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The Secret
You are already the greatest success, just as you are.
11 Aug, 11:00 AM UTC
Varun Tej Konidela
My top boy @actor_nithiin !! Wishing you and the entire team of #MacherlaNiyojakavargam a super duper success!! @IAmVarunTej's photo on Success
11 Aug, 02:53 PM UTC
Sash ~
One thing Arteta has is conviction. Whether you agree with him or not, he isn’t afraid to make bold, unpopular decisions. Arsenal had deep rooted issues which needed to be fixed for sustainable success. Definitely had short term effects but it’s paved way for a better future.
11 Aug, 09:29 AM UTC
Gary Goodridge
Hustle in silence... Let success be the noise.
11 Aug, 03:00 PM UTC
Moeed Pirzada
What makes Imran Khan stand & withstand pressures of past few months & yet appear calm & focused? Tremendous Psychological strength drives Imran Khan's success: Explains an American Psychiatrist while talking with Editor GVS! https://t.co/zNTwbjzoae via @YouTube
11 Aug, 06:53 PM UTC
Congratulations on your success💑 #TejasswiPrakash #KaranKundrra #TeJran 🌞❤️🐍🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿 https://t.co/rFzMX4WzYd
12 Aug, 01:35 AM UTC
Idris M. Sanusi 🇳🇬🇪🇹
🥳 Congratulations🎉 to the people of #Ethiopia 🇪🇹 on the success of the third operation to fill the dam and launches electricity production from #GERD's second turbine. https://t.co/yIRD2drmUL
11 Aug, 02:20 PM UTC
Mohanlal Fans Club
Happy Birthday Our Chief @unnirajendran_ ❤️🎂🍻 Wishing you All happiness and Success !! https://t.co/ZpPzvYiU8f
11 Aug, 05:14 AM UTC
Ché Noir
To do what you love and make a financial living off of it is the beginning of true success to me.
11 Aug, 03:37 PM UTC
Tobi Emonts-Holley
Eliminating: • Multitasking • Overthinking • Procrastination Guarantees your success.
11 Aug, 01:13 PM UTC
Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji spreads awareness about elevating physical & mental health to achieve success by regular practice of meditation with pranayam, healthy vegetarian diet, regular medical checkups & exercise. #FridayFitness https://t.co/U4RJ7v8Wci
12 Aug, 02:43 AM UTC
National Women's Front
Our heartiest congratulations to all the winners of gold medals from India in the commonwealth games 2022. You’ve made our country proud by winning 22 gold medals and finishing on 4th place this year. We wish you success and happiness for your bright future. #NationalWomensFront https://t.co/y64xjkU98Y
11 Aug, 08:43 AM UTC
Vijay Deverakonda Trends
#MacherlaNiyojakavargam Grand Release Today ❤️‍🔥 Wishing @actor_nithiin Anna And The whole Team #MNV Block Buster Success.❤️🙌 From All THE #VijayDeverakonda Fans.🤗 @TheDeverakonda #LIGER https://t.co/rMh3ocHEEj
12 Aug, 03:20 AM UTC
Param Kaur
Willpower is like a muscle, the more u train it, the stronger it gets. Increasing willpower & confidence cost u nothing. Regular meditation will increase will power & u will reach pinnacle of success🏆 Saint Dr @Gurmeetramrahim ji Insan🙏 #FridayFitness https://t.co/4HjJZXSS8o
12 Aug, 01:30 AM UTC

fahmaan deserves so fucking better i can write so much on that but now watch him getting full blown lead roles and burns everyone with his success. anyways talent never goes unnoticed and he’ll certainly soar high from here 🔥
12 Aug, 02:55 AM UTC
Abhishek Singhvi
The shooting of a Bihari Labourer in Kashmir after a series of murders of anyone coming there to make a livelihood is further sign that this Govt has failed on the internal security front. If you can't protect your own citizens, can you even claim you are a success?
