含む食品および飲料ブランド FOOD & BEVERAGE BRANDS WHICH CONTAIN NANOBOTS 1. Kellogg’s 2. Beyond Meat 3. Lesser Evil Snacks 4. Tyson Foods 5. Pilgrims Pride 6. Birds Eye 7. Kendall Frozen Foods 8. McDonald’s Fast Food 9. Domino Pizza 10. Starbucks 11. Subway
23 Jun, 06:38 AM UTC
Hafifi Izzuddin
Tak sangka banyak benda boleh bayar dengan @setel. Selain daripada isi minyak kat petronas, boleh juga guna untuk bayar groceries kat mesra, tealive, subway & macam-macam lagi. Nak beli t-shirt online pun boleh! #SetelBadminton https://t.co/FAvj7Vax03
22 Jun, 03:45 PM UTC
Quite Interesting
Word of the day: SCHLIMAZEL (US, borrowed from Yiddish) - a perpetually unlucky person A schlimazel's toast will always land butter side down, and if they drop their keys, they will always fall into a subway grate
23 Jun, 07:00 AM UTC
🎁#MAMAMOO #Hwasa's Birthday Project ONLY 353 SARANG points ($353) more for 2 mega-screens subway ads in Seoul! 📌Crowdfund now ▶https://t.co/Lw3uRV7UTf 📌Deadline: July 3rd 23:59 KST #마마무 #화사 #华莎 #ファサ #안혜진 #AhnHyejin #ฮวาซา #ママム @kstargift's photo on Subway
22 Jun, 09:00 PM UTC
VOTE 🗳️ | 220623 FANPLUS: Vote #BAEKHYUN for ✨The Best Soloist✨ 🔗 https://t.co/B2ujJqyEVL ‼️ Current rank: #2 🗓️ Ends July 6, 5PM KST 🏆 Yongsan iPark Mall & Subway LED ad #EXO #엑소 @weareoneEXO @B_hundred_Hyun https://t.co/7PkhipZP0s
23 Jun, 10:47 AM UTC
David Cay Johnston
How sclerotic is American infrastructure improvement? How little do we care for those in wheelchairs? ⁦ ⁦⁦@nytimes⁩ hed captures it well. Come 2055 one in 20 NYC subway stations will still lack wheelchair access (click to enlarge image): @DavidCayJ's photo on Subway
23 Jun, 12:40 PM UTC
[📣] #IDOLCHAMP July Birthday Poll [Finals : less than 3 hours to go 🚨 ] #TAEMIN is 2nd ! keep voting, only few hours to go 🔥 vote and share ! 🗓 June 23 [23:59 KST] 🎁 Big wide color subway AD 🗳👉 https://t.co/4RqFKAX4ci #태민 #テミン https://t.co/DSyw4byCtU
23 Jun, 12:22 PM UTC
Subway car for sale! Brought to you by the people who sold a Staten Island Ferry to Pete Davidson, DCAS is now auctioning off the last surviving @MTA Redbird subway car. Opening bid: $6,500. Let’s go! https://t.co/bpnU0IlvWY @NYCDCAS's photo on Subway
23 Jun, 12:52 PM UTC
James Morrow
Where we're at in America: POTUS wants to take the one bit of a ciggie that's not dangerous out, while in the New York City subway ads tout how to keep your fentanyl addiction going safely and with pride. https://t.co/XzpGL601yp
22 Jun, 08:34 PM UTC
Crime in NYC
Transit officials have installed hidden surveillance cameras on 65 train cars in the past six weeks as part of a pilot initiative. The cameras are not connected to a central server and are not monitored 24/7. They store their own recordings. https://t.co/uaHG9KUjaM
22 Jun, 09:00 PM UTC
Hidden cameras on subway plan. GTFOH. All these “bright ideas” will NOT stop recidivist CRIMINALS that the Liberal politicians judges & DA’s release & coddle ⁦@davidwebbshowhttps://t.co/S2RU6wKyaQ
23 Jun, 10:09 AM UTC
adam singolda
Later today I’m taking the kids and creating for them an “i ❤️ NY” experience here in the city (hot dog stand, subway, one dollar shop, ice cream truck,…). What am i missing? Suggest stuff 🙏
23 Jun, 12:58 PM UTC
MsMariaBlack 🌻 Covid Cave Dweller
@HARLAN_M00CHIE @stevewh67 @witty_shitty @helena_boxing @ivyjofreeman @ps9714 @strom_annette @PrincessMacgee @1980Dorothy @traytaymakeup @cptnrawrpants @McDonalds @BurgerKing @tacobell @kfc @ChickfilA @SUBWAY @dominos I'm not that picky. We just have an insane number of places to get a huge variety of foods, chains don't do well here. I've never seen a domino's 😂 I hit KFC, McDonald's once in a while but the rest I don't even know where they are here.
23 Jun, 10:59 AM UTC
Tyler Bates
Congrats to more standouts from the Central OH regular season - earning a $10 Subway gift card! Layla Merriweather - Olen. Berlin Ava Gossman - Granville Ellie Bruce - Fisher Catholic Abby Price - North Union https://t.co/8WUa9W1Twc https://t.co/CHfi1gx2vZ
23 Jun, 02:02 PM UTC
Mãhñóōr Êlåhî
15,16 saal k tidda tiddi 7 janmo sath rehna k wada krty huy sarri raat call pr bt krty!! Le me ; jisny 20 saal ki age mai mobile mai subway,candy crush, talking tom or difference between games install kiye huy hen🙃
23 Jun, 02:00 PM UTC
Tyler Bates
Thanks to Coach Cunningham and @ladybearsbbk for hosting week #3 of our Central OH 3 on 3 league! Congrats to our Players of the Week - earning a $10 Subway gift card! Lydia Hess - Cardington Kinsey Spangler - New Albany Elaina Lahmers - Fairbanks Jordan Sullivan - Orange https://t.co/hUfjIXQc4C
23 Jun, 01:58 PM UTC
Amen the subway station is built right into the mall it’s in https://t.co/Rqrq8Q4kVx
23 Jun, 01:58 PM UTC
Nate budok subway ni mempermainkan aku Koi ada maruah juga
23 Jun, 02:01 PM UTC
もしKing Gnuが、劇場版 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ〈ワルプルギスの廻天〉の主題歌を担当したらどんな曲のタイトルになりそう? #KingGnu #キングヌー #魔法少女まどかマギカ #まどマギ
23 Jun, 02:01 PM UTC
Updated Post: Subway Surfers Codes – Free Coins, Keys, Mystery Boxes, and More https://t.co/iuihn4WGAw
23 Jun, 02:01 PM UTC
Andika Atarita
i hate subway
23 Jun, 02:01 PM UTC