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Holly O'Reilly
☑️Californians are fleeing fires. ☑️Puerto Ricans have no drinking water. ❌Trump is golfing. 🔥Again. #SundayMorninghttps://t.co/Q3yZp4zz8L
15 Oct, 12:04 PM UTC
How is Bill Clinton any different than Harvey Weinstein? He turned the Oval Office into a casting couch. #SundayMorning
15 Oct, 03:36 PM UTC
Alyssa Milano
#SundayMorning I hope your day is filled with love and laughter.
15 Oct, 05:22 PM UTC
M A Nöthem
🍵RETWEET🍵 if you LOVE waking up in the morning and @realDonaldTrump is still President. Especially on… https://t.co/Zf33Kvqk4A
15 Oct, 10:39 AM UTC
I know what a hero is @NFL players 👉 YOU ARE NOT IT Time to END the tax breaks! #SundayMorning @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/7yPtPIKXTh
15 Oct, 02:41 PM UTC
Bradley Scott 🇺🇸
#SundayMorning Although we should daily, please join me in praying for @POTUS, @VP, the 🇺🇸 & ALL our Leaders today… https://t.co/KnOmr2QrE6
15 Oct, 12:44 PM UTC
M A Nöthem
🔥A generation taught to hate our country will refuse to defend it as well.🔥 Let that sink in... #SundayMorninghttps://t.co/DNHlpe1lUh
15 Oct, 10:39 AM UTC
Khary Penebaker
I miss Obama #SundayMorning
15 Oct, 04:35 PM UTC
#SundayMorning #AMJoy #thisweek #meetthepress #CNNSOTU What Do All These Famous Pigs Have in Common? Definitely a… https://t.co/woWmKkQlMw
15 Oct, 01:06 PM UTC
This dudes Face .. priceless #LenaDunham #SundayFeeling #SundayMorning jog
15 Oct, 09:30 AM UTC
Kristin Billitere
Weinstein's Company Attny Benjamin Lawson Adams is ALSO awaiting trial for sexually abusing a minor. #SundayMorning https://t.co/37VYcL8sKu
15 Oct, 02:52 PM UTC
#SundayMorning is apparently for golfing and boasting about destroying our environment. It’s never been about “Am… https://t.co/P60tdPpdMz
15 Oct, 02:27 PM UTC
#SundayMorning .....shhhhh🤐 While Everyone’s Distracted, Trump Is Quietly Reshaping The Federal Courts To #MAGA 😬… https://t.co/tLyTqvJW5l
15 Oct, 05:07 PM UTC
#SundayMorning #CNNSOTU #thisweek #meetthepress #AMJoy Jerry Falwell Jr. to Trump: Start calling McConnell, McCain… https://t.co/DVz6FkOx2Y
15 Oct, 01:30 PM UTC
#SundayMorning The End Is Near😫 CNN mocks critics of Antifa college presidents support Antifa NYTimes reporter & sc… https://t.co/YPAtMJ1CgK
15 Oct, 07:29 PM UTC
#CNNSOTU #SundayMorning #AMJoy Harvey Weinstein's Influential Political Ties with Obama/Clinton. It was a good idea… https://t.co/dkPDwbxEYc
15 Oct, 03:21 PM UTC
The Columbia Bugle
Vince Vaughn, one of the few sane people in Hollywood. #SundayMorning
15 Oct, 12:43 PM UTC
The Columbia Bugle
Woody Allen says he was too busy making movies to care about women getting abused in Hollywood. #SundayMorning
15 Oct, 03:57 PM UTC
Whale Shark Rocky
Another #SundayMorning singalong! Who wants in? 😍🐋🦈
15 Oct, 11:35 AM UTC
🎉ENDS TOMORROW🎉 Win $20 to Amazon PS Steam or XBOX! RT & follow to enter!🎁 #GIVEAWAY #SundayMorning #SundayFundayhttps://t.co/3nXq2IpvSc
15 Oct, 10:34 PM UTC
Exhibelle ⚥
Mon petit cul vous souhaite un excellent Dimanche ☀️ #RT #NGOT #Ass #Rosebud #SundayMorning #Hotwifehttps://t.co/rCiVUfBiet
15 Oct, 09:43 AM UTC
CBS News
"Women face an excruciating decision when sexually harassed..." - @GretchenCarlson on #SundayMorninghttps://t.co/G2Z20N65nm
16 Oct, 12:48 AM UTC
Mara McEwin
Actually, we WILL rise Woody Also, the term witch hunt IS sexist and is steeped in the killing of WOMEN… https://t.co/nHA01kU7wm
15 Oct, 05:09 PM UTC
Megan Fox
Respect people's feelings. Even if it doesn't mean anything to you, it could mean everything to them. #SundayMorning #SundayFunday
15 Oct, 04:38 PM UTC
Debbie Sideris🌈❄
#CharacterCounts and trump has none. We will not go backwards. #Equality #LGBTQ #SundayMorning https://t.co/tojWjsKLrZ
15 Oct, 02:11 PM UTC
#SundayMorning Woody Allen reveals sadness for 'messed up' Harvey Weinstein is like Hillary Clinton talking about B… https://t.co/Q5vTDd36h2
15 Oct, 04:15 PM UTC
New types of asthma patients discovered and replicated in 3 cohorts #precisionmedicine #asthma #SundayMorninghttps://t.co/z7sIlKdtAf
15 Oct, 03:15 PM UTC
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