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Be A King
My father, THE Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., experienced bouts of depression. I’ve had my struggles, as well. My mother shared about them in her book, ‘My Life, My Love, My Legacy.’ You’re not weak. You’re not alone. #SuicidePreventionDay @BerniceKing's photo on #SuicidePreventionDay
10 Sep, 10:20 PM UTC
Hari ini 10.9.2019 adalah Hari Pencegahan Bunuh Diri Sedunia. Jika anda mengalami gangguan kesihatan mental, dapatkan bantuan. Gangguan kesihatan mental bukan gila dan boleh dirawat. #SuicidePreventionDay #Mentalhealth @KKMPutrajaya's photo on #SuicidePreventionDay
10 Sep, 03:34 AM UTC
𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐚 ✪
friendly reminder that your depression doesn't make you any less worthy. 💖 #SuicidePreventionDay @baddieloki's photo on #SuicidePreventionDay
10 Sep, 11:04 AM UTC
Jason Fox
No one should ever feel suicidal. Making sure people know there are organisations they can talk to when they need help is a great start to preventing this. let’s get talking & let everyone know that however bad things get you can always pull it back. 👊🏻 #suicidepreventionday @jason_carl_fox's photo on #SuicidePreventionDay
10 Sep, 11:49 AM UTC
BOBBY FIRMINO ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Having survived two previous suicide attempts locked in a drug addiction and not wanting to live and having no hope I now have a job I love Been clean 26 months And never been happier Things will get better #nevergiveup #SuicidePreventionDay
10 Sep, 05:14 PM UTC
Geraint Iwan
Rhywun isho mynd am beint,jest i sharad ne cal wbath allan,cysylltwch.Hyd yn oed os danim yn nabod n gilydd,weithia ma hunan haws.4 person agos di cyrradd y pen yn ddiweddar. So plis,cysylltwch.Dwin pub drw amsar eniwe, so sa neb yn meddwl bodon wbath weird. #SuicidePreventionDay
10 Sep, 05:18 PM UTC
Be kind to one another. You never know what’s going on in their mind or their home or a relationship or whatever. Just be kind bc you never know, what you say or do can have such an impact on someone’s life. #SuicidePreventionDay
10 Sep, 09:01 PM UTC
Molly 🌟
SAFETY PLAN- you don’t have to do this with a mh professional, it’s something you can by yourself so you have a plan to fall back on when things feel a little difficult 🌟 #SuicidePreventionDay https://t.co/mez14NT7qJ
10 Sep, 08:48 AM UTC
Jennifer Niven 🌼
Today is #SuicidePreventionDay and I want you to know that I am thinking of you all and that I love you very much! 💜 Please take a moment to look over these facts, warning signs, and recourses for help or to help someone you love 💜💜💜 https://t.co/7HDo8jLxAB
10 Sep, 09:40 PM UTC
My first suicide attempt was when i was 12, verbally bullied by some ‘popular’ girls and hateful remarks by the boys, i took the paper scissors and went to the school bathroom, waking up on my bed + #SuicidePreventionDay #SuicidePrevention
10 Sep, 05:00 PM UTC
Mickey Demetriou
Today is #SuicidePreventionDay and you’ve seen the stats. We loose too many people, especially men, to suicide. It is NOT weak to talk, in fact it means you are strong. I am proud to work alongside @DiscombobBrain #sicknotsad https://t.co/ozsRDHsRmV
10 Sep, 04:49 PM UTC
You are no less of a man for talking about your depression and you are not “just an emotional girl” if you talk about your depression. We are here for you. #SuicidePreventionDay
10 Sep, 11:13 PM UTC
Obey Raves
If you’re suffering from depression or have suicidal thoughts please reach out to someone you know or call a suicide prevention lifeline You CAN get better and you WILL get better with the right help. You‘re not alone PLEASE allow someone to help you ❤️ #SuicidePreventionDay
10 Sep, 09:57 PM UTC
Dear younger me, sitting in hospital after the latest attempt to end the pain and suffering of existence: one day your weakness will be your strength. Be patient and keep working hard, don’t be afraid of honesty and asking for help!#WorldSuicidePreventionDay #SuicidePreventionDay https://t.co/b38Eg1XmLt
10 Sep, 12:54 PM UTC
Brittney Moses