12 Aug, 03:25 AM UTC
leigh 🖤 🎸21st century vampire | 17 DAYS
This is what success looks like. Chase has been through so much and it makes me beyond happy to see him being recognized for the talented person he is. @xhuddy 🖤 https://t.co/M6ruT5SYDF
12 Aug, 02:19 AM UTC
💜 𝓛𝓾𝓷𝓪'𝓼 𝓓𝓸𝓵𝓵 🤍 ($155 / $500)
Success is not happiness Not for losers like you You're weak You're a fake You're a failure You're a 𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐫 You want to lose You want to be used You need to be ruined You need to be exploited You're not a person You're a tool Open up, wallet It's time to be 𝐮𝐬𝐞𝐝~ 🤍 https://t.co/fYExLI3bqp
12 Aug, 02:27 AM UTC
Taylor going from the most hated in the house week one to a key member in the dominant alliance in week 3 and NOW the hoh at the beginning of Jury right after her biggest hater just left that’s a success story you just can’t make up guys #BB24 https://t.co/du9AS6vErx
12 Aug, 03:23 AM UTC
Eastern Arizona Basketball
Always have to show love to the ones who came before us! Shoutout to @TheNatural_05 and wishing you continued success with your career. #MonsterMentality https://t.co/BxaYmuoCpG
12 Aug, 02:33 AM UTC
The Mindfulness Meditation Institute
“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” ~ Thomas Edison
12 Aug, 12:30 AM UTC
SKY 🤍🌈💚☺️💜
ITEMS SOLD ☺️🫂💚😍 Good Morning Fam 🌌 It's a beautiful day. Thankyou @way2collector 🥺🫂 For choosing My Work in your collection. I always wanted to be a part of your collection. Thank you for appreciating my work 😊🥺💚 I wish everyone here a great success today 🥰💜 https://t.co/H0cx1o7HQ4
12 Aug, 03:01 AM UTC
zofrus.eth 🧻✋| {🤓,🔮}
Be comfortable with failure, adjust, and try again. Success comes with effort and iteration.
11 Aug, 06:46 PM UTC
Kieran Drew
Tomorrow, 2867 people will learn: The #1 tip for any early writer to guarantee success. Why you're not finding clients... and where to look for opportunities. A powerful copywriting tactic to charge more for less from Joe Sugarman. All in tomorrow's edition of A-B-C 👇
11 Aug, 05:29 PM UTC
Jj Fredrick
#Viruman from today in theatre near you !! All the very best @Karthi_Offl Sir @Suriya_offl Sir @rajsekarpandian Sir @dir_muthaiya @AditiShankarofl @thisisysr and the whole team for the “BLOCKBUSTER SUCCESS” 💐🤗 https://t.co/oHbBOai55m
12 Aug, 03:17 AM UTC
Rockwall StuCo
Fish camp today was a total success! Thank you to those who volunteered to help welcome the class of 2026 to RHS, we couldn’t have done it without you! #jfnd #classof26 #fisharefriends https://t.co/uo4QecPTUD
12 Aug, 02:38 AM UTC
Ms. Long
I ❤️ my team Open house was such a success! It was so fun seeing some of my students from last year AND meeting my new students! @Hamilton_LN #OneLinden #OneTeam https://t.co/V8wc1TLEE5
12 Aug, 01:38 AM UTC
Michael McElmury
Mykolaiv’s governor, Vitaliy Kim, declared the dramatic shutdown — which sealed the city, preventing residents from entering or leaving — a success. 5 people were arrested and a number of weapons and comms devices taken. #UkraineUnderSiege #SlavaUkraïni https://t.co/nsrr8GesKW
11 Aug, 09:44 PM UTC
TAMANNA ON BOARD WITH #Jailor HERE'S WISHING THIS TERRIFIC ACTRESS, A RAVISHING SUCCESS WITH OUR @ThalaivarForLife 💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥 #47YearsOfRajinism #jailer #rajinikanth @sunpictures @vaisu_tweets @Thalaivarrasi12 @LavanyaSiva03 @udhaya_somu @AccountAlamelu @rajinifans https://t.co/nuh3GgZ6ZX
12 Aug, 03:15 AM UTC
Sonu Rashami
This is just one small recognition of many success to come of your passion, dedication and enthusiasm. Congratulations @TheRashamiDesai for this special achievement. https://t.co/wghSMZ15B3
11 Aug, 06:34 PM UTC