This news is unreal. I just messaged you an hour ago and cannot believe that you’re gone. Please pray for the family & community around @JarridWilson who passed away from an attempt on his life today, #SuicidePreventionDay. Thank you for everything that you’ve left us with. 🙏🏽💔 @Brittney_Moses's photo on #SuicidePreventionDay
10 Sep, 10:52 PM UTC
Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. That sadly too many ppl make bc they feel as though they have no support system or outlet to vent to. you never know what someone is going through #SuicidePreventionDay
10 Sep, 06:17 PM UTC
Miss Myrtle Resists
2. We've all been affected in some way by #MentalIllness. The 1st 6 minutes of Stand Up For Mental Health's award-winning documentary "Cracking Up" proves that laughter is an effective weapon in shattering the stigma. @StandUpForMH #SuicidePreventionDay https://t.co/6GdS1HHE0O
10 Sep, 12:33 PM UTC
Faride Mereb
#SuicidePreventionDay Image by @timothyogoodman https://t.co/acG5v7HSOI
10 Sep, 09:03 PM UTC
#HablemosDeSuicidio Los niños y adolescentes pueden no mostrarse con ánimo bajo, sino con irritabilidad y cambios conductuales. No perpetuemos el tabú, no permitamos que los índices de suicidio en menores de 18 aumenten #comandopsycho #SuicidePreventionDay
10 Sep, 10:25 PM UTC
Asmina Chowdhury
CEO of Samaritans - suicide is “not inevitable” and is a gender and inequality issue. #SuicidePreventionDay https://t.co/NgGhREIMWb
10 Sep, 01:09 PM UTC
Rep. Ben McAdams
Behind every statistic is a real person with value, relationships, and loved ones. We can and must do more. I've worked in Congress to increase funding for suicide prevention research and education. #SuicidePreventionDay #WorldSuicidePreventionDay #utpol @RepBenMcAdams's photo on #SuicidePreventionDay
10 Sep, 10:59 PM UTC
Jessica Jones
I’ve said it before and I will never stop saying it until everyone who needs help can get help. I lost both of my brothers to suicide. Mental health is not something to be ashamed of or something you can’t talk to others about. We all deserve to feel good. #SuicidePreventionDay
10 Sep, 10:40 PM UTC
ʝơɖყ 🌻🍂🌾🏈
#SuicidePreventionDay https://t.co/jVShAvtiEf
10 Sep, 10:08 PM UTC
Devon J Hall
Today is #SuicidePreventionDay. If you've thought about it. If you've planned it. If you've set yourself up to say goodbye. I understand. I love you. Please don't leave. I need you. I can share my joy with you. I can be your friend. I can hear you. I need you. Please stay longer.
10 Sep, 07:10 PM UTC
don’t wait til you find yourself in an ER to ask for help .. #SuicidePreventionDay hotline: 1-800-273-8255
10 Sep, 01:57 PM UTC
Brave New Films
@RepKatiePorter @800273TALK Grateful to everyone keeping the #SuicidePreventionDay trending. The students below are working to make #mentalhealth education a public school mandate. Show your support and share: https://t.co/yRdVKwDLrB National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 https://t.co/8TJT2cqPXF
10 Sep, 09:51 PM UTC
Arun John Gott
@RepLeeZeldin @HouseVetAffairs @VetAffairsDems @RepTorresSmall @POTUS I'm 100%Serv.Con.Disabled Depression w/#PTSD from DOD\VA Malpractice #MentalHealth Misdiagnosis #PersonalityDisorder Discharge Whistleblower @POTUS44&Congress Sweeps Under Abuse #Pre911 #PDVets&How many Commit Suicide?#SuicidePreventionDay
10 Sep, 11:14 PM UTC
Swinford Life
Start a conversation that matters ! #SuicidePreventionDay #SuicidePrevention  #SuicideAwareness #depression #DepressionIsReal #mentalhealth #counselling #life #help #people #family #money #economy #love #talk https://t.co/10FsZVJdiJ
10 Sep, 11:06 PM UTC
Swinford Life
Start a conversation that matters ! #SuicidePreventionDay #SuicidePrevention #SuicideAwareness #depression #DepressionIsReal #mentalhealth #counselling #life #help #people #family #money #economy #love #talk https://t.co/7FFm2R2bhs
10 Sep, 10:45 PM UTC
Jen Morrow
So my day started out fine and then around lunch time the dark space started creeping in. I had to take a day off work because I couldn't get it under control. I am blessed to have such an awesome boss. #SuicidePrevention #SuicidePreventionDay #SuicidePreventionWeek 😊💋 https://t.co/a63QTvHUuG
10 Sep, 11:13 PM UTC

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